IPVanish vs PureVPN

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Both IPVanish and PureVPN are in demand out there – so which one is your pick? IPVanish is a justifiable Virtual Private Network option that provides unlimited BitTorrent access as well as extensive multi-platform support. 

PureVPN, on the other hand, offers comprehensive privacy protections and ideal customer support. Besides, this provider provides top-notch connection speeds, full global coverage, and low pricing. 

That said, we are going to discuss each category extensively, explaining the importance of each component, and announce the winner at the end of each phase. That way, you can decide which VPN service provider suits your unique needs. 

But before we set our boats afloat, it is crucial that you first understand how you should go about choosing a VPN. 

Let’s dig in!

How to Pick the Right VPN Service

Many people find it difficult choosing a service provider to settle with, especially if you are a new VPN user. You no longer need sleepless nights because we’ve made things simpler for you. 

We are going to discuss the most significant categories you should research before purchasing a VPN service provider. Then, later on:

  1. Explain how relevant each group is. 
  2. Reveal how well the providers perform in each component. 
  3. Announce the winner in each category by awarding a point. 
  4. Tally all the tabulated results and declare the overall winner in our comparison. 

Having done that, we hope that our audience should have gained more than enough information to take them through the process of selecting a VPN service provider. Stay tuned for more details. 

IPVanish Vs PureVPN Compred


Generally, both PureVPN and IPVanish have extensive comparable speeds with just a slight difference. The threshold connection speed was about 100 Mbps after running various speed tests on different servers.

To compare the connection speed of both the providers, we used Speedtest.net to test their abilities. First, we connected both the VPNs through a gigabit Ethernet connection located in North America.

Using the Windows version of the provider’s app, we configured both the VPNs to connect through the OpenVPN protocol over UDP, after which we compared the providers to three different locations – the United States, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong. For effectiveness, we connected them at three different times a day, in three days. 

Finally, we calculated the results to come up with the average connection speeds. While both providers delivered excellent connection speeds to support your online activities effectively, IPVanish still emerged the winner.

IPVanish delivers an average download speed of 62.15 Mbps, which is capable of streaming videos in HD and 4K as well as sharing files online. 

PureVPN, in contrast, delivers average download speed of 38.61 Mbps, competent enough to stream HD and 4K content. Additionally, this speed comes with oomph that allows you to quickly download files online and also participate in online battles from your favorite gaming site. 

Average Connection Speed Winner: IPVanish


If your preference in the choice of a VPN is privacy, then PureVPN is a great option. Of course, everyone loves doing their online activities away from prying eyes, which means your data is safe while you stay connected.

Therefore, before purchasing a VPN, you must know who monitors your online activities – your Internet Service Provider or hackers interested in your login credentials? Mark you, someone is always watching you from afar, and you probably wouldn’t want that. 

Below are some of the critical factors you should consider when inquiring about a specific VPN provider’s privacy protections:

  • Is the provider’s base of operation located in a country where online privacy is valued?
  • Does the provider save their users’ logs of their online activities?
  • Does the provider in question accept any forms of private payment, such as Bitcoins and merchant gift card balances?

PureVPN’s servers are located in Hong Kong, where your online privacy is respected despite being a Chinese possession. Even though cryptocurrencies are not accepted as a form of payment, you can still use Bitcoins and merchant gift card balances as private payment. This is a plus as you maintain an anonymous profile while you stay connected.

In spite of being based in the United States, IPVanish keeps no logs of their users’ online activities, which means your online privacy is not guaranteed. Sadly, they accept no private form of payments. 

Privacy Winner: PureVPN


Most people are often overswayed by a specific feature, which shouldn’t be the case when choosing a VPN service provider. Always do extensive research about the provider in question to ascertain whether it suits all your needs.

Most importantly, check what a specific provider has to offer before pressing the “order” button. Remember, failure to observe such factors will land you to unending regrets.

In this section, we’ll take you through some of our nip and tuck categories provided by our contestants and come up with a winner from each group.


Your security is vital in the choice of a VPN; otherwise, why would you subscribe to a VPN? Your VPN service provider should provide secure encryption protocols, to prevent your ISP from prying eyes as well as hackers. 

A VPN service provider should also offer additional features that prevent your online travels from being sold to advertisers. 

PureVPN operates on military-grade AES-256 encryption, using OpenVPN with PPTP, TCP/UDP, L2TP and IKEv2 protocols. Kill switch and IPv6 are available too in PureVPN.

IPVanish, on the other hand, offers AES-256 encryption, alongside OpenVPN with IPSec, TCP/UDP, IKEv2 AND L2TP protocols. This VPN service provider also provides additional features such as kill switch protection, IPv6 leak protection, and a “scramble” feature that helps promote your anonymity online.

While both providers offer robust encryption protocols, IPVanish still wins because it provides the “scramble” feature, which protects your identity online. 

Security Winner: IPVanish

Simultaneous Connections

Small business owners and large-sized families mostly prefer simultaneous connections. This is because you can connect multiple devices using the same VPN provider with the same set of login credentials. 

A VPN with concurrent connections saves you the hassle of purchasing a variety of VPN services providers to connect to your devices. Instead, you create login credentials with the same provider.

IPVanish allows ten simultaneous connections just in one login, which means your loved ones can use the VPN and even share the logins with your friends. 

PureVPN, in contrast, allows only five simultaneous connections, which is half of what IPVanish offers. 

Simultaneous Connections Winner: IPVanish

Streaming Support

It is no longer a secret that most people love streaming content from geographically restricted sites such as Nexflix, Hulu, iPlayer, among others. PureVPN remains to be the winner when it comes to streaming as it helps protect your identity by hiding your IP address. This way, it appears like you are residing in the country you’re watching from. 

PureVPN can unblock up to 66 geo-restricted streaming sites around the world, with 10 of them located in the United States, while the rest are internationally-based. 

PureVPN can unblock a variety of streaming sites including U.S Netflix, iPlayer, BBC, HBO, Hulu, Fox Sports, France TV, Amazon Prime U.S., and more. To stream from these sites, select your desired service from the provided list in the PureVPN app, which will automatically connect you to the VPN server, after which you can freely open the streaming service from your browser. 

IPVanish, on the other hand, cannot unblock popular streaming leave alone the U.S. Netflix, which makes it so unreliable. The only streaming sites accessible through IPVanish include Spotify, Youtube, and Sling TV.

Streaming Support Winner: PureVPN

BitTorrent Support

Sharing files online is legally supported if the shared data aren’t copyrighted. However, most people still share copyrighted files such as movies and music, which has made ISPs to block most online activities, including torrenting despite the one sharing the data. 

Sadly enough, most reputable firms such as game publishers that share game updates through P2P file sharing are also blocked. 

PureVPN supports P2P file sharing in up to 86 countries while IPVanish, on the other hand, allows torrenting on all the servers worldwide in up to 60 countries. 

BitTorrent Support Winner: PureVPN

Global Server Coverage

A VPN with a broad global server coverage allows unlimited access to geographically restricted sites blocked within your locality. Such include gaming servers, streaming content and music services, and other online sites, content, and services. 

PureVPN wins with over 2,000 servers located in up to 140 countries while IPVanish has more than 1,300 servers located in up to 60 countries. 

Global Server Coverage Winner: PureVPN

Multi-Platform Support

Individuals with multiple connected devices mostly prefer a VPN with comprehensive multi-platform support. 

IPVanish offers support to a variety of platforms including macOS, Android, Windows, Amazon Fire, and iOS, among others. The VPN can also be used on several routers, Linux, computers, Windows Phones, and Chromebook. However, there are no available extensions for browsers. 

PureVPN, on the other end, offers excellent multi-platform support, with compatible apps for Android TV, Windows, macOS, Amazon Fire TV platforms, and iOS. PureVPN can also be used in a variety of routers such as the DD-WRT without lag. Additionally, it also provides extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Multi-Platform Support Winner: IPVanish

Customer Support

No one would want to use customer support as a VPN feature unless they are stuck in the middle of a nightmare. 

PureVPN offers comprehensive customer support, with a 24/7 live support chat, a searchable knowledge base, and a trouble ticket tracking system.

Similarly, IPVanish’s customer support comprises a searchable knowledge base, email support, with a 24/7 live support chat option. What’s more, they are also a call away from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT, only on business days – Monday to Friday. 

Customer Support Winner: Tied

IPVanish or PureVPN: Which One is Better?

Overall Winner: PureVPN

While both VPNs fought exhaustively, PureVPN was able to overthrow IPVanish in the contest. 

IPVanish scored stellar results in the security, connection speed, multi-platform support, and simultaneous connections categories.

In the meantime, PureVPN scored very well in the streaming support, pricing, privacy, BitTorrent, and global server coverage categories. 

Both VPNs scored a tie in the customer support section. 

PureVPN emerged the overall winner this time around, with robust services that are budget-friendly to its users.

Are you still gauging your thoughts on what to settle with? Well, it is obvious that the solution to your questions is PureVPN


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