IPVanish vs VyprVPN [Comparison]

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To date, it is still impossible to see a VPN that is all-around perfect. They all have features that people look out for, and each VPN lack at least one important feature which is the main reason for this review. We will be comparing IPVanish with VyprVPN. 

One of the important factors that we all look for when searching for our next VPN is the authenticity of privacy and security. Comparing these two services in this aspect, one of the things you should look out for is if the service is based in a country that has strict laws against online freedom.

Below, we will go into the important categories that you need to consider to know the better VPN service between VyprVPN and IPVanish. We will consider factors like speed and performance, usability, privacy protection, customer support, and some extra factors.

IPVanish vs VyprVPN Compared

Security and Privacy

In terms of security, both VPN services are almost the same. If you are using any of these two services, you can rest assured that you will be getting the same level of privacy and protection. Both VyprVPN and IPVanish use a 256-bit AES level of encryption and they both work with protocols like OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec. They both have extra features like an automatic kill switch and you can be sure that there will be no DNS leaks. The only difference is that VyprVPN has a strict “no-logs” policy unlike IPVanish.

Speed and Performance

From the speed and performance perspective, both VPN services are still similar because they are both quite fast. This is because both services have a wide server coverage that ensures that your online traffic is as decent as possible. With more than 1000 servers across 60 countries, IPVanish users will not have to worry about any third-party because the service own the servers.

VyprVPN can boast of the same fact because they own their servers too. With more than 500 global servers evenly distributed in locations around the globe. However, IPVanish is the winner of this category because they have more servers and this will definitely enhance the speed and performance of their service.

Ease of use

Both VPN services have native apps that are quite user-friendly, and within a matter of minutes, you are connected and ready to explore the internet. The simplicity of both services makes it suitable for everyone, whether you are just using a VPN for the first time or you are a pro. So when it comes to ease of use, you can actually pick any of the two services.

Torrenting and P2P

If you desire to subscribe to a VPN that is fully secure for torrenting, then you should seriously consider looking for another VPN because these two services are quite discouraging in this category. Although VyprVPN is not based in a country that belongs to the 5/9/14 Eyes Agreement, but they have stated it clear that they won’t hesitate to delete a user’s account if they are asked to. IPVanish is based in the United States which is one of the major pioneers of the Agreement, so we don’t even need to say more than that.

Geo-blocking and Government Censorship

The famous “Great Firewall of China” has been the strictest test of the ability of a VPN to stay true to its name. If a VPN service can bypass the firewall of China, then you know it’s one of the best around. Between the two services, only VyprVPN can actually bypass geo-restrictions in locations like China. IPVanish does not have the capability to do the same job.

If you are searching for a VPN service that is able to unblock and smoothly play video content of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, VyprVPN is the only one that you can trust. Although not the best available right now, the service is better than IPVanish.


In terms of compatibility, both services are quite similar. Both VPNs can work perfectly on Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Linux, and routers. However, if you are an advanced user and you are searching for a VPN that can work on platforms like Blackphone, QNAP, and Anonabox, you should go for VyprVPN.


When it comes to pricing, IPVanish is cheaper. You will need to pay a bit more if you prefer VyprVPN. IPVanish offers its users a seven-day money-back guarantee and a trial version of 7 days. If you are going with IPVanish, you will need to pay $10 per month but the price drops to $8.99 if you will be subscribing for the 3-month plan and you will only need to pay $6.50 per month for the one year plan.

On the other hand, VyprVPN has two packages. There is a basic plan that ranges from $5 to $10 per month, and there is a premium plan from $7 to $13. So you can see that IPVanish is quite cheaper than the VyprVPN.

Conclusion: IPVanish or VyprVPN is better?

In terms of being anonymous online, it is quite difficult to pick the better one out of the two services. This is because they both have their strong points and weak points. If you are looking for speed, IPVanish is the better choice, if it’s access to geo-restrictions and unblocking Netflix streaming service that you are looking for, VyprVPN is the better one.

Neither is suitable for torrenting, but VyprVPN is still manageable. If you are thinking about the price, IPVanish is cheaper.

But if you are looking for a VPN that represents value for money, then VyprVPN is the better choice. So, we believe that VyprVPN is better than IPVanish.


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