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5 Best VPNs for Crunchyroll

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Do you know that Crunchyroll has many titles available for streaming, and it is one of the best internet’s go-to if you want to stream anime online? People living in the US have access to all the hundreds of titles available. However, the streaming site cannot provide the same number of titles and content for all countries. It means you may not have access to all the titles available on Crunchyroll if you live in another country outside the US even though the East Asian streaming site will still charge you the same way they charge Americans. Fortunately, there is a way around it, so relax!

You can access the site by using a Crunchyroll VPN. This way, you will be able to change your location to the US and boom! You will have access to tons of previously unseen anime. Here we are going to show you the reliable, best 5 VPNs for Crunchyroll. Read on!

Review of the Best 5 Crunchyroll VPNs

After doing extensive and intensive research about the best VPNs you can use for Crunchyroll, our experts were able to pick out the best 5. These are CyberGhost, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, PrivateVPN, and Ivacy.

1. CyberGhost

The CyberGhost VPN claims to be your one-click solution to privacy – no doubt they are what they claim to be. This Crunchyroll VPN comes with strong, unique features that you may not find somewhere else. With CyberGhost, you can bypass digital censorship, closedowns, geo-restrictions, hide your IP address, and many more – no doubt, it is a superb way to stream more anime on Crunchyroll. The bandwidth is unlimited, they are easy setup, and the encryption is strong.

The system and mobile app of this Romania based VPN are user-friendly – unblocking Crunchyroll with the VPN will be hassle-free. Also, the VPN has more than 5500 servers in over 85 countries. It means you can unblock Crunchyroll and any other sites with no proxy errors, throttling from your internet service provider, and buffering. CyberGhost keeps only aggregated statistics, thanks to their zero-logs policy. Also, they are available for Routers, Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux. Additionally, they charge $12.99 per month – there are three plans to choose from.

What we like about CyberGhost VPN

  • Piracy policy is strong
  • Server distribution is good
  • Features are unique and excellent
  • Unlimited traffic and bandwidth
  • Access to more than 5500 servers globally
  • DNS leak detection and automatic kill switch

What we don’t like about the VPN

  • The cost is a bit higher than the current industry average price

2. NordVPN

If you are looking for a VPN that justifies its cost, we suggest the NordVPN. It is one of the best VPNs for Crunchyroll, thanks to the large and diverse collections of servers, approachable customer service, strong security, strong privacy practices, and excellent advanced features collection. This VPN offers more than 5000 servers in 59 countries. This wide number of locations NordVPN offers means there is a higher chance that you will find a stable and fast connection anywhere you want to have fun streaming anime on Crunchyroll.

As for your privacy with this VPN for Crunchyroll, you have little to worry about –they help you safeguard your privacy. According to their privacy policy, NordVPN does not store IP addresses, traffic logs, used bandwidth, and connection timestamps. Also, the VPN works for Android, iOS, Android TV, Linux, Windows, and macOS – there is no limit to where you can access Crunchyroll. You can use one NordVPN account to secure about six devices at the same time. Additionally, the VPN for Crunchyroll charges $11.95 per month with a 30-days money-back guarantee.

What we like about NordVPN     

  • About 5300 servers in different locations around the world
  • Customer privacy stance is strong
  • Six devices can use one account simultaneously
  • Blocks threat from other sites and ads
  • It can be integrated with browsers, and it also allows P2P.

What we don’t like about the VPN

  • An additional simultaneous connection cannot be purchased

3. ExpressVPN

This is another quality that provides you the VPN services needed in just about anywhere, thanks to its clients for everything, strong security, a huge network, fast connection, easy use, and more. You can enjoy a seamless stream of anime on Crunchyroll in different places as this VPN provides over 3,000 servers in 94 countries (around 160 cities). Also, ExpressVPN provides detailed manual setup guides for Fire TV, Chromebooks, Apple TV, and more. Custom firmware is also available for routers, and apps are available for Linux, Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, and many more. The browser extension and apps are available in different languages (more than 12 languages).

Additionally, it comes with a unique feature known as TrustedServer technology. This helps you to minimize the risk of a third party or attacker retrieving your sensitive files. As for the pricing, the ExpressVPN offers three plans, and the monthly plan charges you $12.95.

What we like about ExpressVPN

  • Customer support is excellent
  • Excellent performance in different locations
  • Unblock Crunchyroll with ease

What we don’t like about ExpressVPN

  • The monthly plan is a bit expensive

4. PrivateVPN

This is another perfect and reliable way to enjoy anime on Crunchyroll and stay safe on the internet. As one of the best VPNs for Crunchyroll, the PrivateVPN comes with an excellent connection speed that makes streaming appealing without frustration. Also, you can download content at lightning speed and stream HD videos, thanks to military-grade 2048-bit encryption it offers. The PrivateVPN also offers more than 100 servers in 60 countries making it easy for you to connect and enjoy your anime on Crunchyroll no matter your location. The VPN provider charges $7.12 per month.  

What we like about PrivateVPN

  • Six simultaneous connection
  •  30-days money-back guarantee
  • Excellent customer support team
  • Unlimited bandwidth and speed
  • Zero data logging policy and IPv6 leak protection
  • Long-term pricing is inexpensive

What we don’t like about the VPN

  • The logging policy is sometimes questionable
  • Speed may not be consistent in some locations

5. Ivacy

Ivacy is one of the reliable VPNs available in the market today as it helps to protect your online activities and open access to streaming services such as Crunchyroll and others around the world. This VPN makes apps available for Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, Amazon, and Amazon Fire. Its excellent router supporter makes it compatible with Smart TVs, Apple TVs, PS4, and other similar devices. Also, Ivacy provides extension for browser platforms.

You can use the same login credentials to access Ivacy VPN on up to five devices. Thee VPN provider charges $9.95 per month and also offers two other subscription plans. Additionally, Ivacy VPN offers 1000-plus servers in more than 50 countries globally.

What we like about Ivacy VPN

  • Installation is easy
  • Safe, secure, and easy to use
  • Pricing is cheaper
  • No-logging policy
  • Four available protocol for diverse needs

What we don’t like about the VPN

  • It may not be possible to stream Netflix
  • Not compatible with the TOR network and other third party proxies

What Can You Benefit from Crunchyroll By Using A VPN?

Using one of the best VPNs mentioned above can give you access to more than 50 manga titles, 200 Asian dramas, and 800 anime shows on Crunchyroll. So if you are a hardcore viewer of anime or just a casual fan, you can meet your needs by accessing this American publisher, distributor, and licensing company based in San Francisco from anywhere using a VPN. You can enjoy premium service and free service – the latter may come with low-quality video streams, adds, and limited titles.

Will Crunchyroll Work With Any VPN?

As at the time we are writing this article, Crunchyroll has been blocking VPN services IP addresses. However, relax because all the VPN services discussed in this article are still working with Crunchyroll. It is good to bear in mind that any VPN can suffer blocks in the future as it is a fluid situation.

How Can You Use VPN for Crunchyroll? 

A reliable and fast VPN with plenty of American servers is the best for streaming Crunchyroll. Below are the steps involved in using Crunchyroll.

  1. Download and install a VPN software
  2. Subscribe to one of the plans ( the common plan is monthly)
  3. Select a server in the US and connect – with this, all the traffic between Crunchyroll and your device will be rerouted. Also, your real IP address will be concealed and replaced with the one belonging to the VPN.  

Following these steps will help you bypass the restrictive geographical restrictions of Crunchyroll easily.

Final Words

The Crunchyroll VPNs mentioned above can come to your rescue when you think you have exhausted your existing catalog on the website. With the VPNs, you can enjoy superb anime and drama screaming experience anywhere you are.    

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