VPNArea Review

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VPNArea has been around for a few years now and it has a significant number of users across the whole world. It is therefore imperative to look into the whole system and see whether it’s really worth the money, or it is just receiving unnecessary hype on the internet.

In this article, we will provide you with our honest findings about the VPN service, ranging from its features, performance, server list, pros and cons, and lots more. So read through!

VPNArea Review


VPNArea is packed with lots of amazing features, which makes it one of the best VPNs in the world. Some of the things that impressed us in VPNArea includes:

– Incorporated speed test –You can easily test your ping and download speed so as to identify the fastest server for your present location

– Multiple simultaneous connections – Unlike most VPN that only offers up to 3 simultaneous connections, VPNArea supports up to 6 simultaneous connections and you can even share your account with a friend.

– Server load monitor – With this feature, you can check how busy a server is before finally connecting to it; this helps in saving your time.

– Ad blocking and proprietary DNS servers – Provided you are not convenient with ads or some websites, you can easily block them from your ISP

– Unlimited bandwidth – You need not to be keeping an eye on your data consumption anymore with this Vpn.

– Torrent-friendly – There are a only a few number of VPNs that are friendly with P2P traffic and torrenting, in which VPNArea is one of them.

– Unlimited server switching – VPNArea provides you with several servers and you and you can easily switch between them as many times as possible.

Server network

As earlier stated, VPNArea has a wide range of server network which you can choose from to enjoy a fast and reliable service. Again, these servers work great, regardless of your current location.

As of the time of drafting this VPNArea review, the VPN provider have servers in 70 different countries. Ranging from the US, UK, Spain, Russia, South Africa, among others. On the plus side, VPNArea’s server network has a relatively large bandwidth, and you can take a look at the bandwidth and server stat either on the applications or in your membership dashboard.

In a recent development, VPNArea has revealed that her server network now supports the IKEv2 VPN protocol, meaning that the security is even tighter now.

Unlike OpenVPN that is an open source, the IKEv2 is not, but it is very secure and it works great on most operating systems without using any third-party app. Also, IKEv2 does not consume the CPU compared to its counterpart, OpenVPN. It is also worthy to note that the IKEv2 protocol provides the best performance and the setup is pretty easy  with most operating systems.

Dedicated IP

If you are willing to get a dedicated IP with a private server to your existing subscription, you can pay as low as $15 annually and this service will be made available to you. Upon subscribing to this, you will be able to choose from huge list of countries such as the UK, the US, Australia, and the likes. However it must be noted that the amount you’ll pay depends on the country of your choice.


Just like any VPN provider who cares so much about her customers’ privacy would do, VPNArea’s client software comes with a killswitch. When you turn on this function and connect to a server, and perhaps your VPN suddenly stops working, the killswitch will disconnect your Internet so as to prevent you from being exposed.

Auto IP Changer

This amazing feature adds more layer of security to your Internet browsing session. Upon activating this feature, you will be able to set the intervals at which you want the IP address to be changing, and it will do as pre-defined.


VPNArea has a very wide server list in comparison with some other VPN providers. The VPN provider has more than 200 active servers in 70 different countries. You also get to know more about the Server Status on the provider’s official website. Some of the information you will find in the Server Status page include Server IP, location, supported protocols, online users and online status of every single VPNArea server offered.

VPNArea displays its VPN server IP addresses on its Server Status page in the client area, making it easy for their users to configure their VPNs.


Windows: VPNArea offers a software called “Chameleon” for window users. This software works well on most window OS, ranging from Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP.

Mac: VPNArea also provides MAC users with a dedicated app that can be downloaded from any part of the world, and this software comes with all the features and services offered by VPNArea.

Android: Made for the Android users is the OpenVPN app which is an extremely user-friendly open source program that allows users to set it up and run it with minimal configuration. Guides on how to setup the app can be found on the official website.

iOS: Just like Android users, iOS users also get to enjoy the services of VPNArea on their device without any hassle, and the configuration details is readily available on the company’s website.

Linux: One of the things that distinguish VPNArea from most of its counterparts is the special efforts put into catering to Linux users’ needs. VPNArea provides Linux users with a cross-platform client software that gives them access to good quality OpenVPN security.

The cross-platform client software also allows Linux users to choose from either Terminal or Graphic Gnome Environment modes, allowing for a seamless experience.

On the plus side, the dedicated Linux software is compatible with all Linux distros and the setup can be done under a few minutes with the aid of the simple setup guide that is provided on the official website.

Worthy to note again, is that VPNArea’s Linux app comes with lots of unique features such as Kill Switch, Anti DNS, etc. Also, you don’t need admin access to run it on your Linux computer.

Final Verdict – Is VPNArea worth the money?

Having taken enough time to self-test the VPN service, as well as the reviews given by existing users, we were able to find VPNArea as a very versatile VPN provider with lots of features for its users, and we recommend them.

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