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Can I Use Atlas VPN in Belgium?

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You can use Atlas VPN in Belgium to unblock foreign content like Netflix US, access banned websites like The Pirate Bay, and keep your internet activities private from ISPs like Telenet, Voo, and Proximus.

The best part is that you can use Atlas VPN on your mobile and PC units without losing access to core features. However, you can’t install the VPN on your gaming consoles or non-Android smart TV.

But not to worry.

I’ll show you how to properly set up Atlas VPN for Belgium and share reliable alternatives to install on your smart TV and gaming console.

How to Setup and Use Atlas VPN in Belgium?

You can complete the mobile or PC setup of Atlas VPN for your devices in Belgium in less than ten minutes, even if you’re not tech-savvy. Let me show you how:

  1. Get an Atlas VPN subscription. Grab these cool discounts to save on your plan.
  1. Download the Atlas VPN app for your device. You can get the smartphone app from your app store or the PC app from Atlas VPN’s download page.
atlas vpn app on different devices
  1. Install the app and open it. I’ll use the Windows PC app in my example.
  2. Choose a suitable Atlas VPN protocol. Go through Settings > Protocol to choose one. I’ll compare the best protocols for Belgium below.
atlas vpn protocols
  1. Connect to an Atlas VPN server. I discuss how to choose the best server below.
atlas vpn servers
  1. Enjoy content unblocking, internet privacy, and online security in Belgium.
streaming in belgium using atlas vpn

How to Get a Belgium IP Address on Atlas VPN?

Besides working in Belgium, Atlas VPN offers a Belgium server to get a Belgium IP address.

You can connect to this server to encrypt your local connections without losing access to local content like Sport10 and RTBF. You can also connect to this server to unblock Belgian content from abroad, to get a battle pass in Apex Legends, or for other reasons.

Here’s how to get the IP address:

  1. Get your Atlas VPN plan with these discounts.
  2. Follow steps 2-4 from above.
  3. Click “Home,” then choose the “All” or “Streaming” tabs.
atlas vpn streaming
  1. Search for “Belgium.”
atlas vpn belgium server
  1. Click the server to connect.
  2. Connect to local gaming peers, unblock Euro news from abroad, grab the elusive Apex Legends battle pass, or do anything else you want with this IP address!
streaming using atlas vpn belgium
I stream F1 abroad via RTBF using Atlas VPN's Belgium server

What’s the Best Atlas VPN Server & Protocol for Belgium?

The best Atlas VPN server for Belgium depends on what you need the server for.

For instance, the best Atlas VPN servers for streaming in Belgium are those in the location where your preferred streaming content is available

So, you should connect to a UK server to stream BBC iPlayer, while a Japan server will unblock Netflix Japan.

atlas vpn optimised for streaming servers

On top of that, Atlas VPN has streaming-optimized servers in a few locations with massive content libraries. It even has one in Belgium, which can unblock RTBF abroad or access Netflix Belgium anywhere.

Conversely, you can connect to any of AtlasVPN’s servers to encrypt your internet connection from Telenet, Proximus, other ISPs, and public Wi-Fi network providers. This is possible since every server gets the same AES 256-bit encryption that keeps outsiders from snooping in on your live traffic.

If you want something more robust, click its Privacy Pro servers for more peace of mind.

atlas vpn privacy pro

Finally, you can connect to any Atlas VPN server (besides the Belgium server) to unblock access to The Pirate Bay, KickAss Torrents, YIFY, and other torrent websites. The best part is that your ISP won’t even see your torrent activity and can’t report you to the government or copyright trolls.

But what about the best protocol?

Atlas VPN only has two: WireGuard and IPSec/IKEv2

I recommend pairing WireGuard with your preferred server type for the best security and speeds.

atlas vpn wireguard protocol 1

IKEv2 sometimes performs better for speed, but it lags on security.

Best Atlas VPN Alternatives to Use in Belgium

Atlas VPN won’t allow you to connect your gaming consoles or smart TV to the VPN since it lacks support. That leaves you exposed on such devices and may mean you get DDoS-ed while playing a PvP match on Xbox/PlayStation.

You can explore these reliable Atlas VPN alternatives if these device setups matter to you.

NordVPN – SmartDNS + Router Support & P2P Belgium Server

netflix japan using nordvpn
NordVPN unblocks Netflix Japan from Belgium

NordVPN quickly outshines Atlas VPN on server count, boasting 5700+ servers in 60 countries to AtlasVPN’s 1000+ server haul in 49+ locations.

But that’s not the best part.

NordVPN offers Smart DNS support to quickly unblock smart TV content or access geo-restricted gaming console titles. Since this Smart DNS lacks encryption, NordVPN also provides router compatibility, ensuring you can get DDoS protection and data encryption on your gaming console, smart TV, and other devices that can’t download a native VPN app.

On top of that, the provider has a Belgian server in Brussels and even maintains a P2P server there for faster streaming and gaming. I’ve never seen this server down, so it’s highly reliable.

You’d think NordVPN would be expensive, but its offerings are highly affordable. 

Save more with these NordVPN offers.

Surfshark – Servers in 2 Belgian Cities + Gaming Console/TV Support

youtube videos using surfshark
Unblock hidden YouTube videos with Surfshark

Surfshark matches Atlas VPN’s unlimited simultaneous connections promise, then beats it with a 3200+ server spread to 100+ countries.

It doubles down on that with router and Smart DNS support, making it suitable for smart TVs, Xbox units, PlayStation consoles, and other devices that can’t get a native VPN app.

The real kicker is Surfshark’s provision of two Belgian server locations: Antwerp and Brussels. This allows you to connect to the nearest server to get a lower ping or switch servers if a city is overcrowded.

Surfshark matches this extra value add with unprecedented affordability, mainly when you use these HUGE discounts.

Can I Pay for Atlas VPN in Euro From Belgium?

You can pay for Atlas VPN using Euros from Belgium

The VPN service provider also offers a Euro pricing package for the region, ensuring you don’t have to convert from USD, look for a payment provider supporting such conversions, or pay additional conversion fees on checkout.

atlas vpn euro payment

Thus, you can grab the VPN at a lower price and pay with your Euro-domiciled credit cards, Google Pay, or PayPal accounts.

Alternatively, you can also pay with cryptocurrencies.

The best part is that you get Atlas VPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee when you purchase it for the first time. This allows you to test the VPN risk-free for Belgium and request a no-questions-asked refund within 30 days of purchase.

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Get Low-Cost Internet Privacy in Belgium

Whether you want to anonymously access any court-order-banned torrent websites, unblock BBC iPlayer and other foreign content, or keep your data out of public Wi-Fi operators’ hands, Atlas VPN has you covered.

Its robust encryption is even secure enough to keep Voo, Orange, Proximus, and other ISPs unaware of what you do online. However, AtlasVPN doesn’t support smart TVs and gaming consoles.

If that’s not a dealbreaker, save more on the VPN with this one-time discount. Otherwise, go for its best alternative, which offers everything Atlas VPN does and more.

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