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How to Use Bet365 With Atlas VPN?

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You can use Bet365 with Atlas VPN by connecting to a suitable VPN server before accessing the online betting platform.

Atlas VPN features several locations where Bet365 is available. 

Plus, it includes AES 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, and keeps no logs to avoid Bet365 tracking.

Learn how to securely enjoy Atlas VPN’s Bet365 unblocking anywhere.

How to Access Bet365 With Atlas VPN?

Follow these steps to use Bet365 with Atlas VPN:

  1. Subscribe to Atlas VPN. Use these exclusive deals for the BIGGEST DISCOUNTS.
  1. Install an Atlas VPN app that’s compatible with your gadget.
atlas vpn apps
  1. Log into Atlas VPN with your email.
atlas vpn log in
  1. Turn on the kill switch. Go through Settings > Security and toggle the kill switch.
atlas vpn kill switch enabled
  1. Turn on “SafeBrowse.” This will help you with some of the ads and redirects on Bet365.
atlas vpn safebrowse feature
  1. Select a server in a location supported by Bet365, like Israel.
atlas vpn connected to israel server
  1. Sign in to Bet365 in your browser’s private browsing/incognito mode.
access bet365 with atlas vpn
  1. Search for your favorite games and wager or watch them securely.

Which Atlas VPN Countries Support Bet365?

Although Atlas VPN features a decent number of countries that can access Bet365, only a few unblocked the bookie for me. In fact, I couldn’t access Bet365 with Atlas VPN until I connected to the sixth server location.

For that reason, I’ve compiled a list of Atlas VPN countries that support Bet365 to help you find a working server quickly:

  • Israel
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Albania
  • Estonia
  • Latvia

Occasionally, Atlas VPN adds new servers. So, continue checking other Bet365-supported countries featuring Atlas VPN servers to see whether they’ll have viable options for accessing the site.

What's the Best Atlas VPN Protocol for Bet365?

The best AtlasVPN protocol for Bet365 is WireGuard, thanks to its dependable protection from Bet365 tracking. Also, it offers high-speed performance, making streaming and live gaming a cinch.

In fact, I enjoyed watching Vissel Kobe whoop Niigata and bounce back to second place in the J1 League without stops.

Can I Use Bet365 With Atlas VPN's Free Servers?

atlas vpn free servers

Despite being in the bookie’s available regions (US and Netherlands), I couldn’t use Bet365 with Atlas VPN’s free servers. Even paid-for servers within these locations failed to unlock the bookie.

Hence, the only way to use Bet365 with Atlas VPN is to get a subscription and try one of the supported locations.

Additionally, a 5GB bandwidth limit on Atlas VPN’s free plan won’t get you far if you plan to stream matches on Bet365. And a paid plan offers streaming-optimized servers besides the standard options. So, finding a fast, Bet365-compatible server is easier.

Atlas VPN Bet365 Alternatives

Only a handful of Atlas VPN servers successfully unblock Bet365. 

I also loathe the VPN service provider’s occasional server connection delays; I missed Volkanovski and Rodriguez’s UFC fight while trying unsuccessfully a gazillion times to connect.

That’s why I tested a few other providers. I’ve listed three alternatives that performed better than Atlas VPN below:


access bet365 with privatevpn

Unlike Atlas VPN, PrivateVPN let me access Bet365 with just the first location I tried. In fact, all the first three countries I connected to (Netherlands, USA, and UK) unblocked the bookie without issues; none of Atlas VPN’s servers in these countries did.

Likewise, I only had to wait about five seconds for a successful connection

Unlike Atlas VPN, which sometimes took minutes, delaying my streams and live bets.

Furthermore, PrivateVPN’s kill switch always connects instantly

So, I didn’t worry about leaks during VPN connection drops for games I couldn’t miss, like the Rays against the Phillies last Friday.

Finally, PrivateVPN recorded 3% better speeds than AtlasVPN on average, with the highest ping at 172 ms (10 ms lower than Atlas VPN’s lowest ping). 

That explains its lag-free performance as I watched Whittacker and Plessis whack the heck out of each other.

Want to try PrivateVPN? Here’s a one-time deal to get you started.


access bet365 with nordvpn

Even Felicity Smoak’s hacking skills are no match for NordVPN’s anonymity specs. 

From two kill switches to obfuscated servers, Threat Protection, and a no-logs policy, NordVPN offers the perfect tools to bypass Bet365’s geo-blocks.

You can also get a Dedicated IP, a one-user server feature, making it less likely to attract the bookie’s bans.

Though I didn’t instantly find a Bet365-supported server, NordVPN offered numerous locations that unlocked the bookmarker. I loved doubling up my Baccarat stakes with its Seattle server.

Besides, the provider facilitates Bet365 access in various countries Atlas VPN doesn’t, including:

  • UK
  • Canada
  • Albania
  • Brazil
  • Costa Rica
  • Finland
  • Georgia
  • China
  • Iceland
  • Indonesia

Being the fastest Bet365 VPN I tried (speed loss up to 1%), NordVPN provided the smoothest live roulette experience.

If NordVPN’s your cup of tea, use these massive discounts to get the best bang for your buck.


access bet365 with expressvpn

Do you want to open a Bet365 account in the USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, or Australia? ExpressVPN’s servers have got you covered. 

Those were just the first countries I connected to, meaning there are countless Bet365-compatible options.

Not to mention, ExpressVPN gave me the fastest server connections, letting me stake for the Bucks to gobble up the Nuggets just before the betting window elapsed.

Though having the most ping (thrice as much as Atlas VPN), ExpressVPN was the second-fastest VPN for BET365. Its download speed drops hit as little as 4%, enough to keep the browser going for Esparza’s July bout against Alaniz.

Remember to connect via its Lightway protocol to get the same speed and peak privacy I enjoyed for trustworthy Bet365 unblocking.

Like what you see? Grab these ExpressVPN mega deals and access Bet365 from anywhere without breaking the bank.

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Enjoy Secure and Stress-Free Betting

Atlas VPN’s kill switch, no-logs policy, and AES 256-bit encryption offer reliable protection against Bet365’s VPN detection mechanisms. Plus, at least six Atlas VPN countries support Bet365, giving you several options to unblock the platform anywhere.

And if betting with friends while enjoying matches together is a priority, its unlimited simultaneous connections, zero bandwidth cap, and support for all major operating systems keep the party rolling.

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