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Does Atlas VPN Work in Croatia?

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Atlas VPN works in Croatia to beat Optima and VIPnet internet throttling, unblock Netflix US and other streaming sites, and stop online tracking from Croatian cyber criminals.

However, Atlas VPN doesn’t offer a Croatian IP address since it lacks Croatian servers. 

But I’ll provide VPN alternatives with Croatian servers in this guide.

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How to Use Atlas VPN in Croatia?

Using Atlas VPN in Croatia involves purchasing an Atlas VPN plan and connecting to a suitable Atlas VPN server for Croatia.

Here are the steps:

  1. Purchase an Atlas VPN plan. I recommend the multiyear plan for its massive cost savings.
  1. Download the Atlas VPN app for your mobile, PC, smart TV, or router. I’ll download the Atlas VPN app for Windows in this guide.
atlas vpn device compatibility
  1. Launch the Atlas VPN app and log in with your credentials.
atlas vpn log in
  1. Choose a suitable Atlas VPN protocol. I recommend the WireGuard Protocol for its excellent speeds and robust security. Go to Settings > Protocol > WireGuard.
atlas vpn protocols
  1. Activate the Atlas VPN kill switch to secure your internet connection. Go to Settings > Security > Kill Switch to activate.
atlas vpn security options
  1. Connect to a suitable Atlas VPN location. For the fastest/closest Atlas VPN server, click “Home” and toggle the connection key.
atlas vpn quick connect button
  1. Alternatively, go to Home > All for the complete list of Atlas VPN servers.
atlas vpn all servers
  1. Ensure your internet connection is secure by testing for leaks on www.ipleak.net. Ensure your assigned Atlas VPN IP address matches that on the leak test site.
atlas vpn ipleak test on london server
  1. Unblock international streaming platforms, bypass ISP throttling, access geo-restricted online content, and secure your internet connection with Atlas VPN. I streamed Eastenders, a BBC TV show, on an Atlas VPN – London server with zero issues.
access bbc tv with atlas vpn

What’s the Best Atlas VPN Server for Croatia?

Atlas VPN offers 1000+ servers in over 49 locations to bypass ISP throttling, unblock international streaming platforms, and secure your internet connection. Thus, Croatia’s best Atlas VPN server depends on your needs.

For example, connect to low-ping servers in Serbia or Hungary for fast downloads and enhanced online security.

Alternatively, connect to optimized streaming servers to quickly unblock international streaming platforms, bypass VPN blocks, and enjoy a lightning-fast streaming experience free of lags or rubberbanding.

For example, I streamed NCIS, a US Netflix TV show, on the Miami server, with fast speeds and zero buffering.

access netflix with atlas vpn

Conversely, connect to MultiHop+ servers in Europe or North America that rotate your VPN connection between different servers for increased security.

I used Atlas VPN’s European MultiHop+ servers to beat DDoS gaming attacks on Fortnite, prevent Iskon Internet and Hrvatski Telekom online tracking, secure my Agram Banka and Banka Kovanica online financial transactions, and hide my internet activities from Croatian cyber criminals.

Finally, connect to SafeSwap servers that constantly change your IP address while connected to the same server to provide extra anonymity to your online activities. 

I used Atlas VPN’s SafeSwap servers in the Netherlands to keep my online connection safe while using public WiFI in the Zagreb train station.

atlas vpn safeswap servers

I also subjected Atlas VPN protocols to speed tests to gauge their suitability for streaming and gaming in Croatia.

The WireGuard protocol on an Atlas VPN-South African server impressed me with fast speeds, averaging 6.58 Mbps on a 15 Mbps network.

atlas vpn speed test on south africa server

What Are the Best Atlas VPN Alternatives for Croatia?

Atlas VPN is an excellent Croatian VPN that offers fast speeds, reliable unblocking, and robust security but lacks Croatian servers. Thus, these are my top Atlas VPN alternatives for Croatia with a Croatian IP address.


nordvpn connected to croatia server

NordVPN offers 15+ Croatian – Zagreb servers to stream HRT 1 anywhere, perform secure OTP Banka d.d online transactions, and hide your internet activities from Amis Telekom.

Additionally, NordVPN offers 15+ Croatian P2P servers to connect to Croatian gaming peers, torrent using Croatian servers, and securely send P2P files.

Further, NordVPN excels in unblocking international streaming platforms thanks to its 5700+ servers, fast streaming speeds, and unlimited bandwidth.

If NordVPN sounds like the real deal for Croatia, these NordVPN deals will make the dream come true.


surfshark connected to japan server

Surfshark is a top-tier VPN offering a Croatian-Zagreb server to unblock Jabuka TV, secure your internet activity from VIPnet, and connect to Croatian gaming peers.

For added security, Surfshark allows you to connect to a Croatian MultiHop server that passes your connection through two different VPN servers, encrypting your internet data twice.

Plus, Surfshark’s dedicated 1 Gbps port across all servers, unlimited bandwidth, and 3200+ server locations make it perfect for unblocking international content streaming sites in and out of Croatia.

Ready to enjoy all that Surfshark offers in Croatia? Grab these Surfshark deals to save BIG on your first subscription.


cyberghost connected to croatia server

CyberGhost offers 50+ Zagreb servers to unblock local Croatian content anywhere, perform secure online banking activities, and secure your online activities on public WiFi.

Additionally, all the 50+ CyberGhost – Croatian servers are P2P enabled and optimized for torrenting, making them ideal for P2P file sharing and torrenting movies on a Croatian torrent server.

CyberGhost is also great for unblocking international content in Croatia, thanks to its ultra-fast streaming speeds, extensive server network (9000+ serves in 90+ countries), and dedicated streaming servers.

Save BIG by grabbing these massively discounted CyberGhost Deals.

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Secure Your Croatian Internet Experience

Atlas VPN is a secure Croatian VPN that unblocks major streaming platforms, beats Tele2 internet throttling, and secures your WiFi connection in Zadar Airport.

Grab these massively discounted Atlas VPN deals to save BIG on your subscriptions.

However, if you need a Croatian server, I recommend NordVPN instead. 

It offers 15+ Croatian servers for secure Imex Banka online transactions and unblocking Jabuka TV and HRT1.

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