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Does Atlas VPN Work in Cuba? (Bypass Censorship + Secure Browsing)

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Atlas VPN works in Cuba and is ideal for bypassing the Cuban government’s internet censorship, breaking free from bandwidth throttling, accessing banned apps and services, and preventing the state-owned ETECSA ISP from accessing your sensitive data and logins.

Thanks to Atlas VPN’s AES 256-bit encryption, Cubans and tourists in Cuba can also keep the government from using its Avila Link software to intercept their sensitive account details (logins and passwords) and internet activity.

So, if you’re ready to enjoy better internet privacy from Cuba while dodging censorship, here’s the guide you need.

How to Setup Atlas VPN in Cuba?

Setting up Atlas VPN in Cuba is as easy as getting an account, choosing the correct protocol, and connecting to a choice server. Here’s a simple breakdown of that process:

  1. Get an Atlas VPN account. I recommend these HUGE deals to save more.
  1. Download an Atlas VPN app for your device. I’ll use my Windows PC for this example, but you can also get AtlasVPN on other PC units (Mac and Linux) and mobile (Android and iOS).
atlas vpn app download
  1. Launch the Atlas VPN app and log in with your account details. This is your username and password from step 1 above.
  2. Choose a suitable connection protocol. I recommend Atlas VPN’s WireGuard protocol for a fine blend of speed and security. Choose this via Settings > Protocols > WireGuard.
atlas vpn wireguard
  1. Return to the homepage to choose a suitable server. I’ll use the US – New York server for this example.
atlas vpn united states - new york server
  1. Wait for the connection confirmation, then test for leaks. I use www.ipleak.net. Your leak test should show your VPN-assigned IP address, not your actual IP address.
  2. Start unblocking content and browsing the web securely from Cuba!
streaming using atlas vpn from cuba

What’s the Best Atlas VPN Server to Use in Cuba?

The best Atlas VPN server in Cuba depends on what you’re using the VPN for.

For instance, it’s best to connect to the fastest/nearest server if you’re only interested in protecting your online information from the government, hackers, public Wi-Fi operators, or the state-owned internet provider, ETECSA.

atlas vpn quick connect button
Quick Connect button connects you to the fastest/nearest server

Since all Atlas VPN servers enjoy the same AES 256-bit encryption, choosing a nearby server means your internet data doesn’t have to travel too far between your current location and server location. Hence, you get lower latency, which ensures faster speeds than a faraway server.

On the other hand, unblocking content from Cuba requires connecting to a server in the region where such content is available.

atlas vpn connected to netherland server
Connecting to Atlas VPN's Netherland server unblocks YouTube NL

For example, you can’t watch the US-exclusive 30 Rock and Mystic Pizza or the UK-exclusive Back to Life and American Graffiti on Netflix in Cuba. 

In that case, you should connect to the US or UK region or anywhere else the content you want is available to unblock access.

What Makes Atlas VPN a Reliable VPN for Cuba?

Not all VPNs work in Cuba, but Atlas VPN stands out for a few reasons:

Decent Server Spread

Atlas VPN boasts 1000+ servers in 49+ locations across 40+ countries.

atlas vpn in finland
AtlasVPN gives you Finnish servers and more!

This gives you access to content available in those countries by simply connecting to these servers.

Fast Server Speeds

The internet in Cuba can be slow, and VPNs also reduce internet speed.

speedtest in cuba

But this VPN scored 22Mbps on a 45Mbps test, showing it’s fast enough for premium HD streaming from Cuba.

Unlimited Bandwidth

ETECSA is notorious for throttling the internet in Cuba, and the service provider will mostly do so when you’re downloading content, streaming, or using the internet heavily. Once you connect to an AtlasVPN server, though, ETECSA doesn’t see what you’re doing anymore and can’t throttle your speeds.

Reliable Unblocking

Atlas VPN is so reliable for content unblocking; it even has streaming-optimized servers.

atlas vpn content unblocking

So, whether you want to watch Netflix, BBC iPlayer (UK servers), NRK TV (Norway servers), Disney Plus (US servers), or anything else, Atlas VPN has you covered.

Multiple Device Support

This VPN lets you stay securely connected to your favorite websites, apps, and content across your PCs (Mac, Windows, or Linux) and mobile devices (Android or iOS).

Unlimited Device Connections

You can use a single Atlas VPN account on as many devices as possible

This makes it ideal for travel groups, student bodies, families, and other users interested in online privacy.

In-Built Ad And Tracker Blocker

Enable Atlas VPN’s SafeBrowse alongside the VPN, and never worry about intrusive ads or pesky online trackers anymore.

atlas vpn safebrowse

This will thwart the Cuban government’s attempts to know what you’re doing online every minute.

Reliable Encryption

I tested Atlas VPN’s encryption with Wireshark and got gibberish output. 

In other words, anyone trying to see what you’re doing online will only see a bunch of codes, symbols, and gibberish text instead.

Affordable Pricing

The best part about Atlas VPN’s cheap prices is that it still offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to see if it fits you well. Otherwise, you can request a FULL refund, no questions asked.

On top of that, you can save on your first purchase using these HUGE discount offers.

What Are the Best Atlas VPN Alternatives for Cuba?

While Atlas VPN is a great VPN provider in Cuba, I found some lapses during my last visit. Thankfully, some other reliable VPNs filled in the gap. Here they are:

NordVPN – Dedicated IPs for Cuba

streaming bbc sport with nordvpn

NordVPN’s Dedicated IP addresses came through for me when Netflix and some other streaming services blocked some of Atlas VPN’s servers. 

After all, these dedicated IPs were unique to me, and those online services had no way of knowing they were from a VPN.

However, it doesn’t come free – so be ready to shell out about $3.89/month extra for these IPs.

But even if you don’t get them, NordVPN’s sheer 5600+ server size in 60 countries represents 5x the options you have on Atlas VPN. Hence, you stand a better chance of not landing on a blocked server.

On top of that, the basic NordVPN plan offers obfuscated servers that operate on its OpenVPN protocol.

These will be handy on some highly-restricted websites in Cuba (like the Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald, or social media websites), which the standard VPN servers can’t unblock.

Thankfully, NordVPN allows you to test its service risk-free for 30 days! 

So, grab these one-time offers to do so.

ExpressVPN – Fast Obfuscation for Cuba

streaming using expressvpn

You already know why you need obfuscation from NordVPN’s offering above.

However, you may not know that obfuscation slows your internet speeds.

ExpressVPN solves that by offering fast and automatic obfuscation on all its servers and protocols.

So, the instant you connect to any ExpressVPN server using any protocol (not just OpenVPN), you get complete firewall-bypassing protection without losing speed. 

I recommend its Lightway – UDP protocol for the best performance, though.

On top of that, ExpressVPN offers a router app to connect even more devices

My Cuban friend couldn’t use Atlas VPN on their smart TV and gaming console. 

But once we set up ExpressVPN on their router, they connected these devices to the router and got the same VPN encryption across the board.

Sounds like something you’ll love to try? Get these ExpressVPN deals to save more and test it risk-free for 30 days.

Surfshark – Affordable Yet Packed for Cuba

streaming using surfshark

Surfshark, like AtlasVPN, also offers unlimited device connections. 

Still, it pulls ahead by adding Smart DNS and router support which can come in handy for smart TVs, gaming consoles, and other devices that can’t download a native VPN app.

As if that’s not enough, it also brings dedicated IPs (cheaper than NordVPN’s), obfuscation (faster than NordVPN but slower than ExpressVPN), and improved server coverage to Atlas VPN. Speaking of, you get 3200+ servers in 100 countries – 3x more servers and about 2.5x more countries than Atlas VPN!

Want all these for one low price? These Surfshark discounts will do the trick!

Interesting Reads:

Beat the Cuban Internet Blocks

The Cuban government, content distributors, and licensing bodies’ activities have left Cubans with a poor content library (e.g., on Netflix), a lack of access to a series of online services (like Disney Plus), and an inability to use some apps (such as PayPal).

Thankfully, Atlas VPN fills that gap and throws in security extras to keep the government from using its invasive surveillance software to track everything you do online.

Besides, you can use a single Atlas VPN account to protect unlimited devices. 

And with these Atlas VPN discounts, you’ll get it for almost nothing!

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