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Does Atlas VPN Work in Germany?

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Want to tuck away the Barbie as soon as she drops on HBO Max or crack your ribs to US Netflix’s Schitt’s Creek?

AtlasVPN works in Germany and features 1000+ speedy servers in 40+ countries, including three free locations with a 5GB limit. So, you can access your preferred geo-restricted content on many sites.

Its German location (Frankfurt) also offers impeccable performance on local sites like ZDF. Follow through as I show you how to use Atlas VPN in Germany on your PC or smartphone in a few simple steps.

How to Use Atlas VPN in Germany on PC?

Follow these steps to use Atlas VPN in Germany on a PC:

  1. Subscribe to Atlas VPN with one of these exclusive deals for great discounts.
  2. Download the Atlas VPN app to your PC.
  3. Launch the app and log in.
  4. Choose a protocol, ideally WireGuard, for peak security and the fastest speeds. Go to Settings > Protocol > WireGuard.
atlas vpn wireguard protocol
  1. Optional: Toggle on the kill switch to lower the risk of getting banned/blocked on geo-restricted sites should the VPN connection drop: Go to Settings > Security > Kill Switch.
atlas vpn kill switch enabled
  1. Optional: Use SafeBrowse to curb malicious ads. Find it by clicking Assistant > SafeBrowse.
atlas vpn safebrowse enabled
  1. Search and connect to a suitable location based on your needs, for example, Canada for CBC.
atlas vpn canadian server
  1. Confirm that your real IP stays hidden. I test leaks with ipleak.net.
atlas vpn canadian ip leak test
  1. Open your preferred browser/app and enjoy geo-restricted shows like Son of a Critch.
streaming son of a critch using atlas vpn

How to Use Atlas VPN in Germany on Mobile?

Here are the steps to use Atlas VPN in Germany on Android and iOS smartphones:

  1. Subscribe to Atlas VPN with these deals and save big.
  2. Download the Android/iOS AtlasVPN app.
  3. Open and sign into the app with your subscription details.
  4. Click the last cog, go to “VPN protocol,” and select a reliable protocol like WireGuard.
  1. Optional: Toggle on the kill switch if accessing a geo-restricted site with dire penalties like DraftKings. Click the last cog > General Options > Kill Switch and follow the instructions.
  1. Optional: Turn on SafeBrowse to minimize adware. Click the second cog, select “SafeBrowse,” and toggle on the feature.
  1. Go back to Home (the first cog), search for your preferred server, and click it to connect.
  1. Test for leaks.
  1. Search for your favorites and enjoy.

How to Get a Germany IP Address With Atlas VPN?

Want to stream local content like Wetten, dass..? from home or abroad? 

A German server is your best shot. So, follow these steps to get a Germany IP address with Atlas VPN:

  1. Sign in to the Atlas VPN app.
  2. Select a preferred protocol.
  3. Type “Germany” in the search box in the “Home” section.
atlas vpn connected to germany server
  1. Click “Germany – Frankfurt” under either “Locations” or “Streaming” to connect to a Germany IP address.
atlas vpn germany servers
  1. Confirm that there are zero IP/DNS leaks before searching for your preferred local content, like ARD’s Das Erste livestream.
streaming ards das erste with atlas vpn

What's the Best Atlas VPN Server in Germany?

The best Atlas VPN server in Germany depends on your use case.

A streaming-optimized Frankfurt server is your best shot if you want secure content streaming on German websites like Mediathek and RTL. 

I’ve used this server to kill boredom with Netzkino’s gut-wrenching [Rec] during my Autobahn drive tour and in other instances.

Here’s a summary of my speeds while connected to Atlas VPN’s Frankfurt server:

atlas vpn frankfurt server speed test

And here is my speed with no VPN:

speed test without vpn

On the other hand, the best/fastest Atlas VPN servers for unlocking overseas content are servers in regions where the content is available.

For instance, Atlas VPN’s US server is the best bet to unblock Hulu, while its Canada server will get you Crave TV titles like 65 and Chungking Express from Germany.

Limitations of Atlas VPN in Germany

Though I enjoyed Atlas VPN’s negligible speed loss, the provider has several disadvantages, including

  • No smart DNS and router support: You can’t use it with smart TVs and gaming consoles.
  • Lacks obfuscation: You can’t hide that you’re using a VPN from Telekom, Vodafone, or O2 or bypass some VPN-blocking firewalls.
  • Limited server count: 1000+ total servers with only one German location.
  • Limited site access: Frankfurt servers don’t unblock some sites like Bet365 despite being available in Germany.
  • Privacy concerns: Atlas VPN is a US-based provider, a 14 Eyes country like Germany whose government may request your internet traffic.
  • No port forwarding: This feature may boost torrenting speeds and make your online applications remotely accessible from anywhere.

If these matter to you, try ExpressVPN or get PureVPN. Both providers are from the British Virgin Islands, hence non-members of the data-sharing Eyes Alliances.

streaming using purevpn new jersey server

While PureVPN features just one German location, it has 400+ Frankfurt servers with quantum resistance and AES 256-bit encryptions. Plus, these servers support port forwarding and P2P applications.

streaming using expressvpn washington dc server

On the other hand, ExpressVPN has three German locations: two in Frankfurt and one in Nuremberg. Likewise, ExpressVPN is your guy if you prioritize security or want to access content from most countries among the three (90+).

But if you want affordability, plans up to 24 months (twice as ExpressVPN’s), and the option to create shortcuts to German websites like ARD, get PureVPN.

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Atlas VPN is a good VPN for torrenting in Germany. It offers P2P servers and decent speeds that support large downloads in minutes, especially if using cable connections with fast providers like Vodafone.

You can use the YouTube Music app with Atlas VPN in Germany, as the service is available nationwide, and YouTube isn’t strict on VPN usage. 

Using the WireGuard protocol for the YouTube Music app in Germany for peak security and the fastest streaming speeds is best.

You don’t get German servers on the free Atlas VPN. However, you can still test its free servers in New York, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam from Germany, but with relatively slower performance and a 5GB limit.

Explore Your Favorite Global Content From Germany

Atlas VPN lets you securely transact worldwide using institutions like Revolut with its Frankfurt location.

Moreover, its 1000+ servers enable you to unblock many geo-restricted international sites like ESPN, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and CBC.

So, get Atlas VPN now and enjoy up to 85% off.

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