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Does Atlas VPN Work With Instagram?

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Atlas VPN works with Instagram. You can download Atlas VPN through this special deals link and connect to a server where Instagram isn’t blocked or restricted.

Atlas VPN also offers fast speeds for streaming live videos from your favorite travel influencers worldwide. It also lets you access your feed without lag, guaranteeing high-resolution photos and videos.

This guide will detail how to use Atlas VPN with Instagram, so hang tight!

How to Unblock Instagram With Atlas VPN?

To access Instagram with Atlas VPN, follow this guide:

  1. Visit the official Atlas VPN pricing page by clicking on this deals link. Click “Grab the deal.”
  2. Choose the Atlas VPN plan you prefer. I recommend the 2-year plan as you get the most savings plus 3 months extra. Click “Proceed to Checkout.”
  1. Create your account by inputting your email address, choosing your payment type, and completing the payment.
atlas vpn payment page
  1. Download Atlas VPN onto your favorite devices. For this tutorial, I’m using a Windows PC.
get atlas vpn for windows os
  1. Open Atlas VPN and connect to any server location where Instagram is not blocked. I connected to Singapore.
atlas vpn singapore server
  1. Open Instagram and challenge yourself to recreate funfoodandfrolic’s homemade grilled vegetables recipe!
access instagram with atlas vpn connected to singapore server

What's the Best Atlas VPN Server for Instagram?

The best Atlas VPN server for Instagram depends on your use case.

If you want the best speeds, connect to the server closest to your real location, where Instagram is unrestricted.

For example, the Indian government sometimes outlaws sensitive news on Instagram. 

To view these clips, I connect to neighboring countries closest to my location where Instagram isn’t blocked, like Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Here are speed tests to show the difference this can make. My base speed is 104 Mbps.

My distance from the Singapore server is 7,089 km, and I got a speed of 97.03 Mbps.

However, my distance from the U.S. server is 13,690 km, and I got a speed of 78.97 Mbps. This is considerably lower and unnecessary to use for unblocking legally restricted content.

atlas vpn speed test on new york server

However, features like Instagram Music remain a regional privilege in countries like the U.S., the UK, and Canada. I connected to the U.S. server where the feature works to share musical tunes in my posts.

That said, if you’re flicking through a lot of video content or streaming an Instagram Live by your favorite artist, connecting to a closer Atlas VPN server location will give you the best speeds for performance.

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The Atlas VPN free version can unblock Instagram but only the Amsterdam and US versions of the platform. To access a wider network of servers or to find one closer to your location, subscribe to Atlas VPN’s paid plans.

The SafeSwap servers are good for Instagram if you’re privacy conscious or in a location where accessing Instagram is risky. Atlas VPN offers SafeSwap servers with enhanced security in Amsterdam, Singapore, and Los Angeles — all of which successfully unblock Instagram.

Unblock Instagram With Atlas VPN

Ready to take your Instagram browsing to the next level? With Atlas VPN, you can share limitless tunes on your Stories and Posts with Instagram Music, thus posting content on your terms while keeping your online presence safe and sound.

Best of all, this guide proves it’s easy to set up Atlas VPN with Instagram.

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