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Can You Play Lost Ark With Atlas VPN?

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You can play Lost Ark with Atlas VPN from any location.

And you should! Because using Atlas VPN ensures a lag-free and secure Lost Ark session minus persistent gameplay glitches or security risks that other VPNs fail to cover.

In this article, I’ll provide a detailed breakdown of how to use Atlas VPN to unlock Lost Ark in geo-restricted regions, enjoy faster gameplay, and protect your gaming sessions from DDoS attacks.

How to Play Lost Ark With Atlas VPN? (Step-By-Step Guide)

You can safely play Lost Ark from any location using Atlas VPN.

I did exactly that and will show you the step-by-step process below.

  1. Purchase an Atlas VPN subscription. I recommend the two-year plan.
Atlas VPN black friday prices
  1. Enter your login credentials and proceed to your Atlas VPN account.
atlasvpn log-in
  1. Download the Atlas VPN app for your mobile or PC devices.
atlasvpn download on compatible devices
  1. Choose a VPN server and turn on VPN protection by toggling the VPN switch to the “on” position. For the best gaming experience, choose a server closest to you for higher speeds, lower latency, and stable pings.
atlasvpn los angeles server
  1. Access the Lost Ark website and launch your game.

Why Is Atlas VPN Great for Playing Lost Ark?

playing lost ark with atlasvpn

Atlas VPN is arguably one of the best VPNs for Lost Ark. Here are my top reasons for choosing Atlas VPN from all other VPN providers.

  • Protection from DDoS attacks. Many Lost Ark players report that sore competitors flood them with DDoS attacks. Due to its advanced security features, including anti-DDoS servers and request filtering, Atlas VPN reduces malicious DDoS attacks while playing Lost Ark.
  • Fast speeds with low latency. Atlas VPN offers lightning-fast connection speeds and bypasses ISP throttling, guaranteeing a seamless Lost Ark experience. While playing Lost Ark on Atlas VPN, I enjoyed speeds up to 100mbps with zero lag.
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections. Atlas VPN allows Lost Ark players to enjoy simultaneous connections across unlimited devices and platforms. I enjoyed thrilling Lost Ark sessions with my crazy gaming buddies on one Atlas VPN account with zero glitches.
  • Access multiple servers. Atlas VPN boasts over 750 servers in 37 countries, granting you access to Lost Ark from any region. The numerous Atlas VPN servers are instrumental in reducing VPN traffic jams, which is crucial for your Lost Ark gaming speeds.
  • Access Lost Ark in geo-restricted locations. Playing online games is fraught with geo-restrictions and censorship, which extends to Lost Ark. To bypass these geo-restrictions and access Lost Ark in Japan, South Korea, and Russia, use Atlas VPN.

Will I Get Banned From Lost Ark for Using Atlas VPN?

Using Atlas VPN to unblock Lost Ark in geo-restricted regions isn’t illegal.

That said, Amazon makes it almost impossible for Lost Ark players to access the game via a VPN.

lost ark ban atlasvpn

To bypass the Lost Ark VPN ban, ensure you launch Atlas VPN in the animation stage when the game is loading.

amazon bypass lost ark
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Using Atlas VPN for Lost Ark is an excellent way to stabilize ping and reduce ISP throttling, improving Lost Ark gameplay speeds. Choose a VPN server close to your location to access fast internet speeds and low latency.

Atlas VPN reduces disconnections while playing Lost Ark by ensuring your devices have a stable and regular internet connection. Disruptions often occur when ISP providers throttle internet speed when playing bandwidth-heavy games like Lost Ark.

To counter this, Atlas VPN employs IP masking that hides your online activity, thus guaranteeing a stable gaming experience.

Wrapping Up

playing lost ark test mode using atlasvpn

Whether you fancy the Western or Korean Lost Ark versions, Atlas VPN will help you securely and quickly unblock the game.

The best part of using Atlas VPN for Lost Ark is the exciting 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to try the game without financial risks.

Enjoy exciting raids and quests in the mythical world of Arkesia with our exciting Atlas VPN Lost Ark offer.

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