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Can You Play Minecraft With Atlas VPN?

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You can play Minecraft with Atlas VPN, unblock the title from anywhere, beat DDoS attacks from sore losers, and host virtual Minecraft servers for your gaming team.

So, install Atlas VPN across all your Minecraft gaming devices for blazing-fast Creepy Crypt and Cacti Canyon missions without worrying about ISP throttling or malicious actors anymore.

Ready to slay the Monstrosity and raze the fiery forge to ruins free of speed drops?

How to Play Minecraft on Mobile/PC Using Atlas VPN

You can set up Atlas VPN to play Minecraft on mobile or PC since it’s compatible with these devices. Here are the general steps:

  1. Purchase an Atlas VPN subscription (enjoy savings).
Atlas VPN black friday prices
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  1. Download the Atlas VPN for your device. I’ll download the Atlas VPN Windows app for this guide.
atlas vpn apps
  1. Log in to Atlas VPN with your email address.
atlas vpn email log in
  1. Activate the Atlas VPN kill switch to prevent malicious opponents from flooding you with DDoS requests that may cause you to lose PvP matches if the VPN connection drops. Go to Settings > Security > Kill Switch.
atlas vpn kill switch disabled
  1. Go to Settings > Protocol and choose WireGuard. This guarantees fast, uninterrupted redstone mining and wither skeleton massacre sessions with zero server disconnection issues.
atlas vpn wireguard protocol
  1. Connect to a suitable Atlas VPN server location for fast, uninterrupted howling peaks and creeping winter missions. Connecting to the nearest or fastest Atlas VPN server with the lowest pings/latencies ensures buffer-free gameplay.
atlas vpn servers
  1. That’s it! Securely annihilate arch illagers, craft tools, and mine diamonds on Minecraft bedrock and PE editions, free of speed drops or DDoS attacks. I gained fantastic experience orbs by killing zombified piglins and smelting nether gold ore on the title.
playing minecraft with atlas vpn on hong kong server

How to Play Minecraft on Console Using Atlas VPN?

You can gain Minecraft rewards and trophies by setting up Atlas VPN on PS4/5 and Xbox. I’ll outline how to set up Atlas VPN on console using the virtual router method.

Follow these steps:

  1. Buy an Atlas plan (get savings).
  2. Download the Atlas VPN Windows app since this setup only works on a Windows connection.
  3. Log in to Atlas VPN with your credentials.
  4. Share a VPN hotspot connection from your Windows PC to your various gaming consoles. Adapt the steps in this video to work with Atlas VPN.
  1. Connect to an appropriate Atlas VPN server.
  2. Connect your gaming console to the Windows VPN hotspot you created in Step 4 above.
  3. That’s it! Now securely use your broadsword and dark katana to kill shulkers, endermites, and redstone bugs free of speed drops or DDoS attacks on Soggy Cave and Arch Heaven missions.

What's the Best Atlas VPN Protocol for Minecraft?

WireGuard is the best Atlas VPN protocol for Minecraft!

I tested the different WireGuard protocols on modded Minecraft, Omegacraft, VanillaBlock, and the Hypixel Network, where WireGuard performed exceptionally.

My tests focused on speed, mobile compatibility, and ease of unblocking the different Minecraft servers.

While playing Minecraft Omegacraft, WireGuard was almost 30% faster than IPSec/IKEv2 while connected to the Atlas VPN US – Los Angeles server.

atlas vpn speed test on los angeles server

Here’s a summary of speed drops recorded by Atlas VPN protocols while playing Minecraft Omegacraft on a 100 Mbps US-Los Angeles Atlas VPN connection.

Atlas VPN Protocol Speed Drop
WireGuard 12 Mbps
IPSec/IKEv2 39 Mbps

WireGuard also excelled in unblocking large Minecraft servers (Hypixel Network, VanillaBlock, OmegaCraft, MineSuperior).

IPSec/IKEv2 was no slouch, unblocking all the large Minecraft servers, although slightly slower than WireGuard.

playing minecraft with atlas vpn on us server

On mobile compatibility, both WireGuard and IPSec/IKEv2 excelled, recording fast speeds and zero buffering. I played Minecraft Bedrock PE survival missions on my Android phone with minimal data consumption and zero bandwidth throttling using these two protocols.

Can Atlas VPN Bypass Minecraft Bans?

minecraft ban message

No, Atlas VPN won’t help you bypass a permanent Minecraft ban.

Minecraft permabans block a player’s gaming information necessary to access the title, limiting their access to all versions of Minecraft except Minecraft dungeons.

That said, Atlas VPN can help you bypass Minecraft IP bans!

Using Atlas VPN assigns you a new IP address not blocked by Minecraft servers, allowing you to access the game.

To bypass Minecraft IP bans, connect to an Atlas VPN server near you, clear cookies and cache, and join a Minecraft world.

Do Atlas VPN Specialty Servers Work With Minecraft?

Atlas VPN specialty servers work with Minecraft but aren’t the best for the title. 

In my speed tests, standard Atlas VPN servers were almost 50% faster than specialty MultiHop+ and SafeSwap servers.

I connected to the Atlas VPN US-New York server on a 50 Mbps network while playing Minecraft Vanillablock. Check out the different server’s speed drops.

atlas vpn speed test on new york server
Atlas VPN Server Speed Drop
Standard Server 18.37 Mbps
MultiHop+ Server 34 Mbps
Safe Swap Server 38 Mbps

Best Atlas VPN Alternatives for Minecraft?

Although an excellent VPN for fast-paced dungeon and secret missions, Atlas VPN lacks key gaming features like port forwarding, P2P servers, and dedicated IPs that affect Minecraft gaming.

Hence, these are my top Atlas VPN alternatives for Minecraft.


playing minecraft with purevpn on johannesburg server

PureVPN offers P2P servers for improved Minecraft multiplayer missions and reduced disconnection issues. It also provides more servers (6500+) than Atlas VPN (1000+), allowing you to unblock the title in more locations.

Additionally, PureVPN offers dedicated IP addresses that increase your gaming speeds on dungeon missions and prevent you from losing PvP matches due to IP bans.

Lastly, PureVPN lets you port forward your Minecraft server, increasing the game’s stability and reducing disconnection issues. In fact, you can set up the VPN on your router for a better connection to your gaming console.

Enjoy seamless Minecraft gameplay by grabbing these massively discounted PureVPN deals.

Private Internet Access

playing minecraft with private internet access on us server

Private Internet Access allows you to port forward your Minecraft server for faster speeds and more stable boss melee missions on the title.

Additionally, unlike Atlas VPN, PIA offers numerous servers in all 50 US states and Canada for easier unblocking of large Minecraft servers (Vanillablock, Towny online) anywhere.

PIA also offers dedicated IPs that reduce the chances of Minecraft IP bans, increase Minecraft gaming speeds, and lower disconnection issues on the title.

With the OpenVPN protocol, you can seamlessly set up PIA on most routers, unlike Atlas VPN, to secure all Minecraft gaming devices.

Try PIA risk-free for the next 30 days by grabbing these time-sensitive PIA Deals!

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Atlas VPN offers advanced DDoS protection on supported devices across all its 1000+ servers by default. With military-grade 256-bit encryption and advanced VPN protocols (WireGuard, IPSec/IKEv2), Atlas VPN ensures that malicious DDoS and bot attacks don’t access your real IP address on Minecraft.

Enjoy Your Minecraft Adventure With Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN is an excellent Minecraft VPN that offers blazing-fast speeds thanks to its superior VPN protocols, which ensure you won’t get killed on the lower temple and underhalls missions due to speed drops or ISP throttling.

Additionally, Atlas VPN’s 1000+ servers in 49+ locations ensure you seamlessly unblock Minecraft dungeon and bedrock missions free of IP bans.

Atlas VPN also offers dedicated DDoS protection across all its 1000+ servers, protecting you from malicious attacks.

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