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Does Atlas VPN Work in New York?

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Atlas VPN works in New York. It also has New York servers to access local content abroad.

This means you can connect to public Wi-Fi at the Met without risking your security or access your New York Community Bank account while vacationing in Amsterdam.

Keep reading to learn the best Atlas VPN servers in New York and how to get started.

How to Use Atlas VPN in New York?

To use Atlas VPN in New York, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official Atlas VPN website by clicking this deals link. Click “Grab the deal.”
  2. Choose an Atlas VPN plan. I recommend the 2-year plan, which offers the most bang for your buck. Click “Proceed to Checkout.”
Atlas VPN black friday prices
  1. Create your account.
atlasvpn payment methods
  1. Download Atlas VPN to your device. I’m using Windows PC in this guide.
get atlasvpn for windows
  1. Open Atlas VPN and search for an international server to access geo-restricted content. For example, I connected to UK – London to watch The Great British Bake Off on Channel 4.
streaming channel 4 with atlasvpn on uk server
  1. Alternatively, open Atlas VPN and search for New York. Double-click “US – New York” to connect and securely access your New York Community Bank account or protect your data on public Wi-Fi at Mike’s Bagels.
unblocking new york community bank with atlasvpn on us new york server

What’s the Best Atlas VPN Streaming Server in New York?

Atlas VPN offers optimized streaming servers outside the U.S. to stream international content. So, the best Atlas VPN server depends on what international content you want to stream, whether Australian dramedies, European series, or Japanese anime.

atlasvpn streaming servers

For example, Atlas VPN’s London – 10 Gbps streaming server unblocked Channel 4 on my first try. I binged the Irish comedy Derry Girls after a fun time at the New York Comedy Club. 

streaming channel 4 with atlasvpn on london server

Atlas VPN also offers a streaming server optimized for New York.

If you’re traveling out of the country and want to stay in touch with local news, this server works great for streaming NY-exclusive news channels like FOX5 at high speeds.

streaming fox 5 with atlasvpn on new york server

What’s the Fastest Atlas VPN Server in New York?

The fastest Atlas VPN server in New York is the New York server.

However, the server might get overcrowded since it’s also one of Atlas VPN’s free servers.

atlasvpn as free vpn

If that happens, connect to the second-closest server in New Jersey.

Here are my speed tests for both. For transparency, I’m about 14,000 km from New York and New Jersey, and my base speed is 104.45 Mbps.

With the New York server, my speed was 84.22 Mbps.

atlasvpn speed test results on new york server

With the New Jersey server, my speed was 97.87 Mbps.

atlasvpn speed test results on new jersey server

Remember, your proximity to both servers and how congested the New York servers are also influence speed. 

For example, the New York server might offer more luck if you’re connecting from Grand Central Station after midnight. But if you’re on the other side of the Hudson River, dining at the OC Surf Café in New Jersey, the New Jersey server is best.

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Atlas VPN offers a streaming-optimized server for New York content.

You can also access MultiHop+ servers that cover North America.

However, there’s no way of confirming when it’s connected to New York specifically.

Atlas VPN offers a free New York server. However, I recommend upgrading to the paid plan when you can afford it, as the free servers can get congested and lead to slower performance.

Should You Try Atlas VPN in New York?

With Atlas VPN, you’ve got a digital sidekick that’s as reliable as a subway train during rush hour – minus the delays.

For instance, connecting to streaming-optimized servers worldwide is super easy.

The high speeds also mean you won’t encounter lags.

Give the New York servers a try to secure your web browsing in the city that never sleeps.

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