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How to Set Up and Use Atlas VPN on NVIDIA SHIELD?

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The easiest way to set up and use Atlas VPN on NVIDIA SHIELD is by downloading the VPN’s native Android app to the micro-console.

This allows you to access Atlas VPN’s settings, choose preferred protocols, customize the kill switch, and connect to its 1000+ servers in 40+ countries.

But suppose the app isn’t available on your local app store. In that case, you can also sideload it without worrying about shipping malware onto your NVIDIA SHIELD.

I’ve broken these suggestions down into easy-to-follow stepwise guides.

How to Install Atlas VPN on NVIDIA SHIELD?

How about streaming BBC iPlayer, getting Netflix US/UK/AU, watching all you can grab on CraveTV, and unblocking other content anywhere over your NVIDIA SHIELD?

Here’s how Atlas VPN can help:

  1. Get an Atlas VPN account. Buy one with these HUGE deals while they last.
  2. Set up your NVIDIA SHIELD micro console on your smart TV. I’ve included a video guide below to help you.
  1. Download and install the Atlas VPN app on your NVIDIA SHIELD. The video below will help you learn how to download apps.
  1. Launch the Atlas VPN app and log in with your account credentials.
  2. Search for a suitable server to connect to. I recommend a server in a region where you want to unblock content. For example, connect to the UK server to unblock BBC iPlayer.
  3. Alternatively, click the Quick Connect button to get the fastest/nearest server. This is best if you only want Atlas VPN’s encryption to play P2P titles like DOOM 3.
  4. Wait for the connection confirmation.
  5. Unblock your favorite streaming platforms/libraries or whip out your controllers for secure gaming on your NVIDIA SHIELD.

How to Sideload Atlas VPN on NVIDIA SHIELD?

You should only sideload Atlas VPN on your NVIDIA SHIELD if you don’t see the VPN app in your regional Google Play Store. Even at that, only get the APK from a trusted source. Otherwise, you may download malware that’ll steal all your data (including credit card details on Google Play).

So, follow these steps:

  1. Buy an Atlas VPN account with these deals.
  2. Download the Atlas VPN APK file from a trusted third-party software vendor. The download is free.
  3. Scan the downloaded file with your antivirus checker.
  4. Once cleared, copy the APK file to a flash drive.
  5. Connect the flash drive to your NVIDIA SHIELD TV.
  6. Install the app from the flash drive. The video guide below will help you through the process.
  1. Continue the setup via steps 5-7 above.
  2. Access BBC iPlayer, stream anything on Netflix, bypass CBC blockades, and forget about NFL, NHL, or NBA blackouts.

What Are Atlas VPN Limitations on NVIDIA SHIELD?

Atlas VPN is one of the fastest VPNs I’ve used with my NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro, unblocking 4K Netflix content on the titles that support such quality. However, you can’t install the VPN on your router.

That makes it less than ideal for users who don’t want to sideload the app but can install a VPN on their router.

PrivateVPN (get discounts here) is my preferred alternative if that’s a legitimate concern for you.

Besides its full-scale compatibility with NVIDIA SHIELD and comparable speeds to Atlas VPN, PrivateVPN supports multiple router operating systems

You can find PrivateVPN router installation guides here to confirm it works with your router before grabbing your subscription.

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Lower Content Shields With Atlas VPN

Your NVIDIA SHIELD is a hotbed of fun and entertainment. Still, regional restrictions might be keeping you from all that fun.

Thankfully, Atlas VPN lets you stream shows, movies, and videos from 40+ countries. 

And if you play games on your NVIDIA SHIELD, Atlas VPN’s reliable encryption and DDoS protection give you the balance of speed and security you need.

You don’t have to pay through the nose to get everything Atlas VPN offers. 

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