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How to Set Up and Use Atlas VPN With qBittorrent?

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I love using qBittorrent with Atlas VPN – and doing so is easy!

It’s simply a matter of installing both clients, enabling a few settings, and clickingdownload this torrent using magnet” on your preferred torrent site.

If that sounds complicated, don’t stress.

I’ll walk you through everything, including different setups, the best configuration settings, and even a few Atlas VPN alternatives.

Let’s get started!

Rushing to Torrent the Latest Rust Update? Here’s a Shortcut to Use Atlas VPN With qBittorrent!

1. Grab our exclusive Atlas VPN deal and sign up.
2. Download and install Atlas VPN on your qBittorrent device.
3. If you haven’t already, download qBittorrent as well.
4. Open the Atlas VPN app and log in to your account.
5. Click the connect button or choose a server.
6. Open qBittorrent and torrent the latest Rust update!

How to Use Atlas VPN With qBittorrent? (In-Depth Instructions)

If you’re not satisfied with the quick instructions above, this section is for you!

After all, there are several small bits to enable and configure for the best possible qBittorrent experience.

Luckily, using Atlas VPN with qBittorrent is still easy!

Just follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for Atlas VPN using our special discount link.
Sign up for Atlas VPN account Google Chrome 2022
  1. Download and install Atlas VPN on your qBittorrent device.
  2. If you haven’t already, download qBittorrent as well.
  3. Open the Atlas VPN app and sign in.
  4. Click “Settings” and enable the “Kill Switch” to stay safe if your VPN connection drops.
atlas vpn kill switch
  1. Scroll down to “Protocols” and change “Auto” to “WireGuard” for the best speeds.
atlas vpn protocols
  1. Click “Home.” Then, click the connect button or the nearest server.
atlas vpn connect button
  1. Open qBittorrent and navigate to your preferred torrent site. For a list of the most reliable torrent sites, check out my guide: 15 Best Torrent Sites (Tested & Working).
  2. Click “Download this torrent using magnet” or similar.
qbittorrent download
  1. When prompted, select “Open qBittorrent – A Bittorrent Client.” You can also checkmark the box next to “Always allow [site here] to open links of this type in the associated app.”
qbittorrent pop up
  1. Enjoy unlimited torrenting with qBittorrent and Atlas VPN!
qbittorrent with atlas vpn

How to Use Atlas VPN With qBittorrent via IP Binding?

If you want to take your security and privacy to the next level, I recommend using IP binding with qBittorrent and Atlas VPN, as it forces qBittorrent to only route traffic through Atlas VPN.

So, if you lose your VPN connection, qBittorrent will close any active connections.

It’s slightly more complicated than the above setup, but it’s worth the extra steps!

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Follow steps 1-6 from the section above. Don’t go further than that!
  2. Open qBittorrent. Navigate to Tools > Options or use the keyboard shortcut (Alt+O).
qbittorrent tools
  1. In the left-hand menu, click “Advanced.”
qbittorrent options
  1. Click the dropdown menu next to “Network interface” and select your VPN adapter’s name. It should be something like “AtlasVPNElectra.”
qbittorrent network interface
  1. Click “Apply” and then “OK.”
  2. Restart qBittorrent and continue steps 7-11 above!

Best Config Settings for Faster qBittorrent Downloads With Atlas VPN

If you’re hoping for faster qBittorrent downloads with Atlas VPN, there are a few things you can try:

  1. First, make sure WireGuard is selected in your Atlas VPN protocol settings and ensure you’re connected to the nearest server.
atlas vpn protocols
  1. Next, open qBittorrent, navigate to Tools > Options > BitTorrent, and checkmark the box next to “Enable anonymous mode.”
qbittorrent anonymous mode
  1. In the same window, make sure “Encryption mode” is set to “Allow encryption” instead of “Require encryption.”
qbittorrent encryption mode
  1. If your router allows it, open up a port. Then, in qBittorrent, navigate to Tools > Options > Connection and checkmark the box next to “Use UPnP / NAT-PMP port forwarding from my router.” Make sure “Port used for incoming connections” is set to the port you opened.
qbittorrent connection

Atlas VPN Alternatives for qBittorrent

Atlas VPN works great with qBittorrent…but it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles you might want in a VPN for qBittorrent.

For example, it doesn’t offer split tunneling or port forwarding – two extremely useful torrenting features.

So, if you want a worthy alternative, here are my top recommendations:

Private Internet Access (PIA) – This VPN provider offers split tunneling and port forwarding for the best qBittorrent experience.

Plus, you’ll get the SOCKS5 proxy to enhance your experience even more!

Read Also: Best VPNs That Offer SOCKS5 Proxies

And to top it off, PIA’s server network is massive and P2P-friendly.

ExpressVPN – All of ExpressVPN’s servers are P2P-friendly and automatically obfuscated, no matter what protocol you use, ensuring a secure qBittorrent experience around-the-clock!

Best of all, ExpressVPN offers port forwarding with its router setup and has a split tunneling feature.

Mullvad – This VPN provider is privacy-friendly and the perfect solution for an anonymous qBittorrent experience.

Mullvad also offers port forwarding on all of its P2P-friendly servers.

And, as a final bonus, you can use the provider’s split tunneling feature on its Windows app

NordVPN – With over 4,500 P2P-friendly servers and blazing-fast speeds, NordVPN offers the ultimate qBittorrent experience.

You’ll also enjoy split tunneling on its Windows app and the option to use the SOCKS5 proxy for the best qBittorrent speeds.

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Can I Use Atlas VPN’s Free Service to Torrent?

I don’t recommend using Atlas VPN’s free service to torrent with qBittorrent (or any torrent client).

While the VPN provider doesn’t explicitly state not to torrent with its free VPN, there are too many risks to try doing so.

For example, there’s no guarantee their free servers are P2P-friendly.

Additionally, Atlas VPN’s free service is limited to three locations, meaning your qBittorrent speeds are likely to suffer if you’re not in or near any of them.

Do I Need to Use a VPN Every Time I Torrent?

I recommend using a VPN every time you torrent.

Not only will it keep you safe from copyright trolls and DMCA notices (and the fines/jail time that come with them), but it’ll also protect your real IP from being leaked to other peers on the P2P network.

Additionally, if your ISP is known to throttle your bandwidth, a VPN can help prevent them from doing so.

Is It Necessary to Enable qBittorrent’s Built-In Encryption?

It’s unnecessary to enable qBittorrent’s built-in encryption, especially as it’s not the strongest.

It also slows your qBittorrent downloads by only connecting you to other peers with the same level of encryption.

To disable qBittorrent’s built-in encryption, navigate to Tools > Options > BitTorrent and switch “Encryption mode” from “Require encryption” to “Allow encryption.”

Why Isn’t qBittorrent Working With Atlas VPN?

If qBittorrent isn’t working with Atlas VPN, try switching servers, flushing your DNS, and/or restarting your router.

If you’re still struggling, switch to the IP binding method detailed above.

As a last resort, contact Atlas VPN’s support team for more troubleshooting steps or try one of the VPN alternatives listed above.


That’s right, setting up Atlas VPN with qBittorrent is that easy!

So, are you ready to take your qBittorrent experience to the next level?

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