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How to Get and Use the Atlas VPN Student Discount?

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You can get and use the AtlasVPN student discount through StudentBeans.

Best of all, the Atlas VPN student discount includes reliable security features, encrypts your online activities, unblocks content on your school network, and hides your IP address.

Plus, with the help of a data breach monitor, you can work on your assignments without worrying that someone will steal your data.

How to Get and Use Atlas VPN Student Discount?

Here’s how to get the AtlasVPN coupon for students, whether you want the VPN for assignments or to bypass the school’s firewalls.

  1. Head to the official Atlas VPN website.
  2. Scroll down to the footer of the page and tap on Student Discount.
locating student discount on atlasvpn website
Select Student Discount
  1. Claim your discount depending on your country.
selecting student discount on atlasvpn by country
Claim a discount
  1. On the new page, click Sign Up. This will take you to the Student Beans website.
sign-up on atlasvpn
Click on Sign Up
  1. Register a Student Beans account.
student beans register
Register an account for Student Beans
  1. Select the available Student discount.
available discounts on student beans
Choose the available discount
  1. Apply for the deal through the AtlasVPN checkout page, complete the payment, and create your account.
Atlas VPN black friday prices
  1. Download AtlasVPN for your preferred device.
download atlasvpn
Download AtlasVPN
  1. Log into the app using your AtlasVPN credentials, then connect to a server to enjoy the discount.
selecting server locations on atlasvpn
Choose a server

What Does the Atlas VPN Student Discount Include?

atlasvpn experience on reddit
A Reddit on AtlasVPN

The AtlasVPN student discount is for students in schools, colleges, and universities.

With this deal, students will enjoy perks such as:

  • Bypass Internet Restrictions: Schools always block access to social media platforms and streaming sites. AtlasVPN can help you bypass school firewalls to access different sites or apps.
  • 750+ Servers in 30+ Countries: These servers are plenty for students who want to access content from geo-restricted regions.
  • Safety: Campus Wi-Fi is beneficial but can be dangerous as well. Hackers may try to steal your data and passwords. However, AtlasVPN offers military-grade encryption that can protect your data from cyber-thieves.
  • Browse Anonymously: AtlasVPN allows its users to browse privately. So, your school or ISP will not notice what you’re doing online or which websites you’ve visited.
  • Unlimited Simultaneous Connections: You can use AtlasVPN on multiple devices, like your smartphone, PC, etc. Also, you can share one account with your friends and split the costs for a cheaper deal.
  • Works With Netflix: AtlasVPN unblocks streaming platforms like Netflix. So you can catch up on your favorite shows between classes.

Alternative VPNs With Student Discounts

AtlasVPN isn’t the only VPN with a promo for students. There are other alternatives you can choose, depending on your needs. These include:


nordvpn student discount
NordVPN Student Discount

NordVPN offers the best deals (available through StudentBeans and Youth Discount) of up to two years for students worldwide. With this discount, students will access over 6000 servers in 60 locations, more than AtlasVPN offers.

Additionally, NordVPN allows you to unblock platforms at school and stream movies and shows privately and securely. The VPN student discount also comes with Threat Protection, securing you from malware, ads, and trackers.

NordVPN also features Nordlocker, an encryption tool that protects your files and projects from hackers and snoopers.

Check out this fantastic student discount to get an extra 15% off.


surfshark student discount
Surfshark Student Discount

Surfshark offers a 15% student discount with StudentBeans.

With Surfshark, you can access any content that your university has blocked without them noticing.

Surfshark also offers unlimited simultaneous connections.

So, you can contribute the deal with your friends, access the VPN on multiple devices, and save more.

Generally, Surfshark is more secure, faster, and more reliable than AtlasVPN.

Want to try it out? Grab our one-time offer for up to 70% off and a 15% student discount.


cyberghost student discount
CyberGhost Student Discount

CyberGhost is another AtlasVPN alternative offering an exclusive student discount. CyberGhost will help you bypass your school’s internet restrictions whenever you want to relax after a grueling studying session.

The VPN offers 9000+ servers in 91 countries, more than AtlasVPN.

This broad server network is excellent for students studying abroad who want to stream their favorite shows without restrictions.

Besides, CyberGhost allows students to bypass ISP throttling, stay safe on school Wi-Fi, and avoid unwanted surveillance.

CyberGhost sounds better than AtlasVPN? Grab our exclusive student discount today!

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You can combine your student discount with other AtlasVPN deals.

However, read the terms and conditions before paying for another subscription to understand your purchase and any refund policies.


As a student, your studies and personal life depend on the internet.

Therefore, use a VPN to protect your privacy and stay safe online.

If you’re looking for a cheaper VPN, I recommend AtlasVPN. It has robust encryption, top-notch security features, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Grab your AtlasVPN student discount today, and stay safe. 

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