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Is Atlas VPN Good for Torrenting?

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Yes, Atlas VPN is good for torrenting, as it offers P2P support for both its free and premium subscription plans.

However, Atlas VPN claims to operate a “no logs” policy but collects device-specific data, which could be a concern for torrenting.

I’ve worked with the best (and worst) VPNs for 10+ years now, and my initial thoughts on Atlas VPN for torrenting purposes is that it’s a capable VPN with lots of growth potential.

If you’re ready to learn more about Atlas VPN, how to use it for safe torrenting, along with my favorite VPN alternatives, keep reading.

How to Use Atlas VPN for Safe Torrenting?

Atlas VPN header

Using Atlas VPN for safe torrenting is a straightforward process.

You’ll be up and running in no time.

Check out the following steps to ensure safe torrenting.

  1. Sign up for an exclusive Atlas VPN discount today.
  2. Download and install the Atlas VPN for Windows application.
  3. Run Atlas VPN, and click the button below to connect to your nearest (and typically fastest) VPN server.
atlasvpn app
  1. Head to https://atlasvpn.com/ and check in the site header to ensure you see the wording “protected.”
atlasvpn site
  1. Download and install a torrent client such as uTorrent or BitTorrent.
  2. Locate a torrent file (we can’t help with that one) and begin downloading your file over an encrypted connection.

Atlas VPN Torrenting Speed Tests

Having a VPN that performs well on your nearest server is a priority, but it’s also essential that the connection speeds hold up on long-distance servers for a seamless experience while browsing the web and torrenting.

I carried out a range of tests to see how Atlas VPN performs with different server connections.

Here they are:

Speeds Without Atlas VPN via Speedtest.net

The screen below shows internet speeds via a direct connection (without Atlas VPN).

speed test result without atlasvpn

Speeds With Atlas VPN via Speedtest.net

The following image shows download speeds when connected to my nearest server (the UK – London).

The download speed has dropped by around 15%, but the ping has risen slightly.

Upload speeds are just over half of the rates with a direct connection.

speed with atlasvpn

Speeds With Atlas VPN (Long-Distance Server) via Speedtest.net

The final image shows the speeds when connected to a long-distance server in the US (Miami).

The ping is over 20x the rate of my closest server, download speeds are almost 50% lower, yet uploads have risen over 30mbps.

long distance speed test with atlasvpn

Speed Test Results

Check out the table below which details the speeds experienced with a direct connection, along with the download and upload speeds while connected to AtlasVPN.

Server Protocol Download Speed (Mbps) Speed Loss (Mbps) Upload Speed (Mbps) Speed Loss (Mbps) Ping
Direct connection N/A 232.93 N/A 107.42 N/A 3
UK (London) IPSec/IKEv2 198.47 -34.46 49.77 -57.65 11
UK (London) WireGuard 218.19 -14.74 102.87 -4.55 6
US (Miami) IPSec/IKEv2 108.17 -124.79 84.95 -22.47 206
US (Miami) WireGuard 152.56 -80.37 99.45 -7.97 207

Speeds During Torrenting

Now that we’ve established what speeds you can expect for general use, let’s look at what you’re here for: torrenting speed performance.

I downloaded a legal 4.4 GB torrent file from Fedora via uTorrent while connecting to my nearest server.

Download speeds averaged around 3.5mbps, and the file was completed in around 18 minutes.

atlasvpn torrenting

Atlas VPN Torrenting Troubleshooting

If you’re having trouble downloading torrents with Atlas VPN, there are a few things you can try to resolve the issue(s).

Check Atlas VPN Is Up-To-Date

Atlas VPN regularly releases updates for its application, and if it’s outdated, it might include a bug that’s been fixed in the new version.

Check the Atlas VPN downloads page to find the latest software for your device.

Choose a Different Server

Try another server location if you’re experiencing a slow connection, endless seeding, or downloads that aren’t starting.

For example, if you’re connected to the Miami server in the US, try the New York server to see if this helps.

Try Another Torrent

Torrents are provided by users across the BitTorrent networks (seeds), so you can never be sure a torrent is 100% reliable.

If you’re unable to complete a download, check elsewhere for the torrent file you’re trying to download and see if the new source provides a better download.

Use a Fixed-Line Connection

Are you using wi-fi and getting low download speeds?

Wireless isn’t as reliable as a cabled connection via ethernet, as there can be lots of interference from other devices on the network.

Connect your device to your router via ethernet to see if this helps stabilize your internet connection.

If none of these solutions work, contact Atlas VPN support to see if they can help.

Atlas VPN Alternatives for Torrenting

If you’re looking for a genuinely log-free VPN provider that doesn’t collect any data, there’s plenty to choose from.

Each of the reputable providers below is known for its discretion, excellent pricing tiers, and anonymous torrenting capabilities.

NordVPN doesn’t offer a free subscription plan like Atlas VPN, but for a small sign-up fee, you get a ton of features.

Malware prevention and ad blocking come as standard, and as it operates from Panama, it’s outside the 5 Eyes Alliance, meaning your data is never handed to authorities if requested.

ExpressVPN has a massive network of obfuscated servers in every corner of the globe, making it harder for ISPs to detect VPN usage.

Its proprietary protocol ensures you get lightning-fast speeds while torrenting, streaming, and browsing the web.

Surfshark offers unlimited simultaneous device connections and comes in as one of the cheapest VPNs on our list.

Speeds are incredible across servers which is ideal for a seamless torrenting experience.

Private Internet Access has a massive server network, so if you have slower speeds on one server, there’s another one waiting with a reliable connection.

It doesn’t record logs, and p2p usage is fully supported.

CyberGhost supports p2p activity and offers optimized servers to align with the activity you’re doing, i.e., it has servers that are super speedy for torrenting.

Plus, its dedicated BBC iPlayer servers unblock geo-restrictions.

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What Are the Best Atlas VPN Servers for Torrenting?

Your physical device location often determines the best Atlas VPN server for torrenting.

When you have Atlas VPN installed, open the application, and you’ll see a screen similar to the one below:

atlasvpn app

Clicking the button highlighted above will connect you to your nearest server, typically providing the best speeds and the most reliable connection.

I did notice, however, that Atlas VPN automatically connected me to the Ireland – Dublin server, whereas my closest server is the UK – London.

Most of the servers available in the premium version of Atlas VPN are “optimized for streaming,” but there are also Safeweb servers.

These servers are attractive, as they constantly change your IP address without needing to disconnect.

Does Atlas VPN Collect Data?

Yes, Atlas VPN does collect data, but not in the typical way that rogue VPNs track information.

Atlas VPN doesn’t collect any data about your internet usage but instead captures details to “help improve their service.”   

Atlas VPN collects the following user data by default:

App Usage Data

They collect app-specific data, including apps used on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices.

Atlas VPN typically captures connection and disconnection timestamps, along with changes you make to in-app settings.

Device ID

It’s unclear what Atlas VPN defines as device ID data in their privacy policy, but it’s safe to assume this includes your device MAC address.

They refer to “advertising IDs” to track your device for marketing purposes.

Other Device Data

Atlas VPN collects information about your device’s make and model, i.e., Samsung, iPhone.

They’ll track your device operating system, time zone, device language, and location.

Who Owns Atlas VPN?

Atlas VPN is owned by CEO Jim Roberts and operates under the registered trademark of the Peakstar Technologies Inc. company.

The business’s terms are written under the laws of the state of Delaware, and the company is headquartered in the United States.

Can You Trust Atlas VPN?

Yes, you can trust Atlas VPN.

The unpaid version of the app doesn’t require users to create an account, which is a rare find among free providers.

Premium subscriptions collect very basic logs that comply with territory-specific laws and enable the service to run efficiently.

While AtlasVPN operates from the US which is part of the 5 Eyes Alliance, it is also a part of the Nord Security group, meaning it takes your privacy seriously.

That said, the company doesn’t log any identifiable data such as your IP address, browsing history, or session data.

Additionally, that data is encrypted, making it harder to decipher your online activities.

AtlasVPN premium logs the following information for marketing purposes:

  • Payment details from purchases made via Google Play Store or the Apple App store
  • Device ID (such as a MAC address)
  • Application data – including in-app setting changes and your IP address
  • Device data: Your OS, make and model, and approx location based on your IP

If you’re concerned about the types of data AtlasVPN holds on you, you can request a copy of the data once per year.

If there’s anything you’re unhappy with, you can contact their support team to have your information edited or scheduled for deletion.

Does Atlas VPN Limit Your Data?

No, Atlas VPN doesn’t limit your data or bandwidth allowances, and this applies to both the premium and free versions of the VPN service.

Atlas VPN is one of the very few free providers that do not have a VPN usage cap.

This is especially useful for torrenting, as it uses enormous amounts of bandwidth to download files.


Atlas VPN is a good option for anonymous torrenting.

Although the provider logs some data, it’s not linked to your internet usage but tracks device info, meaning torrent activities are out of the scope of logged data.

If you’re searching for an alternative torrenting VPN provider with a robust reputation, I’d recommend choosing Surfshark.

You can expect soaring speeds across many of its servers, zero-logs of your data, and 256-bit encryption to ensure your activities are hidden from your ISP.

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