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How to Use Atlas VPN With uTorrent?

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You can use Atlas VPN with uTorrent by installing Atlas VPN on your device, connecting to a server, launching uTorrent, and downloading torrent files.

Atlas VPN has 1,000+ servers in 48+ countries to unblock uTorrent and conceal your IP from unknown peers. Additionally, all Atlas VPN servers are P2P-friendly, meaning you get the fastest speeds for uninterrupted torrenting and file conversions (uTorrent PRO plan).

Learn how to use Atlas VPN with uTorrent in this guide!

How to Set Up and Use Atlas VPN With uTorrent?

Follow these steps to set up and use Atlas VPN with uTorrent:

  1. Sign up for Atlas VPN premium. Unlock savings using our Atlas VPN discount.
  2. Download and install Atlas VPN on your device. I’ll use Windows.
download free atlas vpn
  1. Open the Atlas VPN app and log in with your account credentials.
atlasvpn log in
  1. Go to Settings > Security > Kill Switch and turn it on to prevent copyright notices if the VPN drops and your ISP sees your uTorrent activities.
locating kill switch in atlasvpn
  1. Connect to any P2P-friendly server in a location where you can unblock uTorrent. I used the Switzerland server.
atlasvpn connected to switzerland server
  1. Connect to a torrenting website on your browser and click the magnet link of a file you want to torrent.
torrent search in 1337x
  1. You’ll receive a prompt to open uTorrent. Click “Open uTorrent.” If you have more than one torrent client, select “Choose Application” and uTorrent.
selecting choose application for utorrent
  1. In the next menu, you can tweak the settings for your download or click “OK” to start downloading the file.
torrent download in utorrent
  1. Start torrenting without alerting copyright trolls. Plus, prevent online tracking, block malware and viruses, and enjoy an ad-free experience using Atlas VPN’s privacy protection with uTorrent’s Enhanced Security PRO plan.
atlasvpn privacy protection

How to Bind uTorrent With an Atlas VPN IP?

Binding uTorrent to an Atlas VPN server forces uTorrent to only download torrents while connected to that specific Atlas VPN server.

If the connection drops or disconnects, the download also stops. This is a reliable failsafe for any kill switch malfunctions.

However, IP binding with uTorrent and Atlas VPN is only available to Windows users.

Here are the steps:

  1. Connect to an Atlas VPN server and locate your new IP. If you don’t have Atlas VPN, use this discount for BIG savings.
atlasvpn connected to switzerland server
  1. Launch uTorrent and go to Options > Preferences > Advanced.
utorrent advanced settings
  1. Type “net.bind­_ip” in the Filter section.
utorrent filter feature
  1. In the Value field, provide the IP address of your VPN server.
adding ip address under value on utorrent settings
  1. Click “Set.”
  2. Type in “net.outgoing_ip” in the Filter section. Add your Atlas VPN IP address to the Value field and click “Set.”
set atlasvpn ip address for utorrent
  1. Restart the uTorrent client (without disconnecting from the Atlas VPN server).

uTorrent Not Working With Atlas VPN? (Troubleshooting)

Although Atlas VPN works great with uTorrent, some users experience issues like DNS leaks and frequent disconnects.

If this is you, here are easy solutions:

Select a Nearby Atlas VPN Server

Connect to a new server if you have issues with a particular server.

There’s a chance the server you’re using has many users, thus negatively impacting speeds.

For the best speeds, choose a nearby server. Go to Settings > Connectivity > Nearest Location.

Alternatively, pick the fastest location by going to Settings > Connectivity > Fastest Location.

atlasvpn quick connect server options

To test the reliability of this tip, I connected to a P2P server furthest from my location (Santiago, Chile). I downloaded a 7.85 MB file in 3 minutes and 4 seconds at an average speed of 45.1 KB/s.

torrenting with atlasvpn p2p server on utorrent

Then, I connected to a nearby P2P server (Lagos, Nigeria) for the second test.

I downloaded the same torrent file in 2 minutes and 56 seconds at an average speed of 45.9 KB/s.

torrenting with atlasvpn nigeria p2p server on utorrent

Thus, connecting to a P2P server in your home or neighboring country offers faster torrent speeds.

Open Atlas VPN Before uTorrent

Before opening uTorrent, ensure Atlas VPN is connected to a server.

Likewise, close uTorrent before disconnecting from Atlas VPN. If the connection unexpectedly drops, you can use Atlas VPN’s kill switch or the IP binding method above to avoid IP leaks.

locating kill switch in atlasvpn

I tested the kill switch by connecting and disconnecting from Atlas VPN to see if my uTorrent download would continue. The kill switch immediately disconnected my internet, stalling my download.

Use Atlas VPN Alternative for uTorrent

If Atlas VPN isn’t working, try the best alternative VPN for uTorrent: PrivateVPN.

atlasvpn dedicated ip servers

I recommend connecting to any PrivateVPN server under the “Dedicated IP/Torrent” category for blazing-fast P2P speeds. These are especially useful if you don’t have uTorrent’s ad-free plan that uses less bandwidth.

However, I conducted tests to verify which servers are the fastest.

First, I tested a regular PrivateVPN server. I could download an 11.3 MB file in 7 minutes and 6 seconds at an average download speed of 32.5 KB/s.

torrenting with atlasvpn regular server on utorrent

Next, I connected to the nearest P2P-friendly server (Italy – Milan) and downloaded the same file. This time, the download finished in 4 minutes and 6 seconds at an average speed of 47.2 KB/s.

torrenting with atlasvpn italy p2p server on utorrent

As you can see, the PrivateVPN P2P servers are great for torrenting on uTorrent.

Finally, as a bonus, PrivateVPN offers static and dynamic port forwarding with uTorrent.

Find more info in our guide on how to set up and use PrivateVPN with uTorrent

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Atlas VPN can slow your uTorrent downloads, but likely not enough to impact download times beyond a minute or two. It could also improve your uTorrent speed if your ISP throttles your connection. For instance, my speed improved by 73%.

Atlas VPN works with uTorrent on Android mobile devices.

Thus, you can use uTorrent on public, school, or government Wi-Fi or enjoy protection over unsecured public networks. Unfortunately, there’s no uTorrent app for iOS.

Enjoy Unrestricted Access to uTorrent With Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN is an excellent VPN for uTorrent as it requires no technical know-how and works flawlessly with uTorrent devices.

Additionally, it has a strict no-logs policy, meaning all your uTorrent activities stay hidden. Moreover, Atlas VPN’s premium plan unblocks restricted access to uTorrent over any network, whether at school, work, etc.

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