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Can You Use Atlas VPN on Xbox? (+ Setup Guide)

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You can use Atlas VPN on Xbox to improve gaming ping, unblock geo-restricted Xbox titles like PUBG in China, or keep DDoS attackers on P2P games at bay.

However, Atlas VPN doesn’t offer native VPN apps for Xbox units

Likewise, it doesn’t support routers, but there’s a clever workaround to set up this secure, high-speed VPN provider for Xbox gaming.

I’ll show you the most reliable Atlas VPN-Xbox setups, share solutions to the VPN’s limitations for Xbox gaming, and throw in discounts to help you save on your first plan.

How to Setup Atlas VPN for Xbox Consoles?

The best way to set up Atlas VPN for an Xbox console is via a virtual router connection.

In other words, you share an Atlas VPN connection from your PC to your Xbox to unblock games, bypass content streaming geo-restrictions, or connect to gaming peers in other countries.

Here’s how:

  1. Get your Atlas VPN account. I recommended these savings for first-time users.
Atlas VPN black friday prices
  1. Download and install the Atlas VPN Windows PC app. It only supports VPN connection-sharing on the Windows app.
get atlas vpn windows app
  1. Launch the Atlas VPN app. Then, enter your email address click “Log in.”
atlas vpn app log in
  1. Click the confirmation link sent to your email address to complete the login.
complete atlas vpn log in
  1. Click “Open Atlas VPN” on the prompt you get in your browser. You can also set it to open the VPN app automatically next time.
open atlas vpn app
  1. Go through Settings > Protocol, then select “IPSec/IKEv2.” This is the only Atlas VPN protocol that supports connection sharing.
atlas vpn protocols
  1. Click “Security,” then toggle the “Kill Switch.” This helps keep peers from catching your real IP address if the Atlas VPN server connection randomly disconnects on online multiplayer games like Halo Infinite, Destiny 2, and Apex Legends.
atlas vpn kill switch enabled
  1. Return to “Home” and click the connection button to get a randomly assigned Atlas VPN server. Note that this is usually the fastest or closest available server and your best bet for optimal performance.
atlas vpn app home
  1. Alternatively, search for a preferred server to connect to. This is best for unblocking specific gaming titles on your Xbox. I recommend the US servers as the region has most (if not all) popular Xbox games.
atlas vpn us servers
  1. Once connected, set up your PC for VPN connection sharing. You can adapt the video guide below to do so.
  1. Connect your Xbox to the VPN hotspot connection you created in step 11 above. You can connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  2. Enjoy Atlas VPN’s DDoS protection on online multiplayer titles like Dead by Daylight, unblock Xbox games like Fallout 3, unavailable in India, and stream geo-restricted content on your Xbox’s Netflix (or other entertainment) app from anywhere.

Can You Use Atlas VPN for xCloud on Xbox?

You can use Atlas VPN for xCloud gaming on your Xbox console. 

Besides the added protection you get from the VPN, you can also connect to Xbox Cloud Gaming servers closest to you for the best performance.

atlas vpn connected to us las vegas server

On top of that, Atlas VPN’s 1000+ servers in 48+ locations means you can connect to gaming peers in choice regions globally.

I recommend exploring my Atlas VPN-xCloud guide for specifics on setting up the VPN for Xbox cloud gaming. If you want to use xCloud on other devices (smartphones, PCs, smart TVs, etc.), the guide includes dedicated steps to help you.

Atlas VPN Limitations for Xbox Gamers

Atlas VPN checks all the boxes for unblocking gaming titles and geo-restricted streaming content on Xbox consoles. However, the VPN has some limitations for Xbox gamers:

  • Missing Smart DNS setup, which ensures faster speeds on Xbox consoles.
  • Lack of port forwarding, which helps secure smoother connections to gaming peers.
  • Non-existent router support which would have guaranteed better speeds than the virtual router solution.
  • No dedicated IP addresses, making it less than ideal for gamers who want an unchanging yet unique IP address.

If you’re not particular about these features, Atlas VPN is all you need to enjoy your Xbox gaming sessions.

But if your gameplay will be affected by one or more of these points, I recommend PrivateVPN (get discounts here) instead. After all, it offers FREE dynamic, dedicated IP addresses, FREE port forwarding, and robust router support

If you want to add Smart DNS on top of that, grab NordVPN instead, but you’ll trade off port forwarding.

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Optimize Your Xbox Gaming With Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN ensures regional downloadable content (DLCs) becomes a thing of the past, stops no-good DDoS gamers, and provides faster Xbox gameplay without ISP throttling.

Even gamers who like to stream Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and other content on their Xbox aren’t left out. Connect to an Atlas VPN server region where the service is available, and you’ll be streaming HD-quality content in no time!

Want to bring your gaming guild in on the fun? Atlas VPN promises unlimited simultaneous connections.

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