TOP 10 Torrent Websites

Every year we see torrent sites come and go…

But in the past couple of years, there had been a rise in the number of torrent sites that have permanently disappeared from the web.

Many of these torrent sites were blocked by the authorities for being a platform that is used for online piracy practices. Millions of users visit torrenting websites each month and so if a popular torrent platform suddenly gets shut down, it could cause an unprecedented panic among torrent users worldwide.

We all know what happened to popular torrent sites like Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents – one day they were working fine, the next thing we know they have been shutdown or blocked already.

Attention Torrenters!

Downloading Torrents without a VPN is very risky!

Whether you are downloading music, e-books, comics, TV shows, movies copyright trolls, and ISPs are in hot pursuit of torrent users. You should always use a VPN while torrenting, so your identity remains hidden and no one can read the contents of your internet traffic through encryption.

Gladly, their offline status didn’t last that long. But then again, they seem to be down at the moment again.

Fortunately for torrent users all over the world, there are several torrenting sites they can use to download their favorite content easily.

But look after spam-infested torrent sites out there. They may seem to be a legit torrent website but they are simply filled with spam ads.

If you are looking for a list of torrent sites that are still working to this date, you have come to the right place! In this article, we will list down torrent platforms that you can use to download files on.

You may need to make use of a best VPNs for torrenting in order to get the most out of your torrenting activities. Using a VPN will not only allow you to access geo-restricted websites (some torrent sites are geo-blocked), but you will also be able to improve your security and privacy while online.

So without further ado, here are the best torrent websites in 2021.


This torrenting website was established in 2008 and is currently still online as of this writing.

RARBG is blocked in some countries including Ireland, Saudi Arabia (unblock with a VPN), and the United Kingdom.

The torrent platform enjoys over 300,000 user traffic each day.

RARBG has not really dealt with shutdown issues in the past so if you are looking for a stable and straightforward torrent platform, RARBG is a good choice!

1337X website

Another website that offers a directory of the latest torrent files is 1337x.

The company was launched in 2007 and is still very much alive to this date.

Google actually bans 1337x from its search queries.

However, 1337x has moved to its older domain extension (.to) in order to evade such blockage.

EZTV.AG website

While its description on Wikipedia says that the original EZTV website has already closed down, a new and better site is still up and running as of today.

EZTV.AG mainly offer TV shows / series that can be downloaded via any working torrent client.


ExtraTorrents is considered to be the second-largest torrent site (next to the Pirate Bay) on the web.

ExtraTorrents has several mirror sites after its main domain was voluntarily shut down by its owners in 2017.

This torrent website is popular for entertainment media files such as movies, TV shows, and even music collections.


YTS is the official site for YIFY movies. YIFY is well-known for encoding excellent quality of movies at smaller BluRay sizes.

YTS is a good place to find x264 codec encoded movie files that are compatible with any media devices.

The website also recommends using a VPN when downloading torrents from the torrent site.


For verified torrent files, you can download safely from

TorrentFunk makes use of a so-called VeriPLUS technology in order to verify all kinds of torrents that gets uploaded to the website.

If you can’t seem to access the main TorrentFunk website, you may also check out several mirror and proxy sites associated with the torrent website.


TorLock is also a good torrent website that offers verified torrent files.

TorLock is popularly known for its anime contents as well as music and ebooks.

So if you’re an avid anime fan, you should check out what TorLock has in store for you.


Launched in 2003, Demonoid is among the most widely-used torrent website available today.

The top torrent website just recently reached its 10 millionth user registration milestone – further cementing its position as a leading torrenting platform in the industry.

The website indexes all kinds of contents – from movies to TV shows, to games and ebooks.


It seems like the website has recently undergone minor redesign after being ordered by a court in 2013 to seize its operations.

Today, the BitTorrent search engine is back up and live again. Aside from its appealing interface, IsoHunt also index thousands of torrent files – from your favorite movies to the top software.


iDope is probably the dopiest name for a torrent website. Nevertheless, this is a good torrent site that has some good selection of torrent files.

iDope claims to have existed as a tribute of Kickass Torrents. The torrent site has indexes of popular TV shows, movies, ebooks, and games.

Bonus: Zooqle, Torrentz2, SummoTorrent, and TorrentDB are also good torrent sites that provide secure torrent files.

Use a VPN to Download Torrents Safely

Now that we have a list of torrent sites that are good alternative to The Pirate Bay (don’t forget to check the best VPNs for Pirate Bay) and Kickass Torrents, it is also worth discussing the importance of using a VPN when browsing through such websites.

Many torrent files being shared through torrent sites contain malware that could potentially cause severe damage to your system. That is why it is critical to evade any threats that may be associated with torrent files.

Using a VPN can ultimately keep your internet habits secure and private.

Using a VPN also helps you hide your torrenting activities from your ISP.

This will prevent your ISP from throttling your bandwidth and speeds.

Thus, you would get safer and faster torrenting activities than ever.

When shopping for a VPN service, make sure that you only subscribe to a reliable, fast, and more importantly supports P2P / file-sharing activities.

Many VPN companies don’t support torrent activities so look around the web for providers that offer such feature.

So the next time you download a torrent file, consider using a VPN.

A good VPN will not only keep your online activities hack-free, but it will also allow you to anonymously and securely download any torrent file you want.

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