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How to Set Up and Use CyberGhost for PokerStars?

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You can set up and use CyberGhost for PokerStars in restricted regions and on blocked networks by connecting to a PokerStars-compatible location.

So gear up for games like Texas Hold’em and Cashzuma!

Plus, CyberGhost has 9,000 servers+ worldwide to access PokerStars in nearby regions where the site is available. Thus, you enjoy super-fast speeds for a smooth Spin & Go tournament!

Ready to beat PokerStars restrictions? Keep reading!

Unblocking PokerStars Using CyberGhost: Step-By-Step Guide

If you’re in a region or using a network that restricts PokerStars, here’s how you can use CyberGhost to bypass restrictions on any device. I used a MacBook.

  1. Subscribe to CyberGhost using our unbeatable discounts.
  2. Download and install CyberGhost on your device.
get cyberghost vpn
  1. Launch the VPN and choose a server in a location that allows PokerStars. I went with a United Kingdom server.
cyberghost all servers
  1. Open PokerStars and start playing Texas Hold’em Poker or Rosella Mystical Spins.
unblock pokerstars with cyberghost

Will CyberGhost Dedicated IP Unblock PokerStars?

Getting a CyberGhost Dedicated IP is the best way to unblock PokerStars without jeopardizing your account since you’re the only one using that IP.

Germany, France, and the United Kingdom are examples of CyberGhost Dedicated IP locations to unblock PokerStars and play games like Musketeer Heric Spins or Legacy of Dead.

I tested this using my Frankfurt Dedicated IP, and everything was smooth. 

It’s been days, and I haven’t received any warnings from PokerStars about “suspicious account activity” or bans.

access pokerstars with cyberghost

Can CyberGhost Gaming Servers Work With PokerStars?

CyberGhost gaming servers can work with PokerStars and even provide super-fast connection speeds for playing live casino games like Blitz Joker.

However, you’re limited to servers in locations where PokerStars is available, like the United Kingdom and Germany.

PokerStars took longer to open when I tried using the German server. 

I also had to do a Captcha test before the site opened.

pokerstars captcha test on cyberghost germany server

Fortunately, the UK server launched PokerStars immediately, and Live Casino games loaded in seconds without freezing. This is why I recommend UK gaming servers as the best CyberGhost servers for PokerStars.

cyberghost connected to uk server

However, the gaming servers are available on Windows only. 

If you’re on macOS, consider using the UK streaming or downloading (torrenting) servers for better speeds.

Will CyberGhost Kill Switch Stop PokerStars Ban?

Whether you’re using shared servers or a Dedicated IP, the CyberGhost kill switch will stop PokerStars bans by hiding your real IP if the connection drops.

I tested the CyberGhost Kill Switch by launching the VPN and then switching my connection from WiFi to my mobile hotspot. Immediately, the kill switch disconnected me from the site by killing my internet (and probably saved my wallet).

cyberghost kill switch test
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CyberGhost DNS leak protection works for PokerStars. It stops your ISP and PokerStars from seeing anything you do on the site, including your gambling location. This is also beneficial since hackers use phishing attacks to intercept gambling traffic, steal sensitive information, and clear your PokerStars winnings.

Ready to Test Your Luck With Cards?

CyberGhost is the perfect VPN to play your favorite games on PokerStars. 

In fact, I’m getting ready to give Gold Blitz a shot right now!

The Dedicated IP is the icing on the cake, as it provides extra anonymity to evade PokerStars bans and eliminate the risk of using already-banned servers.

Ready to grab our CyberGhost deals and give the slots a shot? 

It might be your lucky day!

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