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Can You Play Rainbow Six Siege With ExpressVPN?

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You can play Rainbow Six Siege with ExpressVPN from anywhere! I do it all the time, and so can you.

You’ll enjoy ExpressVPN’s numerous servers in 94 countries, military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, and low ping servers to access easy Rainbow Six Siege bot lobbies, prevent DDoS attacks, and enjoy fast speeds on the title.

Ready for insane headshots and one-on-one shootouts on Rainbow Six Siege?

How to Play Rainbow Six Siege on PC With ExpressVPN?

Deploy drones to mark out terrorist positions, set bandit shock wires, and signal disruptors on your Rainbow Six Siege 5v5 matches with zero disconnection issues or speed drops by installing ExpressVPN on your PC.

Here’s how:

  1. Purchase an ExpressVPN subscription (enjoy savings).
  1. Download the ExpressVPN PC app. For this guide, I’ll download the Windows PC app.
download expressvpn for windows
  1. Log in to the ExpressVPN Windows app with your credentials (email address or activation code.)
expressvpn log in with email or activation code
  1. Enable the ExpressVPN kill switch so disgruntled losers don’t find your real IP address and flood it with malicious DDoS requests, causing you to lose essential missions like Raven Shield. Go to Menu icon > Options > Network Lock and toggle the options.
enable network lock on expressvpn
  1. Select the Lightway UDP protocol that lets you capture and transport Hendrickson and the Brahma pathogen to the extraction point in the Lone Wolf mission without speed or disconnection issues. Go through the menu icon > Options > Protocol > Lightway – UDP.
selecting lightway udp protocol on expressvpn
  1. Connect to an appropriate ExpressVPN server location for buffer-free Red Wolf and Steel Wind operations. Click Smart Location to connect to the lowest latency ExpressVPN server, or tap the “Selected Location” to choose a preferred VPN server.
search server on expressvpn
  1. That’s it! Use Solis’ spec IO electric sensor or Kawans’ hive launcher to annihilate terrorists, disarm bombs, and rescue hostages in the Angel Wire operation without the risk of DDoS attacks or speed drops with ExpressVPN.
playing rainbow six siege with expressvpn on us server

How to Play Rainbow Six Siege With ExpressVPN on Console?

You can play the Rainbow Six Siege PVE Terrorist Hunt or ranked PVP multiplayer matches on your console (PS4/5, Xbox) without worrying about disconnection issues or ISP throttling by setting up ExpressVPN. In this guide, I’ll create a Windows virtual hotspot for my PS4 console.

Follow these steps:

  1. Purchase an Express VPN subscription. Enjoy long-term savings by grabbing these ExpressVPN discounts.
  2. Download the ExpressVPN app for your device. I’ll download the ExpressVPN Windows app for this guide since the virtual router setup method only works with Windows.
  3. Log in to the ExpressVPN Windows app with your activation link or email address.
  4. Follow the steps in the video below to share your ExpressVPN connection with your PS4 console.
  1. Connect to an appropriate ExpressVPN server location.
  2. Connect your Rainbow Six Siege gaming devices (PS4/5, Xbox) to the ExpressVPN hotspot connection you created in step 4 above.
  3. And you’re done! Save Annie Lang and other Rainforest 2000 VIPs from Phoenix terrorists holding them captive in Brazil free of DDoS attacks and speed drops in Operation Black Star with ExpressVPN.
playing rainbow six siege with expressvpn on spain server

You can also use ExpressVPN on your Rainbow Six Siege-compatible devices by setting up the VPN on a router. Follow the videos below to set up ExpressVPN:

  1. Netgear Routers
  2. Asus Routers
  3. AirCove Routers

Will ExpressVPN Stop Booting and DDoS Attacks on Rainbow Six Siege?

ExpressVPN can stop malicious actors from flooding your real IP address with DDoS requests, booting you out of your PVP or PVE matches.

Unfortunately, using ExpressVPN may increase your ping/latency, thus reducing Rainbow Six Siege speeds and affecting your gaming experience. Thankfully, this isn’t always the case.

I played the game with and without the VPN to confirm whether ExpressVPN was good enough for Rainbow Six Siege, focusing on latency/ping (speed) and DDoS attack frequency.

While connected to ExpressVPN, I experienced zero DDoS attacks on the title, even while playing the highly competitive PVP matches notorious for DDoS attacks.

Once disconnected from the VPN, I experienced several DDoS attacks, unexpectedly booting me out of my ranked PVP match and causing my team to lose the game.

Similarly, I tested changes in ping/latency (speed) while connected and disconnected from the VPN.

playing rainbow six siege with expressvpn on egypt server

With ExpressVPN, I experienced almost 40% speed drops (59.4 Mbps) on a 100 Mbps network while connected to the VPNs Egypt server, closest to my location.

Once I disconnected the VPN, I experienced better speed drops, averaging 78 Mbps speeds (22% speed drops) on a 100 Mbps network.

Thus, it’s evident that using ExpressVPN increased my latency/ping, but the difference wasn’t substantial enough to cause lagging or make the game unplayable.

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Earn Rainbow Six Siege Battle Points With ExpressVPN

Use ExpressVPN to unlock new battle pass tokens, gain new weapons, and recruit new operators without worrying about ISP throttling or disconnection issues.

The VPN’s extensive server spread and military-grade encryption also come with low ping servers, reducing DDoS attacks on the title.

Additionally, ExpressVPN offers lightning-fast protocols and up to 8 simultaneous connections, making it one of the best VPNs for Rainbow Six Siege.

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