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How to Watch Skam Outside Sweden With a VPN?

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This spring, Skam comes season 4, and we finally find out who will be the new main character of the series!

In previous seasons you have been able to watch SVT Play, but before season 4, NRK users outside Norway are blocking from seeing Skam. When the news came got a lot of panics – but it’s hard to see Skam Season 4 from Sweden! Just follow our easy guide on how to watch Skam online in the USA or other countries!

Do you love Shame and think it’s a job that NRK has blocked foreign viewers from seeing the series? You’re not alone, but you do not have to worry. We explain exactly how you do to see Skam Season 4 from Sweden.

When Does Skam Season 4 Come?

NRK has now, in connection with a trailer release, said that Skam Season 4 would be premiere on April 10, and this will be the last season ever. Many speculators were right when they thought Sana would be the main character in season 4 because it will be here we will be following for many weeks to come.

Shame Season 4 begins to ship in Sweden already April 15th, but if you want to see the sections on Fridays or follow them daily, this guide is applicable!

See the full trailer for Skam Season 4 here.

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This Is What You Need to See Season 4 of Skam in Sweden

What you need to see Shame or other things that are blocked by the geographic location you are on, is a virtual private network. It is used to create a secure connection between your computer and the site online that you want to visit. Also, a VPN service can encrypt the information sent from your computer. In practice, this means that NRK cannot see from which geographic location you try to access Skam, and you are therefore released. They simply believe that you are in Norway and thus have the right to stream the content. Easy as pie!

Sometimes it is said that VPN services would be illegal, but that’s not the case.

Julia Scott is a technical expert, journalist, and writer, and fiddle on everything that has to do with VPN. We took a snack with her to figure out some things. Expert: See shame with VPN for Sweden.

What Is Important to Consider When Choosing a VPN Service?

– To know what you get. Google and find out ratings, warnings, and so on.

Can VPN Services Make It Easier to Get Viruses or Similar?

– Well, you might risk downloading a VPN program that gives a virus or doing other stupid things with one’s computer.

Are There Any Issues With Using VPN?

– Sometimes you may encounter some pages or services, depending on what you are using. In particular, you should not rely entirely on the fact that everything is completely protected or secret just because you use a VPN.

Sometimes You Are Told That It Is Illegal to Use VPN Services, but This Is Not the Case

– The actual technology itself is not illegal, and there may be many different reasons to want to encrypt its surfing or hide its identity. However, some things that are used to it can, of course, be illegal. As for pretending to be elsewhere in the world to access streaming services, for example, what I know has not come up with any judgments, so it’s a sort of gray zone that is not completely investigated.

– At present, there is no legislation in Sweden that prohibits the use of VPN or holding software on its computer. If it’s just an IP address that indicates that you’re in another location, it’s not illegal. It is merely the exploitation of the shortcomings or weaknesses in existing systems used to identify where you are located.

Do You Think This May Change in Layers?

“It’s very unlikely. VPN services are widely used to completely unconventional things like getting a workbook from work, for example, if you work at home. Nevertheless, one can never be sure.

Can the Use of VPN Services Violate Terms of Service? If So, What Can Happen?

– Yes, what may be illegal is that you can violate terms of use created by the operator providing the content you want to share. It may well be that, for example, watching Skam on the NRK via the VPN bridge breaches the terms of both the NRK and the VPN program. This can also be seen because NRK, like SVT, is public service and state-owned. It cannot happen so much if you change the Terms of Use more than you could be turned off or excluded from the page or service.

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