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Can You Watch Bilibili With IPVanish?

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You can watch Bilibili with IPVanish in China or outside the country. 

Thus, you can unblock the original or international Bilibili versions anywhere by connecting to the appropriate IPVanish server.

But what IPVanish protocol and server are best for unblocking Bilibili? 

How do you properly set up the VPN to seamlessly unblock your favorite anime, manga, and games?

Let me show you.

How to Setup IPVanish to Unblock Bilibili Anywhere?

You can unblock Bilibili on your PC or smartphone from anywhere by following the steps below:

  1. Get an IPVanish account. Grab these discounts for extra savings.
  1. Download the IPVanish app for your device. PC users should go to the IPVanish download page, while mobile users can check their app stores.
ipvanish apps for different devices
  1. Launch the app and log in with your username and password. These are the same details you signed up with in Step 1.
  2. Connect to an IPVanish server location where Bilibili is supported. I’ll use a Portugal server for this example.
ipvanish connected to portugal server
  1. Unblock Bilibili and browse a rich catalog of anime, manga, games, and other user-generated content.
access bilibili using ipvanish portugal server

What’s the Best IPVanish Protocol & Server to Watch Bilibili?

Many Bilibili fans don’t know that there are two versions of the website: the OG Chinese version and the international variant.

Thus, IPVanish’s Taiwan or Hong Kong servers are the best to unblock the original Bilibili version. Since the VPN service provider doesn’t have servers in China, these are the closest servers that deliver the same experience.

unblock bilibili using ipvanish hong kong server

Note that you can still access the original Chinese version from other regions. 

However, you’ll be significantly restricted in the content library.

But if you’re interested in the international version, I recommend an IPVanish server closest to your location that’s in a supported BiliBili region. Fortunately, IPVanish offers servers in 75+ locations, with over 80% in those regions.

Whatever you do, though, don’t connect to IPVanish’s US servers

While US users used to be able to watch the international Bilibili version without a VPN, the strained relationship between the US and China has made that impossible now.

using ipvanish us server for bilibili
You won't get Bilibili on US servers

Remember to pair any server with the IPVanish WireGuard protocol. 

This has been the consistently fastest protocol for streaming Bilibili. 

If you have a Bilibili account, IPVanish allows you to stream in the highest quality HD without buffering on this protocol.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can sign up for Bilibili outside China using IPVanish. However, users outside China can’t sign up with their email address unless they have a 163-issued email address. Alternatively, the platform will accept your phone number and may require further verification with a government-issued ID.

Stream B Site From Anywhere

IPVanish is a reliable ally if Bilibili is blocked in your region. And if you’re outside China but only have access to the international Bilibili variant, IPVanish shows that it can get you juicy, exclusive content on the original platform.

Set it up for your smartphone or PC as described above, and you’ll face a sea of anime, manga, and games.

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