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Does IPVanish Have Servers in California?

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IPVanish has Californian servers in San Jose and Los Angeles. Thus, you can choose the closest Californian city to get an IP address for the best performance while enjoying all the benefits.

IPVanish offers 130+ California servers across these two locations.

So, you also don’t have to worry about server overcrowding or bandwidth throttling.

Let’s see how to connect to these servers and how to choose the fastest Californian servers for optimal performance.

How to Connect to IPVanish’s California Server?

You can connect to IPVanish’s San Jose or Los Angeles, CA servers via the smartphone and PC app.

Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Grab your IPVanish account with these limited-time deals.
  2. Download the IPVanish app for your device. Smartphone (iOS and Android) users should go to their app stores, while PC users can get the app from the IPVanish download page.
device compatibility on ipvanish
  1. Install the app, open it, and log in with your username and password.
logging in ipvanish
  1. Click the locations icon to pull up the server list. Then, search for “San Jose” or “Los Angeles.”
locating us server on ipvanish
  1. Click the server to connect.
  2. IPVanish automatically connects you to the fastest server in the chosen Californian city.
  3. Test for leaks at www.ipleak.net. Ideally, you should get the VPN-assigned IP address.
  4. Unblock local content like ABC7 from abroad, connect to gaming peers in California or unblock US-only content from anywhere.

Can You Get IPVanish’s California Servers on Your Router?

You can get IPVanish’s Californian servers on your router, but the process is more complex than the one above.

That’s because you can’t simply download an IPVanish app for your router.

Furthermore, not all routers support IPVanish or any VPN installation.

So, first, check that your router allows manual VPN installation.

If it doesn’t, confirm if it allows manual firmware flashing (shown in the video below), which can get it to support VPN installs.

Once you can answer either of these questions in the affirmative, do these:

  1. Get your IPVanish account. Here are discount offers.
  2. Install IPVanish on your router. I’ve added a complete video guide for ASUS routers below.
  1. Ensure to choose a California server location during the IPVanish installation.
  2. Connect your device(s) to the router.
  3. Enjoy a California IP address on connected devices via IPVanish.

What’s IPVanish’s Fastest California Server?

The fastest IPVanish California server is the one that’s closest to you.

This is because your internet traffic data doesn’t have to travel too far between your device and the data center, reducing latency and lag to ensure faster speeds.

However, the closest server may sometimes be slower if multiple users are on it. IPVanish tries to solve this by offering various California servers: 50+ in San Jose and 80+ in Los Angeles.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to test the server speed before settling on one, as I did over my 77Mbps connection.

ipvanish speed test results

I first connected to the San Jose, CA server and recorded roughly 68 Mbps, a mere 9 Mbps drop from my base speeds.

ipvanish speed test results on santiago chile server

However, the Los Angeles server fared better, scoring 72Mbps on the same protocol. So, it’s the faster server in this case.

ipvanish speed test results on us los angeles server

Note that your results might change based on location, server load at the connection time, and other factors.

What’s the Best IPVanish Protocol to Use With Its California Servers?

IPVanish offers three protocols: OpenVPN (UDP and TCP), WireGuard, and IKEv2. However, the best IPVanish protocol to pair with the California servers is WireGuard.

WireGuard is generally faster than OpenVPN and more secure than IKEv2.

Thus, it gives you speed and performance without sacrificing security.

For comparison, I tested these protocols on the faster Los Angeles server to see which performs best.

IKEv2 started the round, scoring 64Mbps.

ipvanish speed test results on ikev2 protocol

Next up was OpenVPN, and I selected its UDP transport mechanism since that’s faster than TCP. Even at that, it only managed 28Mbps.

ipvanish speed test results on openvpn protocol and port number on us server

Both speeds were a far cry from WireGuard’s 72Mbps. Hence, it’s a no-brainer to choose this protocol.

ipvanish speed test results on us los angeles server

You can enable the WireGuard protocol by going through Settings > Protocol.

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Get Reliable Californian IPs

IPVanish’s California servers offer reliable California IPs with robust connection protocols that encrypt your internet connection. This makes it possible to enjoy DDoS protection on these servers, bypass blocks to US-only content (like CNN), and enjoy US libraries on platforms like Netflix.

Furthermore, you can use these servers to connect to gaming peers in California or secure your local internet connection from ISPs and public Wi-Fi admins.

All without losing access to local content like ABC7.

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