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Does IPVanish Work With GGPoker?

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IPVanish holds a winning hand because it does work with GGPoker!

Users can connect to the VPN and unblock the site from anywhere under the radar of ISPs and other prying eyes.

The provider offers 2000+ servers across 75+ locations, including GGPoker-approved places like the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands.

However, it lacks dedicated IPs, which could help prevent GGPoker from detecting you’re using a VPN on its platform.

Read on to see how IPVanish works with GGPoker so you can get a seat at the next online betting table.

How Do I Use IPVanish With GGPoker?

It’s easy to use IPVanish with GGPoker, and you’ll be in a nail-biting game of Texas Hold’em or Battle Royale in no time!

Here’s what you must do:

  1. Click this link to get IPVanish.
  2. Click “Get IPVanish.”
get ipvanish
  1. Choose a plan.
  1. Create an IPVanish account and enter your payment details.
ipvanish checkout page
  1. Validate your account.
  2. Log in to your web account and download and install the IPVanish app.
ipvanish apps
  1. Launch your app and sign in with your credentials.
  2. Connect to a GGPoker region-friendly server. I chose South Africa for this demo.
ipvanish connected to south africa server
  1. Open GGPoker in your web browser. Click “Sign Up.”
ggpoker web home
  1. Confirm the country of residence by choosing the country where the IPVanish server you’re connected to is located.
confirm ggpoker country of residence
  1. Enter an email address and password, and confirm you are 18 or older.
ggpoker sign up
  1. Follow the steps to validate your GGPoker account.
  2. Download the GGPoker app.
download ggpoker app
  1. Launch the app and log in with your credentials.
unblock ggpoker with ipvanish

Don’t let GGPoker bans in the US and other countries stop you from playing GGPoker. Use IPVanish’s stealthy dynamic servers to bypass geo-restrictions and hit the jackpot! 

What IPVanish Servers Can I Use to Unblock GGPoker?

There are several IPVanish servers you can use to unblock GGPker. 

The trick is to use one in a location where online gambling is permitted.

Some states in the US, like Nevada and Pennsylvania, allow GGPoker. 

However, the remaining states and many other global regions have banned the site due to gambling laws.

I tested a few servers in GGPoker-friendly locations using the WireGuard protocol and narrowed it down to 5 best options.

Speed and latency were my qualifying factors since I want to play live GGPoker games without delays.

I’ve tabled my results:

Server Location Download Speed Latency
South Africa 39.20 Mbps 12 ms
Germany 14.78 Mbps 185 ms
UK - London 26.45 Mbps 174 ms
US - Las Vegas 29.42 Mbps 560 ms
France - Paris 15.93 Mbps 174 ms

My nearest IPVanish server is in South Africa. So, it makes sense that this is my fastest option. The latency result was great, too!

ipvanish speed test on south africa server

The London and Las Vegas servers performed well in the speed department, but I can’t say the same for latency.

ipvanish speed test on paris server

I suggest connecting to your nearest server in a GGPoker-approved location (other options include Canada, Ireland, and the Netherlands) for unbuffered gaming!

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It is legal to use IPVanish with GGPoker. However, using GGPoker in regions where it has been banned is illegal, and you can be penalized.

Check the gambling laws for the location you want to gamble in to avoid such repercussions.

Yes, GGPoker can ban your IPVanish IP address if it detects suspicious behavior.

IPVanish uses dynamic servers, meaning multiple subscribers share the same IP address for each server. If GGPoker notices many users using the same IP, it may block that address and possibly ban your account, too.

Get IPVanish for GGPoker. The Odds Are in Your Favor!

My guide is proof that IPVanish does work with GGPoker. Plus, use the VPN risk-free when applying the 30-day money-back guarantee.

Get IPVanish now and benefit from military-grade encryption for privacy, a kill switch for continuous protection, and split tunneling to keep only your betting activities on the VPN.

Bonus! IPVanish offers unlimited simultaneous connections

So, round up your mates and place your wager.

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