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Does IPVanish Work in Houston?

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IPVanish works in Houston. It also offers a Houston server.

So, you can surf the web safely from Houston or access your Bank of Houston account abroad. You can also livestream FOX26 Houston without buffering.

Keep reading to learn how to use IPVanish in Houston and while traveling.

How to Use IPVanish in Houston?

If you’re in Houston, getting IPVanish set up is easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide for Houston users and travelers:

  1. Click this exclusive deals link to visit the official IPVanish website. Click “Get IPVanish.”
get ipvanish
  1. From the deals page, choose your preferred IPVanish plan. I recommend the 2-year plan, as it offers killer value with its long-term savings.
  1. Fill in your email address and choose your preferred payment. You can review the payment breakdowns and your subscription details before completing the payment.
payment methods on ipvanish
  1. Download and install IPVanish onto your preferred devices. For this tutorial, I’m using a Windows PC.
get ipvanish for window pc
  1. After downloading the VPN app, open it and enter your account information. Click “Log In.”
ipvanish log in
  1. Once you’re logged in, click “Connect” to auto-connect to the optimal server closest to your location.
connect to optimal location on ipvanish
  1. Now you can connect to any server worldwide from Houston and browse the web securely!

How to Get a Houston-Based IP Address With IPVanish?

If you’re outside Houston and need a temporary, Houston-based IP address, you can connect to IPVanish’s Houston server. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the IPVanish app and find the Locations pane from the left-side menu.
locating locations tab on ipvanish
  1. Search for “Houston” in the Search Locations bar.
searching houston server on ipvanish
  1. Double-click the city name to connect, and voila, you’re in!
ipvanish connected to houston server
  1. You can now securely access your Houston bank account or stream region-specific news channels online.
unblocking bank of houston with ipvanish on houston us server

Does WireGuard Work With IPVanish Houston Server?

The WireGuard protocol works well with the IPVanish Houston server.

However, speeds vary depending on your physical proximity to Houston.

The closer you are to the server, the faster the speeds and better the performance.

For example, I’m 9,655 miles from Houston, and this is my base speed:

ipvanish speed test baseline results

While connected to the Houston server with the WireGuard protocol activated, the speed fell by nearly 30 Mbps:

ipvanish speed test results on houston server

This was expected since the server is so far. The good news is, I could still log into my Bank of Houston account and access HoustonBTV without interruptions.

Does IPVanish OpenVPN Scramble Work With Houston Server?

IPVanish’s Houston server works with OpenVPN Scramble.

Here’s the speed test result from connecting to the Houston server with this protocol enabled:

ipvanish speed test results on openvpn scramble protocol

Compared to the WireGuard protocol, OpenVPN Scramble’s speed was almost 14 Mbps slower.

Still, I recommend pairing OpenVPN Scramble with the Houston server if your primary concern is privacy. For example, if you’re traveling to China or the UAE and still want to access Houston News from KHOU 11 app.

Otherwise, choose WireGuard for its speed and reliability.

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Make the Best of Houston With IPVanish

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After that, you can stream, download, and browse Houston content worldwide.

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