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How to Set Up and Use IPVanish on NVIDIA SHIELD?

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Installing the IPVanish app on the NVIDIA SHIELD is the best way to set up and use the VPN with the TV micro-console.

This is possible since IPVanish has an Android app, and the NVIDIA SHIELD runs on Android.

If you can’t find IPVanish on your NVIDIA SHIELD Play Store, you can also sideload the IPVanish app. I’ll show you how to do that without malware infecting your SHIELD TV.

Alternatively, you can install IPVanish on a router to which your NVIDIA SHIELD is connected.

Let me show you how to do these setups.

How to Setup the IPVanish App for NVIDIA SHIELD?

Installing the IPVanish Android app on the NVIDIA SHIELD TV allows you to seamlessly access all IPVanish servers, get its configurations, and improve the maneuverability of the VPN settings.

Here are the steps:

  1. Get your IPVanish account ready. First-time users are in luck with these IPVanish discounts.
  1. Set up your NVIDIA SHIELD or NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro with your TV.
  2. Search for “IPVanish” in the NVIDIA SHIELD Google Play Store and install it. You can adapt the video guide below if you need more insight.
  1. Open the IPVanish app on your NVIDIA SHIELD.
  2. Search and connect to a server.
  3. Unblock geo-restricted content on BBC iPlayer, play games like Fortnite without DDoS attacks via GeForce NOW Cloud Gaming, and ensure online privacy from your ISP while using your NVIDIA SHIELD.

How to Sideload the IPVanish App on NVIDIA SHIELD?

You should ONLY sideload the IPVanish app on your NVIDIA SHIELD if you want to downgrade app versions for performance reasons or if you can’t find the IPVanish app on your NVIDIA SHIELD’s Play Store.

In that case, follow the steps below to ensure your NVIDIA SHIELD’s safety while sideloading IPVanish:

  1. You still need an IPVanish account. Use these discounts for savings.
  2. Contact IPVanish customer support (via live chat) to ask for APK download links. You can also download from any of the links below using your PC:
  1. Mobile & Android TV version:
  1. Android TV only version:
  1. Copy the downloaded APK file to a USB flash drive.
  2. Connect the USB flash drive to your NVIDIA SHIELD TV.
  3. Follow the steps in the attached video to complete the sideloading.
  1. Open the IPVanish app.
  2. Connect to a server.
  3. Bypass regional censorship, watch blacked-out MLB, NHL, or other sports games, and enjoy reliable privacy when streaming content via IPTV on your NVIDIA SHIELD in 4K HDR.

How to Setup IPVanish on a Router for NVIDIA SHIELD?

Installing IPVanish on a router to which your NVIDIA SHIELD is connected is more technical and limiting regarding server changes. However, it’s your best bet if the app setups fail.

Here are the steps:

  1. Confirm that your router supports VPN installations. The simple video guide below helps you through that.
  1. Then, get an IPVanish account. Take advantage of these one-time deals.
  2. Set up IPVanish on your router. The exact setup guide depends on the router model. You can adapt the video guide below.
  1. Download IPVanish server configuration files for the IP address you need during the router setup. For instance, you’ll need a Canadian server configuration to unblock CBC, CBS, Crave TV, and Netflix Canada on your NVIDIA SHIELD.
  2. Connect your NVIDIA SHIELD to the router with IPVanish enabled. You can do this via Wi-Fi or ethernet.
  3. Enjoy a new content library across platforms like DAZN, unblock regional DLCs in games like PUBG, and get DDoS protection on more intensive P2P games like Call of Duty with your NVIDIA SHIELD.
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IPVanish doesn’t stay connected to NVIDIA SHIELD during every startup by default. However, you can change this from the app’s settings by enabling “Connect on Demand” on Wi-Fi networks. In that case, your IPVanish connection is established on the NVIDIA SHIELD whenever the TV console connects to your internet on startup.

IPVanish may interfere with your NVIDIA SHIELD remote control functions after activation, primarily due to the VPN disabling LAN functionality.

You can resolve this issue by toggling “LAN Access” over the VPN from IPVanish’s settings. Alternatively, get an IR USB to bypass LAN controls to use infrared instead, or set up IPVanish on your router to connect to the NVIDIA SHIELD micro-console.

Maximize NVIDIA SHIELD With IPVanish

The NVIDIA SHIELD is already an entertainment hub for streaming live and on-demand content and playing games.

But once you add IPVanish into the mix, you expand into more libraries to get Peacock TV outside the US, stream BBC iPlayer outside the UK, and watch Crave TV like you’re in Canada.

NVIDIA SHIELD gamers are included, too, enjoying the VPN’s ability to connect to gaming peers abroad, get closer server connections, evade tough game lobbies, and avoid DDoS attacks.

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