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Does IPVanish Use RAM-Based Servers?

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IPVanish doesn’t use RAM-based servers, so you don’t get the extra security that comes with automatically wiping residual data on reboots.

However, IPVanish has a certified no-logs audit, so its servers don’t store details of your activities, connection timestamps, or other personally identifying details.

But RAM-based technology is necessary to tell what residual data the servers retain and if the servers are always running the latest security software.

So, if RAM-based servers are important to you, check out reliable alternatives below.

Best IPVanish Alternatives Using RAM-Based Servers

Since IPVanish doesn’t offer RAM-based servers, I tested other VPNs that offer this and beat IPVanish on other fronts. That way, you get this security add-on (for free). 

You will also have additional security and general features lacking on IPVanish.

Let’s get into the reliable alternatives.

NordVPN – 5800+ RAM-Based Servers

nordvpn connected to united states server

IPVanish may have 2500+ disk-based servers, but NordVPN has more than double with its RAM-based servers. This ensures it can cater to multiple security-conscious users who’ll choose its servers over IPVanish’s.

Besides that, NordVPN adds Threat Protection with every subscription to keep malware and pesky ads away. Enable it before downloading files, and it’ll scan them for malicious codes that could infect your computer.

The Threat Protection will even warn you of shady websites, giving you an extra layer of security against phishing attacks.

Finally, NordVPN allows you to set up a secure channel to other P2P users you trust via its signature Meshnet. You don’t get this or an alternative on IPVanish.

Grab these NordVPN discounts to test it risk-free for 30 days.

Surfshark – 3200+ RAM-Based Servers on Unlimited Connections

surfshark p2p servers

Surfshark calls IPVanish on its unlimited simultaneous connections offering, then raises it with a 3200+-strong RAM-based server network.

In fact, Surfshark offers specialty P2P RAM-based servers designed to accommodate massive bandwidth without leaving traces of your online activity after every reboot.

Speaking of reboots, Surfshark’s RAM-based servers are configured to install a fresh security OS whenever that happens. This way, no hacker can maintain remote access to any server since it’s wiped clean and updated to the latest security patch level on every reboot.

Furthermore, Surfshark is highly affordable!

Get these Surfshark savings deals to enjoy RAM-based servers with a 30-day guaranteed refund promise!

Private Internet Access – Free Port Forwarding on RAM-Based Servers

private internet access connected to italy server

PIA’s servers reach 14+ more countries than IPVanish is present in – and they’re all RAM-based!

So, besides the obvious security benefit, you also get secure IPs in more regions and can access a bigger library of geo-restricted content.

On top of that, PIA’s MACE offers advanced ad-blocking capabilities on manga websites, ad-ridden torrent websites, and platforms suffering adware injection.

And suppose you’re a fan of port forwarding. In that case, almost all PIA servers offer ports you can set up for faster downloads, improved gaming, and better connectivity.

Lest I forget, the affordable PIA also offers unlimited simultaneous connections

How about grabbing these PIA discounts before they run out?

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RAM or Nothing?

If that’s your stance, you’re not wrong. And that’s a valid reason to leave IPVanish for the others.

Don’t get me wrong; a good look at IPVanish shows it’s a reliable VPN for torrenting, gaming, and streaming, among other things.

But RAM-based providers like NordVPN (get discounts here) stand taller regarding top-notch privacy and improved security offerings.

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