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Can You Play Rocket League With IPVanish?

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Good news – you can play Rocket League with IPVanish!

Use the VPN to protect your E-sport gaming from DDoS attacks and enjoy the privacy it provides to curb bandwidth throttling. Plus, you can connect to one of the provider’s 2200+ servers in 75+ locations to bypass bans and lower latency for unbuffered air dribbles and ceiling shots!

Read on to see how to use IPVanish to enhance your chances of scoring on this free arcade-style online game from anywhere.

How to Play Rocket League on PC With IPVanish?

It’s easy to play Rocket League with IPVanish. Simply follow my steps below, where I use the IPVanish for Rocket League on my PC:

  1. Click here to get IPVanish at an exclusive deal.
  2. Click “Special Offer.”
ipvanish special offer button
  1. Choose your plan.
  1. Create an account and enter your payment details.
  2. Sign in to your IPVanish account and download the PC app. You can get its app on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  3. Launch the app and click Settings > Connection to enable the kill switch.
ipvanish kill switch enabled
  1. Click the locations icon to connect to a server with a low ping rate. I chose South Africa, where there are no Rocket League restrictions.
ipvanish locations
  1. Open the official Rocket League website and click “PLAY NOW.”
access rocket league website using ipvanish
  1. Choose how you would like to play. I’ve selected PC for this guide.
rocket league on different devices
  1. Get Rocket League free from the Epic Games store and sign in.
rocket league free on epic games store
  1. Read and accept the game’s user agreement. Click “ACCEPT.”
rocket league end user license agreement
  1. Click “PLACE ORDER.” You won’t be charged since the game is free.
place order for rocket league
  1. Click “DOWNLOAD LAUNCHER” and install the E Launcher app.
download rocket league launcher
  1. Install Rocket League.
install rocket league
  1. Launch Rocket League and play!
launch rocket league with ipvanish

Unlimited bandwidth and low ping servers made my game smooth, and there were no delays to disrupt my defence!

How to Play Rocket League With IPVanish on Gaming Consoles?

IPVanish offers router setups for Xbox and PlayStation units since they can’t download a native VPN app. It also provides internet connection sharing or a “virtual router” for these consoles.

To unblock the title, prevent DDoS attacks, or stabilize ping using IPVanish, adapt this IPVanish router and virtual router setup guide.

Can I Use IPVanish to Unblock Rocket League?

Yes, you can use IPVanish to unblock Rocket League. This will benefit gamers in regions like Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk, Cuba, and Iran, where Rocket League is banned.

To use this functionality, you must connect to an IPVanish server in a location where the vehicular game is accepted. US, British, and European servers are generally the best.

I tested servers in each region and double-jumped through the game without interference.

Here’s proof:

Miami, US server:

playing rocket league with ipvanish miami server

Denmark, Copenhagen server:

playing rocket league with ipvanish denmark server

London, UK server:

playing rocket league with ipvanish london server

Does IPVanish Protect Against Rocket League DDoS Attacks?

Thankfully, IPVanish does protect against Rocket League DDoS attacks.

The VPN uses military-grade encryption and IP masking to combat DDoS requests. You must enable the kill switch for robust protection, so I included the activation in the steps above.

I ran an IP Leak test to ensure IPVanish performs as it says it does. 

Here are my results:

ipvanish ip leak test

My assigned IPVanish IP address matched the address on the IP leak test sight, indicating a secure connection!

Alternative VPNs for Rocket League

IPVanish is a good VPN for IPVanish. However, it lacks dedicated IPs for smoother gameplay on a VPN server. It also doesn’t offer SmartDNS for console setups.

If you’re after these features for Rocket League enhancement, try the following VPN alternatives:


Surfshark offers SmartDNS and an affordable dedicated IP in Rocket League regions like the US, UK, Canada – Toronto, South Africa, and Milan

Hence, you can play the E-sport on a static server for smoother gaming without triggering VPN or IP bans.


NordVPN’s dedicated IP covers similar regions as Surfshark’s. NordVPN’s advantage is NordLynx, a proprietary protocol encouraging faster Rocket League speeds!

SmartDNS is also offered to all NordVPN subscribers wanting an easy Rocket League console setup using a secure VPN.

Will IPVanish Help With Rocket League Packet Losses?

IPVanish will help with Rocket League packet loss when ISPs limit internet speed to alleviate congestion.

A quick test showed me that my nearest server had a packet loss score of 0.0%, indicating low/good packet loss!

ipvanish with rocket league packet loss test

ISP throttling is still a thing in several countries. Thankfully, IPVanish is a viable option for bypassing speed restrictions to jump, dodge, and dribble with all force!

IPVanish-Rocket League Not Working?

If you find your IPVanish connection’s not helping you reach your goals (pun intended) on Rocket League, you can apply one or more of the following troubleshooting methods:

  • Update your IPVanish app: Go to your app’s settings menu and ensure you’re using the latest version of IPVanish.
  • Connect to a different VPN server: VPN servers can become congested or banned from Rocket League. A quick switch to a different server may solve your problem.
  • Uninstall and reinstall IPVanish and Rocket League software: Clear all cache and errors by deleting software and starting from scratch. Remember to restart your device to complete the process!

If you have no luck with the above, use the IPVanish live chat to ask an agent for custom solutions.

Interesting Reads:


The best IPVanish country to connect to for Rocket League is one that approves the E-sport but also offers a server with low latency for smooth gaming.

Servers in the US, UK, Canada, Europe, and South Africa are all viable options.

I advise scanning your IPVanish app’s server list for servers with low ping and connecting to the one with the best rate in a Rocket League region.

You can play Rocket League on Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android using IPVanish. There’s also an IPVanish router and manual router setup option to support Rocket League gamers using gaming consoles.

It is legal to use IPVanish with Rocket League. However, some regions have rules and regulations concerning VPN usage. It’s essential to consider these conditions to avoid any regional penalties.

Yes, you can use IPVanish to get unbanned from Rocket League!

All you must do is connect to a VPN server to change your IP address

If your RL user account is banned, you must create a new account using your IPVanish VPN.

No, you don’t need IPVanish to play Rocket League every time. 

You can use IPVanish to download and install Epic Games and Rocket League and change the account region/country settings to match your VPN location. 

Once this region has been set, Epic Games and Rocket League will run as though you’re in this location, even when you’re not connected to the matching VPN server.

Get IPVanish for Unbuffered High-Speed Rocket League!

My guide confirms you can use IPVanish with Rocket League. The VPN helps bypass geo-restrictions, unblocks bans, and utilizes IP masking and a kill switch for bulletproof privacy.

Get IPVanish to pogo and pinch your way through Rocket League without losing the speed you need to score!

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