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How to Get a Student Discount on Ivacy VPN?

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Getting a student discount on Ivacy is a super simple process that takes less than five minutes to secure your privacy at college, high school, or on the go.

It’s as easy as signing up and entering your student discount code at checkout!

Here’s the TL;DR version:

Getting an Ivacy Student Discount - The TL;DR Version

If you haven’t got time to hang around, here’s a short version of how to get Ivacy student discounts:

  1. Get an Ivacy student discount code from Student Beans.
  2. Sign up for an Ivacy VPN account using my exclusive link and enter your student discount code at checkout.

I told you it was easy!

Ivacy.com website

Surfing the web as a student means you might access the internet more than the average user, but becoming aware of online threats and how you can safeguard your online activities puts you miles ahead of others.

The first step to protecting your privacy when you’re at college or out and about is getting a VPN.

I recommend Ivacy VPN because of its robust privacy and security features.

Oh, and did I mention it also includes an attractive student discount!?

Keep reading if you want to learn more about getting the Ivacy student discount.

You’ll be saving before you know it.

How to Claim an Ivacy VPN Student Discount for College or High School (In Detail)?

Making you jump through hoops to claim a student discount when you’re busy with your studies is frustrating.

Luckily, the process for Ivacy VPN is one of the simplest around, and you’ll be up and running with a trusted VPN in no time.

Here are the steps:

  1. Sign up for an Ivacy VPN student account here. You’ll find the student option in the footer area.
  2. Head to the Ivacy page of Student Beans, then register or log in to redeem a student code.
  3. Apply your discount code on the Ivacy VPN checkout page and complete payment to create your account.
  4. Download the Ivacy VPN app for your chosen device.
  5. Log in to the app using your Ivacy VPN credentials, then connect to a VPN server to secure your device.

Why Is Ivacy VPN an Excellent Option for Students?

ivacy deal

Ivacy VPN is a great option for students due to its affordability – which is extra important when paying for your studies.

Pricing aside, Ivacy VPN is also great at protecting your devices at high school, college, or when you’re on the go.

Ivacy VPN has 3500 servers in over 100 countries, which is plenty for students who travel for their studies and want to access region-locked content from abroad.

Ivacy unblocks services like Netflix and Disney Plus.

One of the valuable features of Ivacy VPN is its 10 simultaneous connections limit.

Not only can you use Ivacy VPN on several devices at once, like your laptop, smartphone, and Firestick, but you can share the account with your friends to split the cost for an even cheaper deal.

Overall, this VPN gets a thumbs up for any use case, not only students.

If you’d like to look at Ivacy VPN’s specifics, why not check out our full Ivacy VPN review.

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Yes, Ivacy offers a money-back guarantee for high school and college students.

When you claim the Ivacy VPN student discount, you’ll have 30 days to take the service for a spin.

If you aren’t completely satisfied after 30 days, you can contact Ivacy VPN support to claim a full refund.

Yes, Ivacy VPN includes everything to protect you on college WiFi.

College WiFi is similar to the public WiFi you’d get in your local coffee shop, which doesn’t protect your connections, meaning hackers can see what you’re up to online.

Install Ivacy VPN on your phone or laptop at college, connect to a VPN server, and your connection will be encrypted, so your online activities remain private.


The best way to protect your privacy is by using a VPN.

If you’re looking for protection on a budget, I recommend Ivacy VPN for its robust encryption and risk-free 30 days money-back guarantee.

Claim an Ivacy VPN student discount today and protect your online activities for less!

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