The Most Common VPN Connection Problems in Belgium & Quick Solutions

Belgium, a prosperous nation in the northwestern part of Europe, enjoys Internet freedom as we speak.

However, and since there have been reports of censorship in the recent past, you would be better off finding a way to hide your online identity and browsing the web safely, without having to worry about anything.

Belgians, as millions of people around the world, use encryption technologies to spoof their location, enjoy international streaming services, or just to give themselves an extra security layer in a world full of malicious hackers, viruses and malware, illegal crypto miners and other prying eyes on the Internet.

One of the most successful encryption measures available on the Internet is a Virtual Private Network, with them, users gain privacy, security, and anonymity since nobody will be able to see what they are searching and opening online.

Now, installing, configuring and using a VPN service may result in some technical difficulties, but don’t worry. They are all easy to solve, and for every problem you may encounter, there will be multiple solutions for you to fix them.

VPN: Tools for Encryption, Privacy and Security

VPN means Virtual Private Networks, which are online resources or services that can provide the users with privacy, security, anonymity, and accessibility to international sites and services.

They achieve all that by establishing encrypted communications between the computer or device of the customer with remote VPN servers, away from the prying eyes lurking around the web from having a peek at your content.

To do their encryption job, VPN brands implement protocols or means to protect the customers’ data.

A phone with security options: on or off

Some of the most famous are OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and IKEv2, although there are more in the market.VPN clients provide privacy and anonymity because they mask the user’s IP address and traffic, letting them surf the web in peace without governmental surveillance, ISP prying eyes or other external agents.

The security feature comes into effect because the virtual “invisibility” affects hackers, illegal crypto miners, viruses, malware and other threats that may want to enter your system.

VPN services work worldwide, even in Belgium, where they are beneficial for customers that want to protect their privacy from Internet Service Providers keeping activity logs and selling them around the web.

Belgians also enjoy streaming international sites and services, such as Netflix, Hulu, and the BBC iPlayer.

Use a VPN for Belgium

Data privacy and freedom are two of the most crucial and sought-after attributes of Internet users around the world, and Belgium is no exception to the rule.

Belgian people don’t like the government surveillance agencies to put their noses on their content and generated data, and while the country enjoys few, or none, restrictions when it comes to web access, there have been threats of censoring the Internet in the past.

The use of VPN technology is perfectly legal. However, we shall be reminded that in recent times, the government tried to ban a handful of sites, and that goes against the right of freedom of speech and privacy.

A top-rated VPN in Belgium can not only offer security and anonymity – not to mention the ability to unblock international sites – but it can also make sure you are protected against prying eyes on the web, whether they are from the government, your Internet Service Provider, or hackers.

People visiting Belgium or living there can also access sites from abroad with the contribution of a VPN service. They need to hire a reliable provider, connect to a server from the country you want to watch or read content from, and you are done.

You can also do it the other way around: if you were born and raised in Belgium, but find yourself working in another location, you would surely miss Belgian TV shows, movies, and general content.

To have access to it, get a VPN brand with servers in Belgium, connect, and enjoy.

4 Common VPN Connection Problems in Belgium and How to Fix Them

Login issues

Problems logging in to your account

You may find yourself having problems just to log in to your VPN account, which can be very annoying since any second of data privacy you lose can have severe consequences for your system and connection.

To solve this particular issue, make sure you wrote your username and password correctly. If you can’t get in, ask the system to give you a new password.

If these tips don’t work, you may be experiencing a technical difficulty, in which case you need to contact your VPN’s customer service ASAP.

Your chosen server does not respond

The magic of VPN brands is that they allow you to connect to servers from several countries around the world, and when you do this, the content from those nations becomes available to you immediately. However, sometimes you may connect to a server that doesn’t respond if there is a hurdle o snag.

How can you solve this? Top VPN brands and apps have multiple servers that allow people to switch between servers in search of the best performance unlimitedly.

Try changing servers to see if the new one works. If this solution doesn’t fix your issue, you may attempt to wait some time and reconnect. You may also contact the customer support service of your provider.

Slow internet speed

Slow Internet connection

While it is widely recognized that VPN service providers can slow down your Internet connection by an approximate of 10%, sometimes it may feel like 40 or 50%, judging by the speed of data transfer and performance.

If you are browsing the web with no country preference, avoid servers located in far nations because they may provide slower speeds, for geographical/distance reasons. Change the server to a closer area.

In conclusion, Belgium is not known for Internet censorship and privacy invasions, but you never know. There have been attempts in the past to mess with users’ data logs so that you may benefit from a little extra protection.

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