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How to Use Private Internet Access With TikTok in Montana?

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Private Internet Access unblocks TikTok in Montana, thanks to its impressive server fleet in other locations where the social media platform is available. 

You only have to connect to a suitable PIA server to access your favorite music, comedy, entertainment, or other TikTok content.

I’ll show you how to set up PIA to unlock TikTok in Montana or anywhere, what servers are best for this purpose, and everything else you need to know.

How to Access TikTok in Montana Using PIA?

Going to the TikTok website or app from regions where it’s banned (like India or Montana) gives an error message like the one below:

tiktok unavailable in india

Luckily, you can regain access to your favorite short videos in seven (7) easy steps:

  1. Get a PIA subscription. Grab these HUGE deals to save more.
  2. Download the PIA app for your mobile device or PC. I’ll download the PC app for this demonstration.
  1. Launch the PIA app and log in with your account credentials.
  2. Select a fast protocol to ensure buffer-free TikTok scrolling and videos. I recommend PIA’s WireGuard protocol. Click the three dots icon, then Settings > Protocols > WireGuard.
private internet access protocols
  1. Connect to a server location where TikTok isn’t banned. I’ll use the US – New York server for this example.
  2. Open the TikTok app (on mobile) or launch the TikTok website on PC.
access tiktok with private internet access
  1. You can now watch your favorite videos again.

What’s the Best PIA Server to Unblock TikTok in Montana?

Generally, the best PIA server to unblock TikTok in Montana is a server in a region where the social media app hasn’t been blocked. In other words, you shouldn’t connect to PIA’s US – Montana or India servers to access it.

private internet access montana server location
Don't connect to the Montreal server

That said, choosing a nearby server to unblock and access TikTok in Montana is also essential. While you can select from any of the 80+ TikTok-supported countries where Private Internet Access has servers, choosing a faraway server might induce lag in your TikTok videos. That’s why I used the US – New York server in my example.

Overall, choose a nearby PIA server in a US region where you can enjoy the service without buffering or lag.

What Makes PIA Reliable to Unblock TikTok in Montana?

unblock tiktok with private internet access

PIA isn’t the only VPN that can unblock TikTok, but it stands out for the following reasons:

  • Fast servers: PIA’s servers are optimized for speed, managing 32Mbps during my tests on a 50Mbps connection. Thus, it’s fast enough for HD TikTok video streaming without lag or buffering.
  • Extensive server spread: Beyond having servers in 80+ TikTok-supported countries, PIA also has a healthy US server spread. Thus, you have plenty of local servers for the best TikTok experience.
  • Device compatibility: PIA provides PC and mobile apps, ensuring you can access and unblock TikTok from Montana using any device you please.
  • Public Wi-Fi protection: Love to connect to the free Wi-Fi at Wall Street Place, City Brew Coffee, or Rosauers Deli while scrolling TikTok? PIA unblocks the social media app and keeps you safe on the public Wi-Fi network.
  • Zero logging policy: I doubt the Montana government will start tracking those using TikTok in the state. But even if they did, PIA doesn’t log your online activities and won’t be able to help confirm you were using the app.

So, if you want security and privacy while retaining access to your TikTok content everywhere in Montana, grab your PIA discounts today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

TikTok won’t ban you for using PIA VPN to access its services in Montana. 

However, ensure you abide by the TikTok community guidelines, as a VPN won’t save you from platform actions (such as bans or suspensions) that may come from breaching its terms of service.

It isn’t illegal to unblock TikTok from Montana with PIA, as the new law allows individuals who already have the app to continue using it. 

So, unless the legislation changes, you can keep watching your favorite videos and making content on TikTok.

Tick Tock on TikTok

With the rate the US government was bearing down on TikTok, it was a matter of time before states started banning the platform. Thankfully, PIA ensures you continue following your favorite creators, discovering new fun content, or creating such content yourself.

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