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Does PrivateVPN Work With Bilibili?

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PrivateVPN works with Bilibili in the US and elsewhere outside China.

The VPN service provider can also unblock the Chinese and international versions of the Asian streaming platform, giving you access to anime, games, and comics.

The best part is that you can access it on your smartphone and PC from the same PrivateVPN account.

Wondering how to set PrivateVPN up to unblock Bilibili? Keep reading!

How to Unblock Bilibili With PrivateVPN?

You can unblock the global or Chinese Bilibili version using PrivateVPN.

Here’s how to get either:

  1. Get your PrivateVPN subscription. Grab these discounts to save more.
privatevpn pricing
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  1. Download the PrivateVPN app to your PC or smartphone. I’ll use the PC app for this guide.
  2. Launch the app and log in with your account details.
  1. Click “Change” to open the server list.
privatevpn change server 1
  1. Connect to a Hong Kong or Taiwan server to access the original Bilibili version.
privatevpn hong kong
  1. Stream your favorite anime in HD, download games, and quickly get comic content.
privatevpn bilibili hong kong

What PrivateVPN Servers Are Best for Bilibili?

The best PrivateVPN servers for the original Bilibili version are its Hong Kong and Taiwan servers, as they’re the closest to China. You can also connect to the Hong Kong – China route server, which mimics a Chinese IP address the best, unblocking games like Azur Lane and comics like Ghost Slayer anywhere.

privatevpn bilibili hong kong china route

However, PrivateVPN servers in supported regions outside China are the best to unblock the international Bilibili version. This is the .tv domain that gives you access to trending anime titles like The Furios Yama, Monster But Wild, Legend of Exorcism, and many other exciting picks.

That said, never connect to US servers when unblocking the Chinese or international Bilibili variants. While the US location sometimes works, it’s unreliable and would likely deny you access to the platform.

Finally, I recommend PrivateVPN’s OpenVPN (TUN + UDP + 1194) (Default) protocol, as it’s the fastest and safest to unblock Bilibili anywhere.

selecting openvpn protocol on privatevpn

Connect to this protocol by going through Dashboard > Connection Type.

Can You Sign Up for Bilibili Using PrivateVPN?

You can sign up for the international and Chinese Bilibili versions using PrivateVPN. Connect to the Hong Kong server to get the Chinese version, while a supported international location (like Portugal) will get you the global Bilibili version.

However, the Chinese version is stricter, requiring you to verify your phone number and identity before using the platform. So, it’s best to keep to the free version, which contains all the same videos, only preventing you from watching some videos in higher quality or interacting with posts.

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Enjoy Chinese Anime, Games, and Comics Anywhere

Bilibili is a treasure trove of user-generated content you haven’t seen anywhere.

And its niched approach to games, anime, and comics makes it a desirable platform.

Thankfully, PrivateVPN ensures you always have access to the platform, whether you prefer the local Chinese version or the international substitute.

Grab your PrivateVPN plan, set up your device as shown above, and unblock all the AGC content you can handle.

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