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Can You Play Fortnite With PrivateVPN?

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You can play Fortnite with PrivateVPN to enjoy protection from DDoS attacks, reduce ping, evade bandwidth restrictions, and get first-rate gameplay.

In this article, I will show you how you can use PrivateVPN to protect your identity, get faster gaming speeds on Fortnite, and unblock access to the title where it’s blocked.

How to Play Fortnite With PrivateVPN?

To play Fortnite with PrivateVPN, create an account on the PrivateVPN website to get a premium subscription plan that suits your budget.

Below are the steps to follow!

  1. Buy a PrivateVPN subscription.
privatevpn pricing
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  1. Download and install the PrivateVPN app on your PC or mobile device.
download and install the privatevpn app
  1. Open the PrivateVPN app, then enter your login information to sign in.
  1. Select a server location from one of the 200+ servers in 63 countries. Since you’re playing Fortnite, you can choose a US-based or nearby server. That way, you get high-speed internet.
choose a us based or nearby server
fortnite app
  1. Launch the Fortnite app and start playing.

Why Use PrivateVPN to Play Fortnite?

why use privatevpn to play fortnite

PrivateVPN conceals your IP address and gives you complete online privacy and anonymity from other gamers, hackers, and your ISP/government when playing Fortnite.

From my experience, below are the most important reasons to play Fortnite with PrivateVPN.

  • Fast gaming speeds – PrivateVPN is extremely fast to prevent gaming lags and ensure smooth gameplay, especially when connected to a nearby server. The download speed for those in the United States of America is 85.59 Mbps, whereas the upload speed is 91.84 Mbps and 212ms ping. Depending on your location, you get a different download and upload speed.
  • Protection from ISP throttling – PrivateVPN prevents bandwidth throttling, enabling you to play Fortnite without experiencing speed drops. So, you don’t have to worry about Fortnite update download delays, gaming timeouts, or lag anymore.
  • PPTP protocol for faster speeds – PrivateVPN has a Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol. The protocol offers a more secure connection and faster speed between networks. However, it’s not always the best for top-notch security.
  • Router support (for playing Fortnite on console) – PrivateVPN offers router support, enabling you to access services on gadgets that don’t support native VPN apps. So, you can now unblock and securely play Fortnite on your PlayStation and Xbox consoles.
  • Good for lowering ping and lag – PrivateVPN offers low latency and the quickest VPN speeds.
  • Security against DDoS attacks – PrivateVPN guarantees your internet safety against DDoS attacks by hiding your IP address. And when your IP address is hidden, it’s difficult for DDoS attackers to target you.
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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you will not get blocked for playing Fortnite with PrivateVPN.

PrivateVPN’s encryption is valuable against Fortnite’s VPN detection.

However, never cheat other players or attempt to game the system using your VPN to prevent getting found out.

You can play Fortnite with PrivateVPN on mobile devices (iOS and Android), PC units (Mac and Windows), and gaming consoles (Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation). The VPN provider offers native apps for mobile and PC users, while it supports gaming consoles over its router app.


That’s how easy it is to play Fortnite using PrivateVPN.

To recap, PrivateVPN can help boost your gaming speed, prevent bandwidth throttling, and protect against DDoS attacks. So, it’s a must-have for any serious Fortnite gamer who wants the best experience.

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