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How to Play RuneScape With PrivateVPN?

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The easiest way to play RuneScape with PrivateVPN is to download its PC or smartphone app and connect to a suitable PrivateVPN server.

Fortunately, PrivateVPN has 200+ servers in 63 countries, so it’s easier to connect to the nearest VPN server to tour the Gielinor world without rubberbanding.

However, you must set up the VPN to ensure an effective connection with no IP leaks for smooth PvM and PvP combat battles. Continue reading to learn how!

How to Play RuneScape With PrivateVPN on PC & Mobile?

PrivateVPN offers Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android apps, which you can download to participate in The Path of Glouphrie on your preferred device (without buffers).

Here’s how:

  1. Get a preferred PrivateVPN subscription. Use my PrivateVPN hot deals to save big!
privatevpn pricing
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  1. Visit PrivateVPN’s website and click “Downloads.” After that, scroll and click on your device (Windows, Android, iPhone, macOS) to download the VPN app. I’ll use Windows for this demonstration.
privatevpn download tab
  1. Double-click the downloaded PrivateVPN file from your PC’s “Downloads” folder to install the VPN app. On iPhone and Android, the app is automatically installed.
windows pc download folder
  1. Open the PrivateVPN app and click “Log in.”
privatevpn log in menu
  1. Enter your PrivateVPN subscription account “Username” and “Password,” then click “Log In” to sign in.
privatevpn account log in
  1. Click “Advance View.”
privatevpn advanced view button
  1. Navigate to “Connection Guard,” then activate the “Kill Switch” by clicking the slider button next to it. This ensures your IP doesn’t leak to school or workplace network admins who don’t want you to play RuneScape.
privatevpn kill switch enabled
  1. Click “Dashboard,” then choose a suitable PrivateVPN protocol next to “Connection Type.” I recommend OpenVPN (TUN+UDP+1194) (Default) for a stable connection, especially when participating in Fist of Guthix, Clan Wars, The Great Orb Project, and other RuneScape PvP minigames.
privatevpn openvpn protocol
  1. Click the “Change” option to open PrivateVPN’s full server list.
change privatevpn server
  1.  Scroll to click the server with the lowest ping.
privatevpn south africa server
  1. Or, search for a preferred server location from PrivateVPN’s search bar.
privatevpn usa servers
  1. Conduct an IP/DNS leak test.
privatevpn ipleak test on south africa server
  1. Launch RuneScape and enjoy Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza and other RuneScape multiplayer minigames over a fast, secure connection.
playing runescape with privatevpn on south africa server

Can I Port Forward RuneScape Using PrivateVPN?

PrivateVPN has port forwarding capabilities, so you can port forward RuneScape to remotely host matches with your friends.

Also, the port forwarding feature helps with connectivity issues, allowing smooth, lag-free Temple trekking and Archery competition.

Thankfully, you get port forwarding automatically after connecting to the VPN’s servers, so there are no hassles for setting it up. However, note that there’s static and dynamic port forwarding.

The static port forwarding appears when you connect to PrivateVPN’s normal servers, which I don’t recommend because another user connecting to the same server can see your real IP on some servers, risking DDoS attacks.

privatevpn port forwarding port number

That said, as of October 2023, the following PrivateVPN servers have no security flaws, so you can reliably use them for static port forwarding:

Country Server Location (s)
Sweden Nackla, Stockholm
United States Washington, New York Loc2, Miami, New York Loc1
Switzerland Zurich
Great Britain London Loc1, London Loc2
France Paris, Roubaix
Denmark Copenhagen
Luxembourg Steinsel
Finland Helsinki
Norway Oslo
Romania Bukarest
Russia St. Petersburg
Germany Frankfurt Loc1, Frankfurt Loc2
Netherlands Amsterdam Loc1, Amsterdam Loc2, Amsterdam Loc3
Canada Toronto, Montreal
Ukraine Kiev
Spain Madrid
Poland Warsaw
Belgium Brussels
Italy Milano
Australia Sydney

Otherwise, PrivateVPN offers dynamic port forwarding through its dedicated IP servers. In this case, the port forwarding is reliable, stable, and secure because your assigned VPN IP isn’t shared with anyone else.

privatevpn dedicated ips

So, I recommend PrivateVPN’s dynamic port forwarding to enjoy a speedy and secure connection while engaging in combat against other RuneScape players. 

Also, the PrivateVPN dynamic port forwarding allows port forwarding on all ports, thus saving you extra energy for setting ports manually.

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