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Does PrivateVPN Work With Steam?

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PrivateVPN works with Steam to bypass office, school, or geographical restrictions on the gaming platform during travel.

Thus, you can quickly download your favorite games at lightning speeds.

Moreover, PrivateVPN has 200+ servers in 63 countries to create a fresh Steam account in any region to gain early access to upcoming games.

Ready? Keep reading to learn how to use PrivateVPN for Steam worldwide!

How to Use PrivateVPN With Steam?

Here’s how to quickly set up PrivateVPN and access geo-restricted games on Steam:

  1. Subscribe to PrivateVPN. Take advantage of our PrivateVPN deal to save BIG on your first purchase.
privatevpn website
  1. Select a PrivateVPN plan. I recommend the 12-month plan, which is actually 36 months (24 months free).
privatevpn pricing
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  1. Install the relevant PrivateVPN app on your device. I’m using the Windows PC version.
privatevpn app download for pc
  1. Log in to the PrivateVPN app using your account credentials.
privatevpn log in page
  1. Turn on the kill switch to avoid losing early access to your Steam games if Valve discovers your true location when the VPN connection drops. Go to Connection Guard > Kill Switch > Toggle On.
privatevpn kill switch settings
  1. Connect to a server. I recommend a server geographically closer to your location for faster speeds. For this tutorial, I chose South Africa.
privatevpn connect button
  1. Open your Steam app to get early access to new game releases or to unblock it on unrestricted networks.
access steam using privatevpn on johannesburg server

PrivateVPN Not Working With Steam? (Troubleshooting)

PrivateVPN is excellent for accessing region-restricted games on Steam. 

However, Steam can sometimes tell you’re using a VPN to access its service.

If that happens, try the troubleshooting solutions below:

Add Steam to PrivateVPN’s Application Guard

PrivateVPN’s Application Guard is an add-on to the kill switch feature. 

But instead of terminating the internet connection, it closes any app(s) you don’t want open when PrivateVPN stops working.

This is essential if you use PrivateVPN to get better deals on Steam outside your region.

Go to Advanced View > Connection Guard > Application Guard to access it

Toggle it on and click “Add.” Select the Steam app.

privatevpn application guard settings

To test the validity of the feature, I launched my Steam app while still connected to PrivateVPN.

accessing steam app using privatevpn south africa server

I then turned off my VPN connection to see what would happen to my Steam app. 

It shut down seconds after PrivateVPN disconnected.

privatevpn not connected

Thus, you can prevent your true IP/DNS from leaking to Valve, who can ban your Steam account if they realize you’re using PrivateVPN to buy games cheaper in foreign markets.  

Use PrivateVPN’s Stealth VPN Feature

PrivateVPN’s Stealth VPN feature helps bypass Steam’s VPN blocks and internet censorship in North Korea, Iran, Syria, China, and other restricted locations/networks.

To access it, go to Advanced View > Stealth VPN. Toggle it on.

I tried using my office WiFi to access Steam without activating PrivateVPN’s Stealth VPN feature and was blocked:

no content showing on steam

I turned on the Stealth VPN feature and easily accessed my Steam account without any problems.

steam account using privatevpn

Use PrivateVPN’s Dedicated IPs

Steam might block many PrivateVPN IPs. If you can’t access Steam with your current VPN IP, switch to one of PrivateVPN’s dedicated IP addresses.

Go to Location > Dedicated IP.

privatevpn dedicated ip

Thus, you’re the only one using that IP address. Additionally, PrivateVPN’s dedicated IPs are dynamic, so they change upon reconnecting. This means every Steam session will have a brand new IP.

So, the likelihood of Steam blocking that IP is far less than PrivateVPN’s shared IPs.

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Access Steam Worldwide With PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN’s advanced features, such as Stealth VPN and Dedicated IPs, help bypass Steam’s VPN detection methods.

Additionally, its global servers offer fast download speeds, helping you access, download, and play your favorite Steam games without speed throttling.   

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