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Does PrivateVPN Work With Twitch?

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PrivateVPN works with Twitch for lag-free connections while chatting with viewers and followers, watching Twitch videos, and streaming games in 1080p.

Also, PrivateVPN offers 200+ VPN servers in 63 countries for bypassing Twitch geo-restrictions and chat bans.

Keep reading to learn the best PrivateVPN setups for Twitch!

How to Watch Twitch on PCs & Smart Phones With PrivateVPN?

PrivateVPN provides native apps for Twitch-compatible devices such as PCs (Windows, macOS) and smartphones (iOS, Android).

So, with this uniform compatibility, you can download and set up PrivateVPN on your PC or mobile for a smooth, lag-free Twitch.tv streaming experience:

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privatevpn pricing
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  1. Download and install PrivateVPN on your PC from the VPN website. Or, go to the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) to install the PrivateVPN app on your smartphone. I’ll use a Windows PC for this demo.
privatevpn compatible for windows
  1. Open the PrivateVPN app on your device and click “Log in.”
privatevpn log in
  1. Enter your PrivateVPN account “Username” and “Password” to log in.
entering username and password on privatevpn
  1. Click “Advanced View.”
advanced view button on privatevpn
  1. Select “Connection Guard,” then enable the “Kill Switch” button. This protects your IP from leaking to Twitch admins and mods, which is helpful for bypassing Twitch bans.
privatevpn kill switch feature
  1. Click “Dashboard,” then select a suitable PrivateVPN protocol against “Connection Type.” I prefer PrivateVPN’s OpenVPN (TUN+UDP+1194) (Default) protocol since it’s fast enough to broadcast World of Warcraft without dropping to 720p.
selecting openvpn protocol on privatevpn
  1. Click the “Change” option to access PrivateVPN’s full server list.
change server on privatevpn
  1. Select “All Servers,” then scroll down to manually find a server location with low ping for stable and fast-paced Twitch.tv streams. Mine was South Africa.
selecting south africa in all servers tab on privatevpn
  1. Or type your preferred server country (where Twitch isn’t geo-restricted) on PrivateVPN’s search bar.
searching us servers on privatevpn
  1. Conduct an IP/DNS leak test to confirm you’re assigned a VPN IP address.
privatevpn ip leak test results on new jersey server
  1. Launch your Twitch app or visit the Twitch website and enjoy streaming videos in 4K and HD. Also, you can broadcast Valorant, League of Legends, Fortnite, or your favorite game title on Twitch without stuttering connections.
unblocking twitch with privatevpn on new jersey server

How to Watch Twitch on Smart TVs & Gaming Consoles With PrivateVPN?

Users can use Twitch on Smart TVs and game consoles with PrivateVPN by routing the VPN connection via a home router.

PrivateVPN also works on smart TVs via its Amazon FireStick app.

But if you lack a compatible PrivateVPN router or FireStick, you can configure a virtual Wi-Fi router on your PC instead. Here’s how:

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  2. Download and install PrivateVPN on your PC. I’ll use Windows in this guide, but the setup works on macOS with PrivateVPN’s IKEv2 protocol.
  3. Open the VPN app and click “Log In.”
log in on privatevpn
  1. Sign in to PrivateVPN with your account “Username” and “Password.”
username and password for privatevpn log in
  1. Click “Advanced View.”
selecting advanced view on privatevpn while connected to us server
  1. Connect to PrivateVPN OpenVPN protocol. Go through Dashboard > Connection Type > OpenVPN (TUN+UDP+1194) (Default).
selecting openvpn protocol on privatevpn
  1. Connect to a suitable PrivateVPN server with the lowest ping and where Twitch isn’t blocked. Click Change > All Servers > then scroll down, referring to the “Ping” column.
ping for all servers in privatevpn
  1. Go to your PC settings to set up a virtual Wi-Fi hotspot. Check the set-up procedures for different PC Operating Systems in the guides below.
    1. Windows 10
    2. Windows 11
    3. macOS
  2. Once you’re done setting up the hotspot, open your smart TV/console and connect to the virtual router.
  3. Launch the Twitch app on your smart TV/console and enjoy lag-free Twitch text and voice chats with fans. Likewise, you’ll flawlessly broadcast your creative ideas or gameplay sessions without rubberbands while your viewers enjoy HD streams.

Is PrivateVPN Fast Enough for Twitch.tv Streams?

PrivateVPN offers blazing-fast connection speeds, making it fast enough for HD and 4K Twitch.tv streams.

I used the VPN to live stream my League of Legends gaming session to verify. Unsurprisingly, my internet was more stable. Hence, I smoothly broadcasted in 720p, allowing my viewers to enjoy clear streams.

streaming twitch with privatevpn on south africa server

Furthermore, I had a lag-free experience, chatting and interacting with fans on Twitch through Q&A questions, storytelling, and trivia games.

However, to achieve this, you must connect to a suitable PrivateVPN server (the nearest with the lowest ping).

server pings on privatevpn

Also, PrivateVPN’s OpenVPN (TUN+UDP+1194) (Default) is another ingredient for a fast and smooth connection when broadcasting streams or games on Twitch.

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PrivateVPN matches with Twitch to bring the best Twitch video/music streaming, entertainment, and gaming experience. Plus, it’s compatible with all Twitch devices (PC and mobile) to deliver lag-free connections on over 200+ VPN servers in 63 countries.

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