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Does PureVPN Work With Bilibili?

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PureVPN works with Bilibili, offering six servers in Hong Kong and Taiwan to binge on Chinese-exclusive animes and shows.

Additionally, you can connect to its servers in Manila, Hanoi, Singapore, and more to enjoy parodies on international Bilibili.

Read on as I share how to get the best Bilibili experience with PureVPN.

How to Watch Bilibili With PureVPN?

Follow these steps to watch Bilibili with PureVPN:

  1. Subscribe to your preferred PureVPN package. Try the 2-year deal with this discount for the biggest savings.
  2. Download and log in to the PureVPN app.
  3. Toggle on the kill switch if you’re using Windows, Mac, or Android (the process varies).
purevpn kill switch
  1. Choose a protocol by clicking the settings cog and selecting “Protocol.”
purevpn wireguard protocol
  1. Connect to a server location that unblocks your desired Bilibili version, say Hong Kong, for the Chinese one.
purevpn hong kong ip address
  1. Search for Bilibili and stream anime, documentaries, Sci-Fi films, games, and more.
bilibili using purevpn hong kong server

What’s the Best PureVPN Server for Bilibili?

The best PureVPN server for Bilibili depends on which version you’re after.

I love Chinese Bilibili (accessible with Hong Kong/Taiwan servers) for its extensive categories. While you can stream the Chinese version abroad, some titles are geo-locked and need a Chinese IP address.

bilibili not available

Hong Kong offers the fastest speeds (twice faster than Taiwan). 

In fact, the shortest time it took to load Bilibili’s homepage with Taipei servers was two minutes and 21 seconds. Meanwhile, Hong Kong servers provided instant access and let me binge on Road to Conferred God stutter-free.

Here’s my best speed without a VPN:

speed test without vpn

Here’s my best speed with PureVPN’s Hong Kong servers:

purevpn hong kong server speed test

Here’s my best speed with PureVPN’s Taipei servers:

purevpn taipei server speed test

If seeking the BiliBili international version, the fastest server within a Bilibili-supported region is the best. So, check whether PureVPN’s recommended location lets you catch up with the latest Hitori no Shita episodes, immerse yourself in Girl Cafe Gun’s intense action, or bawl your eyes out to Romanced.

Experiencing lag? Try the following:

  • Select WireGuard (the best PureVPN protocol for Bilibili), and check the “Connect to Fallback” box underneath the protocol selection. The latter ensures you can find a reliable alternative if it’s taking long to connect to WireGuard.
  • Change the server.
  • If nothing works, confirm that you don’t have a slow connection by testing your performance while unconnected to PureVPN. If you do, contact your ISP or use another connectivity option.
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PureVPN port forwarding will increase Bilibili speeds by about 10%. Subsequently, faster speeds provide a smoother streaming experience, whether getting lost in Sci-Fi classics like The Ark, comics like Yuan Long, or RPG games like Warm Snow. However, you can only port forward Hong Kong servers for Chinese BiliBili; Taiwanese servers lack the feature.

PureVPN doesn’t offer dedicated IPs for Bilibili, at least if you want unrestricted access to the Chinese version. The provider offers dedicated IPs in the US, Singapore, Canada, UK, Germany, Malta, and Australia, which may access the international version.

Seamlessly Scour Bilibili With PureVPN

Who wants to wait for the unending theatrical delays of hits like “Barbie” when you can already stream them on Bilibili?

Best of all, PureVPN’s speedy servers let you binge your favorite international Bilibili comics, dramas, animes, games, and more.

Alternatively, enjoy your favorite Manga on Chinese Bilibili with PureVPN’s Taiwanese and Hong Kong servers.

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