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Does PureVPN Work With Craigslist?

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PureVPN works with Craigslist. This is good news for those looking for a safer way to use the classifieds platform and post remotely.

Plus, using PureVPN with Craigslist is legit, so you won’t be penalized if you adhere to the website’s terms and conditions.

Keep reading to explore how you can use the VPN with Craigslist and what features will help you take full advantage of the classifieds site.

How to Use PureVPN With Craigslist?

Using PureVPN with Craigslist is as easy as connecting to a VPN server.

But if you’re new to VPNs, you’ll find these steps helpful:

  1. Go to the PureVPN website and click “Get PureVPN.”
purevpn website
  1. Choose your preferred plan. I chose the 2-year standard plan for the most savings.
  1. Enter an email and password to create an account, then select a payment method to complete your purchase.
purevpn subscription process
  1. Log in to your PureVPN web account using your sign-up credentials.
purevpn web account login
  1. Click “PureVPN” and “Download.” Click “Download Application” to download and install the PureVPN app on your device.
purevpn download application
  1. Launch your app and log in with your credentials.
purevpn app log in page
  1. Click the connect button to connect to your nearest server, or click the globe icon to search and connect to a server in your preferred location.
purevpn location search
  1. Open Craigslist on your web browser and create an account.
access craigslist using purevpn connected to johannesburg server

Now you can use Craigslist with features like AES 256-bit encryption and DNS leak protection for privacy, and an automatic kill switch for seamless protection.

Testing PureVPN With Craigslist

Another benefit of using PureVPN is that it can unblock Craigslist if you’re banned, thanks to its 6,500+ server fleet in 70+ countries.

You’ll still have to create a new Craigslist account, but your real IP won’t be detected, and you can continue posting and browsing ads as long as you’re connected to a VPN server.

I put this to the test by duplicating posts within 24 hours. Craigslist took two days to pick up on my spammy activity and block me.

craigslist ip block

I bypassed this block by connecting to the WireGuard protocol and my local South African PureVPN server – and created a new account using a fresh email address.

purevpn connected to south african server

Does PureVPN Dedicated IP Work With Craigslist?

PureVPN’s dedicated IPs work with Craigslist.

The catch is that you can only get an IP in one of the following countries: the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Singapore, and Malta.

Also, if Craigslist bans this IP, it can’t be used on the platform again.

Still, the dedicated IP is handy if you want to avoid pesky CAPTCHAs on Craigslist, and you’ll have no problems with bans if you stick to Craigslist rules.

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