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How to Set Up and Use PureVPN in Denmark?

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You can set up and use PureVPN in Denmark by downloading its smartphone and PC apps. Alternatively, use its router setup for smart TVs and gaming consoles that can’t download a native VPN app.

However, PureVPN lacks Smart DNS, the easiest solution for users without a VPN-compatible router.

Still, that isn’t a dealbreaker if you don’t need the VPN for your gaming consoles and non-Android smart TVs.

Let’s get to setting this VPN up properly in Denmark.

How to Setup PureVPN on PC/Mobile in Denmark?

Get PureVPN on your mobile and PC devices to unblock banned torrent websites and keep the Danish police from tracking your online activities. Here’s how:

  1. Get your PureVPN account with these discount offers.
  1. Download the PureVPN PC or mobile app. You can get the mobile app from your device’s app store or the PC app via PureVPN’s download page.
  2. Install the app, launch it, and log in with your account credentials. I’ll use the PC app for this example.
  1. Click the Locations icon.
purevpn location search
  1. Connect to a preferred server location to start using PureVPN. You can click the Recommended Server for the fastest/closest server or search for a preferred server.
purevpn connected to new jersey server
  1. Browse the internet securely, unblock content, and stay anonymous on the web.
stream video content using purevpn new jersey server

How to Setup PureVPN on a Smart TV/Gaming Console in Denmark?

PureVPN doesn’t provide apps for non-Android smart TVs and gaming consoles. However, it leaves you with a solution to unblock DLCs, get early access to games, or unblock streaming services.

However, before we start, ensure you have a VPN-compatible router

If it’s not VPN-enabled out of the box, check if you can flash custom firmware on top of it:

Once you’ve confirmed that, do this:

  1. Grab your PureVPN subscription. You can use the same subscription on other devices.
  2. Install PureVPN on your router. You can follow this PureVPN-router installation guide.
  3. Connect your smart TV or gaming console to the router network.
  4. Enjoy content unblocking, privacy, and DDoS protection.

For users without a VPN-compatible router, there’s still hope. You can set up the VPN on your Windows PC and share a VPN-enabled Wi-Fi hotspot connection with these devices. The video below will guide you:

How to Get a Denmark IP Address on PureVPN?

One of the best reasons to get a Denmark IP address on PureVPN is to retain access to local content like DR TV and your Danske bank online account without red flags.

Follow these steps:

  1. Get your PureVPN account (discounts here).
  2. Download and install the app.
  3. Log in with your account details.
  4. Click the Locations icon.
purevpn denmark server search
  1. Search for “Denmark.”
  2. Click the server to connect.
purevpn connected to denmark server
  1. Get public Wi-Fi security at The Living Room (Copenhagen) without losing access to local content, connect to Danish gaming peers, and unblock your Danish bank account abroad.

Does PureVPN Offer Specialty Servers in Denmark?

PureVPN offers specialty P2P and Quantum Resistant (QR) servers in Denmark.

The Denmark P2P servers ensure the fastest speed and best performance for speed-intensive tasks like online gaming and torrenting.

purevpn denmark p2p server

Likewise, the fact that the server is in Denmark doesn’t mean Telenor, Viasat, or any other ISP can see what you do on it.

And thanks to PureVPN’s no-logs policy, you can unblock The Pirate Bay or other torrent websites on this server. Your ISP/copyright trolls/Wi-Fi network admin will be oblivious to your activities.

The Denmark QR server is your better bet for public Wi-Fi security without losing access to local content. It’s designed such that not even next-gen quantum computers can be used to break its encryption to see your live traffic.

purevpn denmark quantum resistant server

So, it combines with the already unbreakable AES 256-bit encryption to offer you more privacy.

However, PureVPN doesn’t offer port-forwarding servers in Denmark

Instead, you can find nearby European servers offering port forwarding (like the Netherlands) to connect to.

If you want any of these servers, do this:

  1. Launch your PureVPN app.
  2. Open the Locations tab.
purevpn locations tab
  1. At the top, choose the “P2P” or “QR” filter.
  2. Search for “Denmark.”
  3. Click the server to connect.
purevpn ip leak test denmark server

What’s the Best PureVPN Server/Protocol for Denmark?

The best PureVPN server and protocol combination for Denmark largely depends on what you need the VPN for.

For instance, connect to a Denmark server over the WireGuard protocol to enjoy secure internet without losing access to local content.

streaming using purevpn wireguard protocol

But if you’re trying to unblock content, pair the WireGuard protocol with a server in the region where that content is available. So, you would need a US server to unblock Hulu, a UK server to get BBC iPlayer, and an Indian server to watch Voot.

Alternatively, IKEv2 is also a robust streaming protocol. It’s fast, sometimes faster than WireGuard, but less secure. But since you only need to stream content, security shouldn’t be a worry.

That said, connecting to PureVPN’s P2P servers (and on WireGuard) is best for optimal gaming and torrenting experiences in Denmark. Unless you need to unblock content or connect to peers elsewhere, the closest server is your best bet.

purevpn protocol wireguard

But what about PureVPN’s UDP and TCP protocols?

These OpenVPN protocols used for obfuscation should be avoided unless needed, as they’re usually slow. They should only be used when there’s a firewall blocking your VPN connection on external networks or extreme censorship/filtering on the content you need to unblock.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy PureVPN with the Danish Krone from Denmark, but you’ll get the pricing in USD. Thus, the payment will be converted to USD/DKK rates with applicable taxes added.

Thus, it’s reasonable to look for a payment processor that allows such payments and with fair conversion rates to keep your costs down.

Secure Tunneling in the Land of Spires

PureVPN mimics Copenhagen’s architecture, which earned it the “Land of Spires,” by tunneling your data through secure protocols. Thus, keeping out your Danish ISP, the authorities, and copyright trolls snooping to see if you bypassed the torrent website bans.

And on top of that, you get to unblock content worldwide, thanks to its 6500+ servers in 70+ countries.

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