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Does PureVPN Use RAM-Based Servers?

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PureVPN doesn’t use RAM-based servers, so they aren’t automatically wiped on an auto reboot cycle. Instead, the VPN provider uses quantum-resistant servers to protect your data against top-level hacks from powerful quantum computers.

However, it doesn’t have this quantum-resistance technology on all servers, leaving you vulnerable to such attacks on those servers.

Hence, I’ve suggested reliable PureVPN alternatives with RAM-based servers.


nordvpn servers
A subset of NordVPN's RAM-based servers

NordVPN offers RAM-based servers, ensuring your data is never written to the server beyond your connection time. Thus, authorities, hackers, and others won’t find anything on the server if they access it.

On top of that, NordVPN boosts user security on all servers with its Threat Protection add-on. This scans your downloads for malware, ensuring you never install them on your device in the first place.

It also uses DNS filtering to warn you of dangerous sites while blocking malicious ads on platforms like The Pirate Bay, manga websites, free streaming platforms, and other ad-ridden online services.

Finally, NordVPN developed an exclusive protocol, NordLynx, to boost security and privacy on its RAM-based servers. This way, you have personalized control over your server security to keep your data and online activities safe.

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surfshark servers
Connect to any Surfshark server to get RAM-only tech!

Surfshark offers its RAM-based servers on unlimited devices from one account

This makes it a cost-effective security solution since you don’t have to buy a new VPN plan for every new device you want to enjoy RAM-based servers on.

Besides the server-side security, Surfshark’s CleanWeb blocks ads from your internet experience. That’s an essential safeguard against adware and malicious ad tracking.

Finally, Surfshark uses MultiHop to improve your privacy profile across its extensive server network. So, you can double-chain RAM-based servers for twice the encryption you get on a single server without losing too much internet speed.

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expressvpn recommended servers

ExpressVPN is a powerhouse of RAM-based servers, even choosing to develop a TrustedServer technology to manage its RAM-based servers

This technology makes it so a clean software version is installed on every server with every reboot – which happens once weekly.

Thus, there’s never lingering rogue software, and all servers can be trusted to run on the latest security patch versions.

Besides that, ExpressVPN offers automatic and fast obfuscation on every server with the Automatic protocol. This bypasses VPN traffic blocks, beats DPI inspections, and evades censorship on any network without losing speed, as is common with most obfuscation.

Finally, ExpressVPN also has an in-house Lightway protocol, developed from scratch, to ensure faster internet speed without sacrificing security. So, you get the best of both worlds.

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Improve Your VPN Data Integrity

RAM-based servers ensure you never worry about losing your data to anyone in charge of the servers. While PureVPN lacks this specific technology, it makes up with QR technology on some servers.

But that’s only on some servers and is less extensive than RAM-based security.

In that case, you can grab any top alternative, though I recommend NordVPN. 

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Otherwise, check out my guide to the best RAM-based VPNs!

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