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Does PureVPN Work With Steam in 2024?

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PureVPN works with Steam to unblock geo-restricted games (like The Callisto Protocol in Japan) and hide your IP address from gaming peers in an online lobby.

Given PureVPN’s rich network of 6500+ servers in 70+ countries, you can get a nearby server for optimal gaming performance without losing VPN protection on Steam!

However, PureVPN might not be your best bet for DDoS protection when playing titles like Valorant on Steam.

Keep reading to learn how to set up PureVPN with Steam

I’ll also show you how to enable its port forwarding for improved Steam gameplay and connectivity.

How to Access Steam With PureVPN?

Are you looking to bypass your ISP’s throttling for better gameplay on Apex Legends or to secure your session against other online players in GTA V’s multiplayer mode?

Here’s how to set up PureVPN for Steam:

  1. Go to the PureVPN website. I recommend using this discount link for savings.
  2. Click “Get PureMax →
get purevpn puremax
  1. Select a deal. I recommend the 2-year plan as it offers maximum value, plus an additional 5 months extra on the Max plan.
    1. You can select other PureVPN pricing plans if you don’t need everything the Max plan offers.
purevpn pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.
  1. Fill in your account information to create your account. This includes your email address and preferred payment method.
purevpn order summary
  1. Make the payment to complete your purchase.
  2. Download PureVPN for your device from the website’s download page. I’ll get the Windows PC app for this demo.
purevpn apps
  1. Log in to PureVPN with your user credentials.
purevpn log in
  1. Head to Settings > General, then toggle “Enable IKS” on. This ensures your true IP address doesn’t leak to other gamers or the gaming servers if the VPN server connection mistakenly drops.
purevpn internet kill switch
  1. Go to Settings > Protocol and choose “WireGuard.” This is the best PureVPN protocol for faster speeds for high-powered gaming sessions.
purevpn wireguard protocol
  1. Finally, connect to a server. You can use the Recommended Location to connect to a closer, faster-performing server automatically. Or you can choose a location from PureVPN’s server list.
purevpn recommended location
  1. Log in to your Steam account.
  2. Access the store from banned regions like Indonesia and China, play Steam multiplayer titles like GTA V without DDoS fears, and bypass speed throttling on your ISP.
accessing steam store with purevpn

I played Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition over PureVPN’s Singapore server, even though it’s banned in my region.

playing sleeping dogs on steam with purevpn

This shows that you’ll get prices for the Steam region your account is registered in, not for the server IP address you’re using.

update steam account store

How to Use PureVPN’s Port Forwarding With Steam?

PureVPN supports port forwarding on Steam. Enabling this feature lets you secure a smoother connection to gaming peers and improve your gameplay.

However, PureVPN’s port forwarding is a paid add-on to the basic VPN plan.

purevpn port forwarding add-on

For a detailed setup on how to set up port forwarding for Steam with PureVPN, follow these steps:

  1. Get your PureVPN account with these amazing discounts.
  2. Select the port forwarding add-on in addition to your subscription plan.
purevpn vpn add-ons
  1. Set up port forwarding in your router using relevant Steam ports. You can find the ports to use on the Steam website.
  2. Log in to your PureVPN account.
  3. Go to Member Area > Subscriptions > Configure and Enable specific ports.
configure purevpn port forwarding
  1. Add the ports you’ve forwarded on your router to the PureVPN client.
  2. Connect to one of PureVPN’s port-forwarding-supported servers on your gaming device.
purevpn port forwarding servers
  1. Access your Steam library and play any game you like with PureVPN port forwarding enabled!

For additional reference, you can also check out PureVPN’s dedicated guide here.

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Make the Best of Steam With PureVPN

If you’re looking to access geo-blocked games in your Steam Library, PureVPN can help. The VPN can also hide your IP address from peers in multiplayer games and help bypass ISP throttling on heavy gaming sessions.

As long as you use the VPN within Steam’s prescribed T&C, you’re good to go!

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