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Does Surfshark Work in Alberta?

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Surfshark works in Alberta, but it has no servers in the region

However, it has servers in Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto if you’re looking for Canadian IP addresses in Alberta.

Moreover, it has over 3,200 servers worldwide to unblock foreign streaming sites and websites, secure torrent downloads, and safely connect to gaming peers from Alberta.

Surfshark also encrypts your internet connection using military-grade AES-256-bit encryption, keeping Albertan authorities and ISPs out of your online activity.

Keep reading to learn how to set up Surfshark, the best protocol, and settings to guarantee optimal performance in Alberta!

How to Use Surfshark in Alberta?

Surfshark provides native Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and Chromebook apps. 

I’ll show you how to set the VPN up on my Mac, but the process isn’t far off for other units.

  1. Purchase a Surfshark subscription.
  2. Download and install Surfshark on your device.
  3. Log in with your credentials.
surfshark log in page
  1. Open “Settings” by clicking the cog icon.
surfshark settings
  1. Open “VPN settings.”
surfshark vpn settings
  1. Click “Protocols” and select “WireGuard.”
surfshark wireguard protocol
  1. Open the locations window by clicking the shield icon named “VPN.”
surfshark vpn tab
  1. Connect to a server closer to your location.
surfshark location servers
  1. That’s it! Now you can unblock websites stress-free and stay private over a secure network!

How to Get a Canadian IP Address in Alberta Using Surfshark?

Surfshark doesn’t have any servers in Alberta. However, it has servers in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.

Hence, you can get a local IP address by connecting to these servers to access Canadian content unavailable in Alberta. Likewise, these are the nearest P2P servers for gamers or torrent downloaders looking for the best performance.

Here’s a stepwise guide to getting the local IP address:

  1. Search for “Canada” on Surfshark.
surfshark canada server
  1. Choose a Canadian city from the results list to connect to a server there and obtain a Canadian IP address.
surfshark canadian city

What’s the Best Surfshark Server & Protocol to Use in Alberta?

All Surfshark servers are excellent in Alberta, but connecting to a nearby server is a better option to achieve fast speeds and low ping

The farther away from you a server is, the slower the speed and higher the ping.

Likewise, the best server to stream content is one in the region where that content is available. For instance, a US server is best for Netflix US, while you’d need to connect to the UK server to unblock BBC iPlayer.

That said, WireGuard is the best Surfshark protocol to use in Alberta. 

It uses the latest cryptographic algorithms, making it highly secure while delivering faster connection speeds than the VPN’s other protocols.

However, Surfshark’s obfuscation (Camouflage Mode) and Dedicated IP servers are unavailable on the WireGuard protocol. If you need these servers, choose between OpenVPN UDP or TCP, which usually induces a speed drop.

Can You Pay for Surfshark in CAD From Alberta?

You can pay for your Surfshark subscription from Alberta using Canadian dollars. Surfshark automatically switches its USD pricing into the local CAD pricing, so you have a better estimate of what you’re paying and don’t have to incur conversion fees.

Here’s how to pay for your Surfshark subscription:

  1. Choose a subscription package. I recommend the multi-year plans for the best savings.
  2. Enter an email address. You can also sign up using your Google or Apple accounts.
surfshark account email address
  1. Select a payment method. I’ll choose the credit card payment option for this demo.
surfshark payment method
  1. Enter your credit card details.
surfshark credit card payment
  1. Click “Complete Purchase.”
surfshark subscription complete purchase
  1. That’s it! You’ll receive a purchase confirmation email to the email address you provided.
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Here’s Your Takeaway!

Surfshark provides unlimited simultaneous connections and offers Canadian servers, even if it has none in Alberta. Luckily, you can access your local and favorite streaming platforms since it has 3,200+ servers in 100 countries.

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