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How to Use VeePN With qBittorrent?

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To use VeePN with qBittorrent, download the VPN’s PC or smartphone apps and connect to a suitable server before opening qBittorrent.

Alternatively, you can use VeePN with qBittorrent via the IP-binding technique.

These two approaches have more settings to execute, which I’ll show you in this guide. I’ll also unveil the best VPN alternatives since VeePN lacks port forwarding and SOCKS5 proxies.

So keep reading for the details!

How to Set Up VeePN With qBittorrent?

Downloading and installing VeePN on your device is the simplest method to use VeePN with qBittorrent. Thankfully, the method works on all VeePN-qBittorrent compatible units, such as Linux, Windows, and macOS.

Here’s how to execute it:

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veepn subscription plans
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  1. Visit VeePN’s official website, then click on your device name under “Multi-Platform VPN Solution” to download the VeePN app. I’ll use a Windows PC for this demonstration.
veepn app for windows
  1. Navigate to your PC’s “Downloads” folder, then double-click the VeePN file.
pc downloads folder
  1. Accept the on-screen prompts to install the VeePN app.
install veepn app
  1. Launch the VeePN app, then click “Log in.”
veepn app log in button
  1. Enter your account “Email address” and “Password,” then click “Log in” to sign in.
veepn email and password
  1. Turn on the button next to “Kill Switch.” This prevents IP leaking, which would send alerts to copyright trolls or expose your torrent data to ISPs, government intelligence agencies, and other third parties.
veepn kill switch
  1. Click “Settings” at the bottom left corner.
veepn settings
  1. Select the “VPN” option.
veepn vpn option
  1. Click the “Auto” box next to “VPN protocol,” then select a suitable protocol. I recommend WireGuard for a fast and stable connection in torrenting files, films, videos, or anything else on qBittorrent.
veepn wireguard protocol
  1. Click the “VPN” option on the top left corner to return to VeePN’s home page.
veepn vpn settings
  1. Click the power button to connect to the nearest available server automatically.
veepn power button
  1. Or, use VeePN’s search bar to find your preferred server.
veepn location search bar
  1. Conduct a DNS/IP leak test to confirm you’re assigned a VPN IP address.
veepn dns ip leak test
  1. Open the qBittorrent app on your PC and enjoy a secure torrenting session without minding copyright trolls, DCMA compliance strikes, or your ISP throttling your torrent speeds.
veepn connected to south africa

How to Bind Your VeePN IP Address With qBittorrent?

This alternative way to use VeePN with qBittorrent improves your torrenting security and privacy by routing all qBittorrent traffic through VeePN. 

So, all your qBittorrent activities stop if you lose the VPN connection, just like a kill switch.

But don’t confuse the two! Binding VeePN with qBittorrent is more complicated than setting a kill switch. Here’s how to do it:

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  2. Download and install VeePN on your PC. If stuck, check steps 2-4 above!
  3. Launch the VPN app and log in.
veepn email and address
  1. Connect to your preferred VeePN server.
veepn servers
  1. Open the qBittorrent app on your PC.
  2. Click “Tools,” then select “Options” from the pop-up menu or use the “Alt+O” keyboard shortcut.
qbittorrent tools
  1. Click the “Advanced” tab.
qbittorrent advanced tab
  1. Click “Any interface” next to “Network interface.”
qbittorrent network interface
  1. Choose “VeePN Tunnel” from the drop-down menu.
veepn tunnel
  1. Click “Apply” then “OK” to save the configurations.
qbittorrent saving configuration
  1. Restart the qBittorrent app, and you’ll have the torrent client IP bound by VeePN. So, enjoy anonymously downloading your favorite torrents!
qbittorrent app

Does VeePN Block P2P Traffic on US Servers?

VeePN blocks P2P traffic on its US servers, meaning you can’t download torrents with those VPN locations. This block was implemented in 2022 when several film companies sued VeePN for promoting piracy.

veepn p2p traffic on us servers

To double-check, I tried accessing The Pirate Bay with VeePN’s US-California server, and my efforts were futile.

veepn california server on the pirate bay

Other popular pirate sites the VeePN US-based servers couldn’t access include 1337x, YTS, and RARBG. Luckily, this happens only on VeePN’s US servers, so you can use any other server location to enjoy secure torrenting on qBittorrent.

Testing VeePN With qBittorrent

VeePN is undoubtedly a good qBittorrent VPN, offering lightning-fast torrent speeds on almost all its servers.

To verify, I did a VeePN P2P test by downloading a 114 MB copyright-free file without the VPN. It took 15 minutes to download, with a max download speed of 168.87 KiB/s and an average speed of 124.0 KiB/s.

veepn p2p test

Next, I did another test by downloading the same 114 MB copyright-free file while connected to the VeePN Poland server. Thankfully, VeePN bypassed my ISP speed throttles. Thus, it took 9 minutes to download the file, with a max download speed of 208.67 KiB/s and an average speed of 198.1 KiB/s.

qbittorrent with veepn poland server

VeePN VPN Alternatives for qBittorrent

VeePN is a fantastic qBittorrent VPN, offering a fast-paced torrenting experience with over 2,500 servers in 50 locations. Also, the VPN security infrastructure is solid to prevent ISPs and copyright trolls from meddling in your P2P activities.

However, VeePN lacks port forwarding to boost torrent speeds (especially for seeders) and other P2P-related features. So, consider the following VPN alternatives:


privatevpn for qbittorrent

PrivateVPN offers an easy-to-set-up port forwarding feature, which VeePN lacks. 

So, it’s a big win for torrent seeders, as they can utilize this feature to seed, upload, and download torrents on qBittorrent with enhanced speeds.

Furthermore, PrivateVPN offers SOCKS5 proxies. And since the SOCKS5 proxy servers don’t include encryption, you’ll enjoy faster torrenting speeds on qBittorrent.

Ready to get started? Get my discounted PrivateVPN deals to test it with qBitttorrent for 30 days risk-free!


nordvpn for qbittorrent

NordVPN offers 5800+ ultra-fast servers in 60 countries, almost twice what VeePN offers. Plus, the VPN provider boasts P2P optimized servers engineered to deliver secure peer-to-peer connection and fast data transfer with a lesser ping on qBittorrent. VeePN lacks such specialty servers!

Also, NordVPN offers SOCKS5 proxies to maximize torrent upload and download speeds. For instance, I downloaded a 246 MB copyright-free file in 11 minutes with NordVPN’s amsterdam.nl.socks.nordhold.net proxy server, which took 19 minutes to download even over the fastest NordVPN server (South Africa – the nearest).

The only NordVPN drawback is it’s a bit more pricey than VeePN. 

However, take advantage of these fantastic NordVPN deals to cut costs!


private internet access for qbittorrent

Private Internet Access (PIA) is another worthy qBittorrent VPN provider!

For instance, PIA outsmarts VeePN with its port-forwarding ability, allowing you to connect with peers and continue uploading, downloading, and seeding torrents on qBittorrent. Plus, you get more P2P-friendly servers in 91 countries than VeePN’s offering.

Furthermore, the PIA ad-blocking feature, MACE, is handy for blocking annoying pop-up ads on pirate sites and malware-infected files that can install viruses on your computer.

Convinced? I’ve got you covered with these PIA deals to start torrenting on qBittorrent securely for 30 days risk-free!

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Master Safe qBittorrent Torrenting With VeePN

Copyright trolls or DCMA compliance agencies should no longer cause you dread while torrenting, thanks to VeePN’s 256-bit AES encryption!

Furthermore, VeePN’s P2P-enabled servers bypass ISP speed throttling, allowing you to download torrents at top-notch speeds.

To enjoy these VeePN offerings, grab my VeePN deals and qualify for a 30-day risk-free trial to torrent safely on qBittorrent.

However, if you require port forwarding or SOCKS5 proxy services to enhance your torrenting experience, grab these PrivateVPN discounts instead!

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