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Does VyprVPN Have a Family Plan?

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VyprVPN doesn’t have a family plan. However, you can still enjoy the VPN with your family, so everyone gets the same unblocking, internet security, and online privacy.

The VyprVPN coverage you get for your family used to depend on your subscription plan, but now it’s ten connections across the board. You can also bypass the standard device limit via paid and non-paid methods.

Was that confusing? I’ll break it down below.

How to Get Extra VyprVPN Connections for Your Family?

VyprVPN allows you to get extra device connection slots on top of the standard ten to protect your family by grabbing a new account, changing your subscription source, or installing the VPN on a router.

Here’s how each method works.

Install VyprVPN on Your Router

Your router can connect any number of devices, depending on its model. 

Installing VyprVPN on a router counts as one device connection, even if you connect 30 devices to that router.

This means you can connect:

  • 10 smartphones
  • 10 laptops
  • 2 smart TVs
  • 3 gaming consoles
  • 4 streaming units, and more.

And it’ll still count as ONE connection. Likewise, all the connected devices get the same server IP address installed on the router, the VPN’s encryption, and privacy features.

vyprvpn on r7000 router
Always ensure you have a compatible router

Find the appropriate VyprVPN setup method for your router below:

Buy VyprVPN Directly

Many people don’t know that buying a VyprVPN plan via the Google Play Store or iOS App Store used to come with only five simultaneous connections

But if you purchased via the VyprVPN website, you’d get 30 SIMULTANEOUS CONNECTIONS!

While VyprVPN claims it recently discontinued that and now only offers ten simultaneous connections to everyone, there’s conflicting information on its website.

vyprvpn connections per account
The VyprVPN website checkout page still shows more connections, even if in error.

The website pricing isn’t higher than the one you get on mobile, either. 

In fact, you’ll enjoy discount offers and extra months/other perks when you purchase VyprVPN via the website.

So, in case the 30 connections via the website still apply, here’s how to get them:

  1. Go to the VyprVPN website.
  2. Click “Get VyprVPN.”
get vyprvpn button
  1. Click “Choose Plan” on your preferred plan. I recommend the 12 Months plan since it saves you 50%!
vyprvpn subscription plans and pricing
  1. Enter your account information and click “Continue to Secure Payment.” For anonymity, you can enter a nickname in the “Your Name” box.
  1. Choose a payment option and fill in your payment details. VyprVPN offers credit card and PayPal payment options.
  1. Scroll to complete the Captcha robot test, then click “Complete Purchase.”
  1. You now have a VyprVPN plan to connect 10 (or 30?) individual units.

Get a New Account

Have you maxed out the 10 connections?

I understand families can sometimes run that large, and it’s great that everyone is concerned about online privacy and security.

In that case, what’s left is to get another VyprVPN account.

Remember to get this new account via the website for another 10 connections.

Likewise, when opening a new account, use an email address different from the one on the first. You could create a burner email address for this purpose or use that of another family member.

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Get the Family-Friendly VPN

With 10 connections on the right plan, VyprVPN is one of the most family-friendly VPNs I’ve tested and used.

And if you need more than that, you can explore paid options (like getting a new account) or non-paid alternatives (like installing on a router).

But before you get to that stage, grab these VyprVPN deals to save more on your initial concurrent connections.

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