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Does VyprVPN Work in South Africa?

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VyprVPN works in South Africa, bypassing location-based censorship and content blocking on geo-restricted streaming services.

The VPN also enables you to escape MTN, Vodacom, and other ISP surveillance by encrypting your internet connection whenever you’re online.

Furthermore, it offers robust security features such as the Chameleon protocol and VyprDNS, designed to help avoid detection as you share confidential information over the internet.  

How about I show you how to set up VyprVPN to bypass content blocking in South Africa?

How to Set Up VyprVPN in South Africa?

Setting up VyprVPN in South Africa is easy. However, you’ll need an active VyprVPN subscription.

So, grab this VyprVPN discount deal and follow the instructions below to download the VPN app on your devices.

How to Set Up VyprVPN on PC/Mobile in South Africa?

To set up VyprVPN on PC/Mobile:

  1. Download and install the VyprVPN app on your device. I’ll use the Windows PC app, but the steps are similar for the mobile app.
  2. Install and launch the VyprVPN app.
  3. Log in to your app using your VyprVPN account credentials.
vyprvpn log in
  1. Select a reliable VyprVPN protocol. I recommend WireGuard for excellent speed and connection stability. Go through Customize > Protocol > WireGuard Protocol.
vyprvpn wireguard protocol
  1. Turn on the VyprVPN kill switch to prevent P2P gamers, your ISP, copyright trolls, or anyone else from seeing your true IP/online activities if your VPN connection drops unexpectedly. Go to Customize > Kill Switch to toggle it ON.
vyprvpn kill switch enabled
  1. Select and connect to a reliable VyprVPN server. I’ll use the New York server for this tutorial.
vyprvpn connected to new york server
  1. Conduct a DNS leak test to confirm that your connection is solid and there are no IP leaks.
vyprvpn dns leak test on new york server
  1. Unblock content on streaming services like Netflix or Plex, play mobile and PC games like Fortnite without DDoS fears and enjoy secure public Wi-Fi usage anywhere in SA.

How to Set Up VyprVPN on Smart TV/Consoles in South Africa?

Unfortunately, VyprVPN doesn’t have dedicated apps for non-Android smart TVs and gaming consoles. Therefore, you must set up VyprVPN through hotspot sharing or by installing the VPN on your router.

Follow the instructions below to set up VyprVPN for smart TVs and gaming consoles.

Method 1: Windows PC Virtual WiFi

If you don’t have a VPN-compatible router, you can still use VyprVPN with smart TVs and gaming consoles that can’t download the native VyprVPN app via internet connection sharing.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Subscribe to a VyprVPN with this time-limited discount offer.
  2. Download and install the VyprVPN app for your Windows PC.
vyprvpn app downloads
  1. Log in to VyprVPN using your account credentials.
  2. Configure your Windows PC to enable secure connection sharing using the tutorial below.
  1. Enable the OpenVPN protocol. Go through Customize > Protocol, then toggle OpenVPN. This is one of the most reliable protocols for VPN connection sharing.
vyprvpn settings
  1. Connect to a reliable VyprVPN server.
  2. Next, connect your Smart TV, gaming console, and any other device to your PC’s virtual WiFi or via LAN.
  3. Unblock streaming content like BBC iPlayer, Crave TV, and Sling TV, or enjoy DDoS protection on your gaming consoles in South Africa.

Method 2: VyprVPN Router Setup

You may set up VyprVPN on your router manually if your router firmware supports VPN installation.

The steps below will help you confirm your router’s support and offer the proper VyprVPN setup guide:

  1. Check if your router is ready for VPN installation. The tips in the video guide below will help.
  1. Alternatively, confirm whether you can flash your router with custom firmware. Follow the video guide below for help.
  2. Sign up for a VyprVPN account. Don’t miss these discounts while they’re valid.
  1. Set up VyprVPN on your router. Follow the guides below for different router software models:
  1. Connect your gaming console or smart TV to your VyprVPN-powered router’s network.
  2. Unblock content like Sling TV and get DDoS protection on your console without worrying about lag or constant buffering.

Does VyprVPN Have a South African Server?

Unfortunately, VyprVPN doesn’t have a South African server, making it impossible to stream or unblock local South African content such as Showmax from outside the country.

vyprvpn african servers

However, it has two server locations in Africa: Algiers, Algeria, and Cairo, Egypt

I suggest connecting to these servers if you simply need an African IP address, want to connect to gaming peers, or unblock content generally available in the rest of Africa.

However, if you’re hard-pressed for a South African server, I recommend using Surfshark (get discounts) since it has one in Johannesburg.

Notable VyprVPN Drawbacks in South Africa

VyprVPN is an excellent VPN that’ll unblock almost all the content you throw at it in South Africa. However, it has some significant drawbacks, including the following:  

  • Lack of South African Servers: This could be a huge problem for users abroad or traveling outside the country. Likewise, local users can’t get the SA server to retain local content while enjoying the VPN’s encryption simultaneously.
  • Limited Server Network: Compared to other VPN providers in the same price point, VyprVPN’s 700+ servers in 70+ locations pale. In comparison, NordVPN has 5,800+ servers in 60 countries.
  • Doesn’t have Smart DNS: This feature is helpful to access and stream blocked content on your smart TV or gaming console without VPN encryption.

If you want a VPN that handles these limitations, you can’t go wrong with Surfshark. Besides being much less expensive than VyprVPN, Surfshark supports unlimited devices, offers 3200+ servers in 100+ countries, and packs SmartDNS.

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Enjoy Secure and Encrypted Connection in South Africa

Despite not having servers in South Africa, VyprVPN offers robust security features like the Chameleon protocol or VyprDNS to escape the confines of internet censorship by the South African government or school entities.

It also allows you to generate a VPN IP originating from any VyprVPN server location, helping you unblock your favorite content, secure your connection, and encrypt all data you send or receive online.

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