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How to Use VyprVPN With xCloud?

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The best way to use VyprVPN with xCloud is to connect to a VyprVPN server in a supported region before launching the Xbox cloud gaming service.

VyprVPN can help you play xCloud titles early, defeat ISP throttling, and optimize your gaming experience without fear of a DDoS attack.

Additionally, you can use VyprVPN to unblock popular xCloud titles like Grand Theft Auto, Forza Horizon, and Minecraft on smartphones, PCs, supported smart TVs, and Xbox consoles.

Learn how to use VyprVPN to improve your xCloud gaming experience on any supported device.

How to Use VyprVPN With xCloud on PC and Smartphone?

You can use VyprVPN to unblock Xbox cloud gaming on your smartphones (iOS, Android) or PC (Windows, Mac) from anywhere.

In this tutorial, I’m using my Windows PC. However, the steps are similar for all PCs and smartphones:

  1. Sign up for VyprVPN. I recommend this exclusive VyprVPN deal to enjoy savings.
  2. Click “Get VyprVPN.”
get vyprvpn
  1. Select a suitable plan, then click “Choose Plan.” I recommend the 12 Months plan for 50% savings.
vyprvpn subscription plans and pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.
  1. Enter your email address and complete the payment process.
sign up for vyprvpn
  1. Log in to your VyprVPN online account.
vyprvpn log in
  1. Download and install the VyprVPN app for your device. I went with the Windows version of the app.
download vyprvpn app
  1. Launch and log in to VyprVPN.
  2. Click Customize.
vyprvpn customize button
  1. Click “Kill Switch” and toggle it to prevent your IP address from leaking to other gamers on multiplayer titles like Doom Eternal or Monster Hunter Rise.
enable vyprvpn kill switch
  1. Select a VyprVPN protocol that best meets your needs. I recommend the WireGuard protocol for speedy and secure connections.
vyprvpn wireguard protocol
  1. Return to the VPN’s Settings dashboard.
  2. Click “Servers.”
vyprvpn servers menu
  1. Connect to a VyprVPN server in a location that supports xCloud gaming. I went with the USA – New York server.
vyprvpn connected to new york server
  1. Create a Microsoft account if you don’t already have one. For this, go to the Microsoft website via your web browser.
create microsoft account
  1. Open Xbox.com and sign in using your Microsoft credentials.
microsoft xbox sign in
  1. Click “Join Ultimate.“ Ultimate gets you all the benefits of Game Pass Core plus online multiplayer gaming and access to Xbox Live Gold.
xbox cloud gaming home
  1. In the next window, select “Join Now.”
xbox game pass ultimate
  1. Complete the payment steps by entering an address in the VPN region you’re connected to. If Game Pass is supported in your region, you may disconnect from VyprVPN to complete this step and reconnect.
  2. Download the Xbox Cloud gaming app to your PC. You can find it in your device’s app store.
get xbox app from microsoft store
  1. Open Xbox Cloud gaming and log in. Use the Microsoft credentials you got in Step 14 above, which will also be associated with your Game Pass.
  2. Optional: Connect your Xbox controllers to your PC or smartphone. Alternatively, you can choose touchscreen Xbox games.
  1. Unblock and enjoy playing popular titles like Horizon Forza using VyprVPN.

How to Use VyprVPN With xCloud on Smart TV and Game Console?

There are two reliable methods to unblock and play xCloud games with VyprVPN on smart TVs and game consoles:

  • Router method
  • Internet sharing (mobile hotspot)

Method #1 - Install VyprVPN on Your Router

You can set up and install VyprVPN on a VPN-compatible router

Once activated, the router broadcasts the VPN connection to your smart TV and game console.

Here’s how:

  1. Subscribe to VyprVPN. Grab these discount offers.
  2. Follow the setup guides below to configure VyprVPN on your router, depending on your type:
  1. During setup, select a VyprVPN server configuration file in an xCloud-supported region. I recommend the US or Canada, or you can choose the closest supported region for optimal performance.
  2. Connect your Xbox, xCloud-supported smart TV, or other game console to the VyprVPN-powered router network. You can connect via Wi-Fi or ethernet.
  3. Sign in to xCloud to start playing your preferred titles lag-free, DDoS-free, and without restrictions.

Method #2 - Share VyprVPN Connection via PC

Share your PC’s VPN connection with your preferred device (TV or console). 

This effectively creates a new wireless network from the VyprVPN connection from your PC that your Smart TV or game console can connect to.

To do it:

  1. Get a VyprVPN subscription. Grab these discount deals for savings.
  2. Launch your VyprVPN app and connect to a server in a region that supports xCloud.
  3. Configure your PC into a VyprVPN hotspot by following the steps in the video guide below.
  1. Connect your TV or game console to the WiFi hotspot you created via your Windows PC.
  2. Launch the xCloud gaming service and enjoy any game titles available to that region.

Tips to Improve VyprVPN-xCloud Performance

Using any VPN (like VyprVPN) for gaming will slightly increase ping and latency, which affects the overall gameplay experience.

Thankfully, you can disconnect from VyprVPN once you’ve successfully unblocked an xCloud title. This works since xCloud allows you to continue playing games you’ve already unblocked till you logout.

vyprvpn disconnected

Unfortunately, you’ll lose overall VPN protection and be susceptible to DDoS attacks from other mean players. So, determine if you’d rather have security or speed before disconnecting.

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Using VyprVPN to access xCloud gaming won’t get your account banned. However, if your xCloud account is associated with a Microsoft Rewards account, you might get banned for redeeming points using a VPN.

Enjoy Instant Access and Unrestricted Gameplay on xCloud

You can now use VyprVPN to access xCloud and play your favorite games from anywhere.

Moreover, VyprVPN ensures a seamless xCloud gaming experience, such as a dedicated app for every device and the WireGuard protocol for superb speeds on stable connections. Besides, it promises no ISP throttling and guards against DDoS attacks.

Try VyprVPN (discounts here) today for unrestricted access to xCloud gaming and get a 30-day money-back guarantee to test the VPN risk-free.

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