Script Kiddies: the Least Dangerous Hackers?

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When it comes to the world of hackers – we have experts, amateurs, and total novices. The novice, in this sense, is known as script kiddies.

Script kiddies are not real hackers, just a bunch of teenagers fascinated with hacking.

However, they could be a potential threat, despite their little to no knowledge of code or scriptwriting.

This post covers more insights into who script kiddies are. 

What is Script Kiddie?

A script kiddie (also known as a skid) is a term that describes a young hacker just starting with hacking. It can also refer to a hacking enthusiast with no coding skills.

Any script kiddie takes hacking for bragging rights and as a form of a game to win over their close associates. Many of them check repositories of various hackers or use applications for hacking. A lack of technical skills makes it easy for them to get an arrest since they can’t clean traces properly.

Script Kiddies vs Real Hackers

A script kiddie is quite different from a real hacker.

For the first instance, a script kiddie doesn’t understand the source code for executing a hack. Also, many script kiddies don’t know how the scripts run or the harmful extent.

Meanwhile, real hackers build up scripts from blank command lines. They are real experts in this field, and they need no third-party app to execute a hack.

But here’s the thing, if a script kiddies learn a programming language, he/she can get the logic behind the codes for hacking.

Origin of Script Kiddie

A review from liveOverflow, (a YouTube channel for hacking enthusiasts) states kodez kiddies to have been a predecessor term for script kiddie. The term was commonly used several times in 1994 as a derogatory term.

A more modernized form of the term “Script kiddie” came from an exploit known as “crontab.” This term was also traced to an tread conversation of some hackers mention “script kiddies.” That comes with respect to learners or novices. In 1998 this term appeared in two articles on

The author of the first article described an act of using a port scanner to check hosting vulnerabilities as “Script kiddie behavior.” The second article came in the form of a sarcastic remark about hacking to novices. Here’s the statement, “Let’s give scripts that every clueless script kiddie breaks into thousands of sites worldwide.”

Script Kiddie Use in Gaming

Generally, the gaming community comprises entities such as developers, hackers, and cheat-devs. The developers are involved in game building and development. Hackers specialize in stealing source code to cheat the gaming system.

Script kiddies gained more popularity in the gaming community since they use them to leak a pool of information about a specific game to maximize more wins.

However, script kiddies are not developers. All they do is check gaming groups to source for game codes.

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