The Best VPNs in 2019

VPN Leaders Table

NordVPN small logoNordVPN - Best Overall in 2019
It’s secure, safe and fast. It’s packed with top-notch security features plus it doesn’t come with a huge learning curve.
ExpressVPN small logoExpressVPN - The Fastest
The most important strength is their fast upload and download speeds.
CyberGhost VPN small logoCyberGhost - Perfect for Streaming
They provide you a leak-free system that works with Netflix, TOR, and torrenting services.
IPVanish VPN small logoIPVanishVisit website
VyprVPN small logoVyprVPNVisit website

Individual Reviews


2019’s Review of TigerVPN and My Honest Verdict Visit tigerVPN TigerVPN is a fast, secure service with excellent customer support. The VPN was founded in

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VPNs for Online Banking

2019’s Top VPNs for Banking: Ensure Secure Transactions Show the leaders If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the

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2019’s Review of Touch VPN Service Provider: Are They Really So Terrible? Find a Better VPN I used to be ignorant about VPNs until one

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2019’s Review of the Ra4W VPN Service Provider Find a Better VPN Ra4W VPN is one of the most exciting VPNs today. The service focuses

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TunSafe VPN Review for 2019 Find a Better VPN TunSafe is a relatively young VPN that brings the exciting WireGuard protocol to Windows, Mac, iOS,

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2019’s Review of the proXPN VPN Service Visit proXPN ProXPN is not an easily recognizable name in the VPN market, but there are those that

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2019’s Review of the VeePN VPN Visit Choosing a VPN service can be daunting. It’s even more difficult when every product claims to be

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2019’s Review of the Service Provider Visit Back in 2012, I received my first and last DMCA notice after downloading a movie from

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GoTrusted VPN

2019’s Review of the GoTrusted VPN Visit GoTrusted VPN calls itself ‘the original fast SSL VPN’. The service is quite stable and there is

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2019’s Review of the AzireVPN Visit AzireVPN In 2016, a hacker accessed my email accounts plus other personal information of mine. I don’t know how,

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2019’s Review of the VPNBaron Service Provider Visit VPNBaron While convenient, open Wi-Fi networks are often unsecured and can be used to siphon data from

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2019’s Review of the VPNReactor Find a Better VPN I tend to spend my time writing in public places. However, there’s a certain paranoia I

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2019’s Review of the FlyVPN Find a Better VPN Do you find yourself having trouble when visiting certain websites? Are there sites that aren’t available

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Lamnia VPN

2019’s Review of the Lamnia VPN Find a Better VPN One of the main reasons I use VPNs today is because I’m tired of ISPs

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2019’s Review of the iNinja VPN Find a Better VPN VPNs are important to protect your privacy, but paying money for stuff sucks. To alleviate

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My Honest nVPN Review in 2019 Find a Better VPN nVPN is a relatively young virtual private network that is worth checking out. However, if

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2019’s Review of the Zoog VPN Visit ZoogVPN Whenever we get online, we expose ourselves to all manner of risks. I learned that the hard

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2019’s Review of the AnonVPN Service Provider Visit AnonVPN A few years ago, I saw some friends lose sensitive information and control of their online

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2019’s Review of the GhostPath VPN Service Visit GhostPath GhostPath is a secure VPN that allows you to bypass geo-restrictions with ease and access blocked

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2019’s Review of the CactusVPN Visit CactusVPN Cactus is an easy to use VPN software that delivers robust privacy & geo-spoofing features without sacrificing speed.

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Honest LimeVPN Review & Test Results in 2019 – Be Careful Visit LimeVPN A while back a friend notified me about some concerning posts on

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2019’s Review of the FrootVPN: To Buy or Not to Buy? Visit FrootVPN FrootVPN is a pretty solid VPN based in Sweden. I think that

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2019’s Review of the EarthVPN: My Test & Experience Visit EarthVPN With so many VPNs in the market trying to grab your attention, it can

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2019’s Review of the OctaneVPN Find a Better VPN It’s easy to underestimate how important data protection is. At least, the concept didn’t occur to

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Whoer VPN Review & Experience 2019 – Is it Worth Your Money? Find a Better VPN Whoer VPN offers a secure service and supports high

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